Roberto Fabbriciani

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Zeus joueur de flûtes, for flute & electronics 2006 Chamber Music
Suoni per Gigi, for flute & electronics 2007 Chamber Music
Alchemies, cycle for flute & tape 2004 Chamber Music
A, for electronics 2001 Electronic/Computer Music
Glaciers in Extinction, for hyperbass flute & tape Electronic/Computer Music
Alpe della luna, for flute & electronics 2010 Chamber Music
Preghiera per te, for flute & harp Chamber Music
Dimensioni gestuali, for flute & electronics 2010 Chamber Music
Motion Capture II, for flute & electronics 2011 Chamber Music
Winds of the Heart, for hyperbass flute & tarogato Chamber Music
Variation Corale quinta for 4 Flute and 10 campanelle ad libitum Chamber Music
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