Rod Linnum


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Year Album Artist
2008 Cafe Roma, Vol. 4 A&R
2008 Club Anthems [Water] Marketing
2008 Desert Grooves, Vol. 3 A&R, Licensing
2008 Greatest Trance Hits A&R
2008 Heavenly: The Ethereal Trance Collection A&R
2008 Shaken: Not Stirred Concept, A&R
2008 This Day! Young Sinatras Additional Production
2007 Bombay Nights A&R
2007 Cafe Europa [Water] A&R, Licensing
2007 Café Roma, Vol. 3 Photography, A&R, Licensing
2007 Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music A&R, Licensing
2007 In Flight A&R, Marketing
2007 Nu: Jazz Mundial Executive Producer
2007 On the Floor [Water Dance 2007] A&R
2007 Red Martini A&R, Marketing
2007 Tantra Lounge, Vol. 5 A&R
2006 Breakfast Club: London A&R
2006 Breakfast Club: Paris A&R
2006 Desert Grooves, Vol. 2 A&R, Licensing
2006 Dirty Martini: A Sultry Blend Of Lounge And Chill A&R, Licensing
2006 Dyce Dyce Marketing
2006 Eclectic Café: The Complete Coffee House Collection Licensing
2006 Hotel Chill A&R
2006 Klub. Life Marketing, Licensing
2006 Nightmusic, Vol. 1 Thrillseekers Marketing
2006 Pure Punjabi Licensing
2006 Pure Trance, Vol. 6 Marketing
2006 Sensual Nights: The Essential Flamenco Guitar Collection Marketing
2006 Tantra Lounge, Vol. 4 A&R, Licensing
2006 The Ultra Lounge A&R
2006 Trance Nation [Varese] Marketing
2006 Ultimate Dance Remixed, Vol. 2 A&R
2005 Adrenaline A&R
2005 Amore Mio [Sunswept] Executive Producer
2005 C'est Nu: Jazz Executive Producer
2005 Cafe de la Noche Executive Producer
2005 Deeper Trance A&R
2005 Essential Trance [Water Music] A&R, Licensing
2005 Here We Are Now Albert / Kyau / Kyau & Albert Marketing
2005 Neo: Tango Executive Producer
2005 NuJazz: Brasilia Executive Producer
2005 On the One All Good Funk Alliance Executive Producer
2005 Platinum Trance Concept, Cover Art Concept, Licensing
2005 Pure Chill A&R
2005 Pure Techno, Vol. 3 A&R
2005 Pure Trance, Vol. 5 Marketing, Licensing
2005 Strictly Dub: Modern Dub Classics Executive Producer
2005 Tantra Lounge, Vol. 3 A&R
2005 This is Trance, Vol. 3 A&R, Licensing
2005 Trance Divas, Vol. 2 A&R, Licensing
2005 Ultimate Trance Remixed Executive Producer
2005 Upfront Trance Matt Darey Marketing
2004 A Trip in Trance, Vol. 3 Marketing
2004 Bombay Beats [Water Music] Main Personnel
2004 Cafe Roma, Vol. 2 Photography, A&R
2004 Desert Grooves A&R, Licensing
2004 Global Destination: 1st Stop - Asiana A&R
2004 Jazz Lounge, Vol. 2 [Water Music] A&R
2004 Mega Trance [Water Music] Marketing
2004 Pure Dance A&R
2004 Pure Progressive A&R
2004 Pure Techno, Vol. 2 A&R
2004 Tantra Lounge, Vol. 2 A&R, Licensing
2004 This Is Dance, Vol. 2 A&R, Licensing
2004 This Is Techno [Water Music] A&R
2004 This Is Trance [Water Music] A&R, Licensing
2004 This Is Trance, Vol. 2 A&R, Licensing
2004 Trance Divas A&R, Licensing
2004 White Martini: La Musique Lounge Moderne, Vol. Deux A&R, Licensing
2003 Amsterdam Nights: A Collection Of Dutch Club Grooves A&R, Licensing
2003 Astro Bar A&R
2003 Brazil After Dark A&R, Licensing
2003 Embrace Fragma Marketing, Promotions Director
2003 Global Destination: Passport to the World A&R
2003 Has It Come to This? ORG Lounge Production Coordination
2003 Jazz Lounge [Water Music] Art Direction, Concept, A&R, Licensing
2003 Jazz Lounge, Vol. 3 A&R, Licensing
2003 Jazz Lounge, Vol. 4 A&R, Licensing
2003 Liquid Lounge A&R
2003 Poolside: Summer Lounge Collection A&R, Licensing
2003 Pure Techno A&R, Licensing
2003 Sky Lounge: Chilled Beats at 30,000 Feet A&R
2003 Total Lounge [Varese] A&R, Licensing
2003 Ultimate Lounge A&R, Licensing
2002 Best of Cafe del Sol: Ibiza at Dawn Licensing
2002 Black Martini Concept, A&R, Licensing
2002 Cafe Ibiza, Vol. 2 Compilation Producer
2002 Café del Sol, Vol. 3 Sequencing
2002 Chill Out Lounge, Vol. 3 Compilation Producer
2002 Chill out in the City: Second Cut Compilation Producer
2002 Chilled Grooves A&R
2002 Dimanche: Mood Music for Lazy Sunday Afternoons A&R, Licensing
2002 Excursions: A Journey into Chill Out Licensing
2002 I Love Paris: Fashion Chill Out Lounge Collection Concept, A&R, Licensing
2002 Midnight Lounge A&R
2002 Paradies und Fragment Digital Jockey Art Direction
2002 Pure Chill Out A&R
2002 Purified: The Liquid Lounge Chill Out Series, Vol. 2 Licensing
2002 Samedi: Mood Music for Saturdays After Dark A&R
2002 Sub Zero: The Essential Chill Out Collection Producer
2002 Ultimate Chill Out A&R
2001 Trance Anthems [Deca Dance] A&R
1994 Santo Cachon Los Embajadores Vallenatos Saxophone
1994 Time of the Season Michael Damian Saxophone
The Evolution Of Cool Trevor McShane A&R