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Year Album Artist
2016 Edge of the Western World Bone Poets Orchestra Mastering
2016 Fern Girl & Ice Man The Lowest Pair Mastering
2016 Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959 Paul Bowles Mixing, Mastering
2016 Patch of Sky Larry Murante Mastering
2016 Uncertain as It Is Uneven The Lowest Pair Mastering
2015 Premieres: Contemporary Lyrical Works for the Classical Guitar Hilary Field Mastering
2015 The Sacred Heart Sessions The Lowest Pair Mastering
2014 Orphans & Relics Nelson Wright Mastering
2014 Television Man Naomi Punk Mastering
2014 The Flower of Muscle Shoals Cahalen Morrison / Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer Mastering
2014 Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen Asher Fisch / Seattle Symphony Orchestra Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2013 Airoso Hilary Field / Gwen Franz Mastering
2013 Heza Generationals Mastering
2013 I'm Only Sleeping: The Lullaby of Beatle Land Mastering
2013 One True Thing Tylan Mastering
2013 The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin GravelRoad Mastering
2012 Badlands Eric Tingstad Mastering
2012 Crypts Crypts Mastering
2012 Double Exposure Frank D'Rone Mastering
2012 Elks in Paris Eric Lichter Mastering
2012 Light From Darkness Erwilian Mastering
2012 Nothing in Rambling Helvetia Mixing, Mastering
2012 Suitcase Jeff Johnson Mastering
2011 Giving & Receiving LAKE Mastering
2011 Story Girl The Gothard Sisters Mastering
2011 Treehouse Ned Evett Mastering
2011 We Creeling The Curious Mystery Mastering
2010 Cantilena: Night Songs from Around the World Hilary Field / Patrice O'Neill Mastering
2010 Confidence Spouse Mastering
2010 Endless Search Jimmy Heath / Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra Mastering
2010 Grim Parade Uncle Bonsai Mastering
2010 Halo: Reach Martin O'Donnell Mastering
2010 Winter's Bone Mastering
2009 Alligator Circus: Selections from the Jazz Musical "Alligator Circus" Sally Jo and the Gators Mastering
2009 Alone Together With the Blues Mia Vermillion Mastering
2009 Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles Phil Kelly Mastering
2009 Boomer Jazz Marius Butch Nordal Mastering
2009 First Story Jumper First Story Jumper Mastering
2009 Leap of Faith Tingstad & Rumbel Mastering
2009 Live at KEXP, Vol. 5 Mastering
2009 The Great Outdoors Spinning Wheels Mastering
2009 Your Heart Is a Glorious Machine Sometymes Why Mastering
2009 Ümlaüt John Craig / The Weekend Mastering
2008 13 Times The Black Crabs Mastering
2008 Groove Producer (The Groove EP) Misz Mastering
2008 Halo Trilogy Mastering
2008 Harry's Fight Katie King Mastering
2008 Live at KEXP, Vol. 4 Mastering
2008 My Favorite Hymns Carl Peters Mastering
2008 Sirens of Titan Amateur Radio Operator Mastering
2008 Young Amelia Hans York Mastering
2007 Believing Is Seeing Rob Porcaro Mastering
2007 Cure for the Blues Matt Price Mastering
2007 From There to Here Vern Sielert Dektet Mastering
2007 Gathered in Song [Bonus Tracks] Damien Jurado Mastering
2007 Halo 3: ODST [Original Soundtrack] Martin O'Donnell / Michael Salvatori Mastering
2007 I Know Nothing Dean Schmidt Mastering
2007 In Camera Arthur & Yu Mastering
2007 Kurt Cobain: About a Son [Soundtrack] Assembly
2007 Like the Season Josh Ottum Mastering
2007 Memphis To Motown The Randy Oxford Band Mastering
2007 Model Photographer Model Photographer Mastering
2007 Pressure in the Sodo Boss Martians Mastering
2007 Relocation Tactics Spouse Mastering
2007 Shake Some Action! Shake Some Action! Mastering
2007 Siente: Night Songs from Around the World Hilary Field / Patrice O'Neill Mastering
2007 Tengo Ranchito John Nelson Mastering
2007 The Chancellor Library Science Mastering
2007 The Thieves of Kailua Jason Holstrom Mastering
2007 Vitus Dance Gaia Consort Mastering
2007 Voice in the Light Amaran's Plight Additional Personnel, Vocals (Background)
2007 Walk All Ways Daniel Barry Mastering
2007 Who Needs the Blues Polly O'Keary Mastering
2007 Year of the Rabbit Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) Mastering
2006 Accident(s) Sneaky Thieves Mastering
2006 Angels At Play Alan Merrihew Mastering
2006 Attack of the Firebots Argo Mastering
2006 Contradiction Forgotten Sol Mastering
2006 Desolate Son Palodine Mastering
2006 Echoes from the Ocean Floor Sirens Sister Mastering
2006 Free to Stay Smoosh Mastering
2006 Halo 2, Vol. 2 [Original Video Game Soundtrack] Martin O'Donnell Mastering
2006 In Progress Jim Cutler Mastering
2006 Live at KEXP, Vol. 2 Mastering
2006 Robert Stillman's Horses Robert Stillman Mastering
2006 Summer Flowers Dave Sheehan Mastering
2006 The Boy in the Mansuit The Plains Mastering
2006 Too Soon to Say [Reissue] Shane Bartell Mastering
2006 Two Sides to Every Story Leroy Bell Mastering
2006 Unmei Brian Owen Mastering
2005 ...Comin' Up for Air Bogey Vujkov Mastering
2005 A Moment's Peace Tingstad & Rumbel Mastering
2005 Chasing Shadows Pearl Django Mastering
2005 Come to Shiloh Vividity Mastering
2005 Dissolver Voyager One Mastering
2005 Every Kind of Light The Posies Mastering
2005 Gold Sounds James Carter Mastering
2005 Good Road Dave Peck Mastering
2005 Hold a Match for a Gasoline World Luke Temple Mastering
2005 I'll Love You Always Shanna Anjali Mastering
2005 Inside Out Hans York Mastering
2005 Live at KEXP, Vol. 1 Mastering
2005 Moderne Popstar Assassins Mastering
2005 Present and Accounted For Eric Goetz Mastering
2005 Redlightmusic Redlightmusic Mastering
2005 Rudder Red Soda Mastering
2005 Scotch and Soda Floyd Standifer Mastering
2005 Smashing the Ceiling Magdalen Hsu Li Mastering
2005 Songs for Lovers Loners & Losers Chrisopher Blue Mastering
2005 Sylvan Smith Solution Sylvan Smith Mastering
2005 The New Bop Brigade The New Bop Brigade Mastering
2005 The Orphan Project Orphan Project Mastering
2005 Urgency The Pale Pacific Mastering
2005 Winterpills Winterpills Mastering
2004 Comfort and Joy Tingstad & Rumbel Mastering
2004 Evolve Gaia Consort Mastering
2004 Fuckin A The Thermals Mastering
2004 Hidden Sky Jami Sieber Mastering
2004 It's Not Funny David Cross Mastering
2004 Just Let Me Dream Nancy K. Dillon Mastering
2004 K. Leimer: Statistical Truth K. Leimer Mastering
2004 Love Lights the Way Blessed Light Mastering
2004 Luke Temple [EP] Luke Temple Mastering
2004 Masculine Drugs Zach Hill Mastering
2004 Messenger David Lee Howard Mastering
2004 Once for the Money Sensation Junkies Mastering
2004 Rock Star Merit Badge 3 Inch Max Mastering
2004 Runnin from the Cops Confederats Mastering
2004 Soft Commands Ken Stringfellow Mastering
2004 Sun Q Iqu Mastering
2004 The Kiss Off Pris Mastering
2004 The Principle of Uncertainty Mark Quint Mastering
2004 This One's For the Fellows Mastering
2004 Viaje De Estudios Lori Meyers Mastering
2004 WWIII Tour 2003 KMFDM Mastering
2004 You, Are the One, Who Can. Kieskagato Mastering
2004 iStole Ned Evett Mastering
2003 Airs Above Your Station Kinski Mastering
2003 Alter Pleasure Forever Sequencing
2003 Big Choice Evangeline Mastering
2003 Chapter One Children of the Revolution Mastering
2003 Christmas in the Northwest, Vol. 6 Engineer, Mixing
2003 Circus Liquor Ned Evett Mastering
2003 Drinking Season Porter Harp Mastering
2003 Here Felicia Loud Mastering
2003 Hush Dawn Clement Mastering
2003 Jupiter Watches Greg Grant Mastering
2003 Keep Holding On Children of the Revolution Mastering
2003 Newborn Driving Spanish for 100 Mastering
2003 Nonsense Parade Left Hand Smoke Mastering
2003 Only With Laughter Can You Win Rosie Thomas Mastering
2003 Place You Call Home Radio Nationals Mastering
2003 Private Sides Jon Auer / Ken Stringfellow Mastering
2003 Sad Songs for Sunshine Theo Prince Mastering
2003 We Built the Gun That Causes This Unending Fear Evaluation Mastering
2003 You Are Free Cat Power Mastering
2003 Young Hearts: Complete Greatest Hits Steve Miller / Steve Miller Band Engineer
2002 Ballads Through the Night Barbie Anaka Mastering
2002 Dream the Red Clouds Faith & Disease Mastering
2002 Drunken Soundtracks The Walkabouts Mastering
2002 Ginger Comes to Stay Mary Lofstrom Mastering
2002 I Break Chairs Damien Jurado Mastering
2002 Know Your Onion The Shins Mastering
2002 Lucky Stars Shinola Mastering
2002 Microminiature Love Michael Yonkers Mastering
2002 Open Sky Jeanette Alexander Mastering
2002 Reverie Valerie Joyce Mastering
2002 Shut Up, You Fucking Baby! David Cross Mastering
2002 The Creek Drank the Cradle Iron and Wine Mastering
2002 Thirty Day Notice Thirty Day Notice Mastering
2002 Wander This World Guarneri Underground Mastering
2002 Welcome to Discovery Park Brad Mastering
2002 XL from Coast to Coast Alien Crime Syndicate Mastering
2001 6 1/2 Jon Auer Mastering
2001 A Future Lived in Past Tense Juno Mastering
2001 Felt Like Home Evangeline Mastering
2001 Nice Cheekbones and a Ph.D. The Posies Mastering
2001 Out from Underneath Out from Underneath Mastering
2001 Secret Voices Gaia Consort Mastering
2001 Spell Chris Kowanko Mastering
2001 Strategies for the Stranded Spyglass Mastering
2001 Touched Ken Stringfellow Mastering
2001 Train Leaves at Eight The Walkabouts Mastering
2000 At Least, At Last The Posies Mastering
2000 Beneath the Trees Faith & Disease Mastering
2000 Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited Mastering
2000 Godzology Les Fradkin / Paul Thornton Engineer
2000 Mayfair Days Deanna Knudsen Mastering
2000 Songs For Parents of Missing Children Transcender Mastering
2000 The End is Acoustic Solitude of Self Mastering
2000 The Loft, Vol. 2 David Mancuso Engineer
2000 You Shaped Curve Matchless Mastering
1999 Blues for the Bear Jesse Stern Mastering
1999 Dusty 45's Dusty 45's Mastering
1999 Jamaica Hi Fi Killers Mastering
1999 Pharmacy Park 4 Hr. Ramona Mastering
1999 Rehearsals for Departure Damien Jurado Mastering
1999 Shackin' Up Dusty 45's Producer, Mixing
1999 Smooth Jazz: Rainy Day Moods Producer
1999 Transmitter Blue Spark Mastering
1998 Is It Christmas Yet? The Tycoons Mastering
1995 Invade My Privacy [London Cast] Lighting
1994 The Threepenny Opera (The Donmar Warehouse Production) [Original Cast Recording] Lighting
1993 Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters Paul Rodgers Engineer
1993 Wide River Steve Miller Band Engineer
1992 Living Deems Deems Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1992 Planet Deems Deems Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1989 Christmas in the Northwest, Vol. 3 Engineer
1989 UAIOE KMFDM Remastering, Re-Equalizer
1988 Born 2B Blue Steve Miller Engineer
1988 Don't Blow Your Top KMFDM Remastering, Digital Remastering, Re-Equalizer
1986 What Do You Know Deutschland? KMFDM Remastering
1984 Italian X-Rays Steve Miller / Steve Miller Band Producer
1981 Circle of Love Steve Miller Band Engineer
1981 The Temptations The Temptations Assistant Engineer
1980 Breakdown in Paradise Chilliwack Assistant Engineer
1977 Best of Toulouse Capitole Orchestre Toulouse Illustrations
Adventure Time The Cute Lepers Mastering
All Bliss Narayan & Janet Mastering
All the Good Boys Kory Nagler Mastering
Always Ok Superscope Mastering
And If Only Hot Club Sandwich Mastering
Beauty Factory The Love Markets Mastering Engineer
Big City Blues Becki Sue Mastering
Big Rockin' Boogie Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin' Daddies! Mastering
Blue Rik Wright's Fundamental Forces Mastering
Blues For Agnes The New Bop Brigade Mastering
Digerati Clark Grogan Mastering
Ecstasy In the Ruins Bone Poets Orchestra Mastering
Endless Rd Kristin Chambers Mastering
Even the Trees Jes Raymond Mastering
For You, I Built A Mountain Luke Mitchem Mastering
From the Ground Up Jerry Cortez Mastering
Get a Life Warren G. Hardings Mastering
Golden Anniversary The Brothers Four Mastering
Green Rik Wright's Fundamental Forces Mastering
Hope & Heart It Breaks Truckstop Darlin' Mastering
Incantation Anna Madorsky Mastering
Iron Man The New Bop Brigade Mastering
Jus' Sangin Larry Braggs Mastering
Live At KEXP, Vol. 6 Mastering
Live At KEXP, Vol. 7 Mastering
Live At KEXP, Vol. 8 Mastering
Live at KEXP, Vol. 9 Mastering
New New Nothing or English Country Dances of the Seventeenth Century Shulamit Kleinerman Mastering
No One's Looking Landlord's Daughter Mastering
Pop 2! The Exploding Musical Mind of Dana Countryman Dana Countryman Mastering
Route 70 Joe McKinstry Mastering
Saint Stranger Carla Torgerson Mastering
Show Me! Barney McClure Mastering
Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey Snippet Mastering
Son Para Ti Supersones Mastering
Songs Of Love, Death and Trains David Bavas Mastering
Stage Road Jeannette D'Armand Mastering
Steadfast Whitney Mongé Mastering
Subtle Energy Rik Wright's Fundamental Forces Mastering
Synesthesia JED Mastering
The Fish Don't Mind Skeletons with Flesh on Them Mastering
The Lightning With Its Errand Done Masseythunder Mastering
Through the Cracks Stacey Unck Mastering
Turn Up Ehe Volume EP Misz the Groove Producer Mastering
V2 Mom's Rocket Mastering
What It Takes to Move Forward Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) Mastering