Robert Nicolai


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Year Album Artist
2009 Mantras to Start the Day Cover Image
2008 Celtic Mantras Sarva-Antah Cover Design
2008 Surrender Samaya Graphic Design, Design
2007 Aura Magic Rino Capitanata / Alberto Grollo Cover Art
2007 Chakra Healing Energies Grollo / Alberto Grollo Cover Art
2007 Sounds of the Earth: Shoreline Photography
2004 Activating Your Chakras Through the Light Rays Aeoliah Computer Design
2004 Ayurvedic Music Therapy Surajit Das Cover Design
2003 A Tudor Rose: Authentic Music from the 16th Century Catriona Cover Art
2003 Chants of Heaven Shamballah Cover Design
2003 Global Spirit Karunesh Cover Design
2003 Rainbow Dancer Panta Rhei Cover Design
2003 Sun Walker's Dream Keiya Cover Design
2003 The Way of the Heart Karunesh Cover Design
2002 Angels of the Sea Susanna Thomas Cover Design
2002 Dolphin Music for the Inner Child Mike Rowland Cover Design, Concept Development
2002 Ganesha Symphonic Chants Experience Ajay-Atul Cover Design
2001 Feng Shui Effect Sangit Om Sleeve Design
2001 Mystic Karma Lounge Sleeve Design
2001 Sun Walker Keiya Design
2001 Winds Across the Pacific Medwyn Goodall Cover Design
1999 Harp of the Healing Light Erik Berglund Cover Design
1998 Heart Chakra Meditation [Nightingale 1998] Karunesh Artwork
1996 Beyond Body & Mind Karunesh Cover Art
1996 Heart Chakra Meditation [Oreade] Karunesh Artwork
1996 Reiki Kamal Cover Design
1993 Heart Symphony Karunesh Cover Design
1992 Heart Chakra Meditation [Nightingale 1992 #1] Karunesh Artwork
1990 Sky's Beyond Karunesh Artwork
1989 Colors of Light Karunesh Artwork
1989 Sounds of the Heart Karunesh Cover Design
1988 Angelic Harp Music Erik Berglund Cover Design
1981 Inner Sanctum Aeoliah Cover Design