Rex Ray


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Year Album Artist
2014 The Complete Studio Recordings Joe Satriani Art Direction, Design
2014 Why Do the Heathen Rage? The Soft Pink Truth Design, Layout
2013 The Marriage of True Minds Matmos Graphic Design
2012 The Ganzfeld Matmos Graphic Design
2010 Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards Joe Satriani Package Design
2008 Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock Joe Satriani Art Direction, Design
2008 Supreme Balloon Matmos Graphic Design, Layout Design
2008 Surfing with the Alien/Is There Love in Space? Joe Satriani Art Direction, Design
2007 David Bowie Box David Bowie Illustrations, Design, Image Manipulation
2007 Hours/Earthling David Bowie Design, Image Manipulation
2006 Super Colossal Joe Satriani Art Direction, Design
2006 The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast Matmos Design
2004 A Reality Tour David Bowie Package Design, Cover Art
2004 Defixiones: Will and Testament, Orders from the Dead Diamanda Galás Design
2004 Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth? The Soft Pink Truth Design
2004 I Used to Be Gail Ann Dorsey Design
2004 Is There Love in Space? Joe Satriani Art Direction, Design
2003 Do You Party? The Soft Pink Truth Desaccordee
2003 La Serpenta Canta Diamanda Galás Design
2003 Reality David Bowie Illustrations
2003 The Civil War Matmos Design
2003 Wide Open Spaces People Like Us Design
2002 Best of Bowie David Bowie Design, Cover Design, Cover Art
2002 Strange Beautiful Music Joe Satriani Art Direction, Design
2001 African Travels: A Six Degrees Collection Package Design
2001 Arabian Travels: A Six Degrees Collection Design
2001 California Rhinoplasty EP Matmos Design
2001 Live in San Francisco Joe Satriani Design
2001 Motion: A Six Degrees Dance Collection Design
2001 Slider: Ambient Excursions For Pedal Steel Guitar Bruce Kaphan Photography
2001 Traveler '01 Package Design
2000 A Cuba Without Borders Package Design
2000 A Different Space Bob Holroyd Package Design
2000 Bowie at the Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68-72 David Bowie Design
2000 Engines of Creation Joe Satriani Art Direction, Design
2000 Latin Travels: Six Degrees Collection Package Design
2000 Outro Lado Zuco 103 Remixing
2000 The Legend of Cuban Percussion Patato Package Design
2000 The Other Side EP Zuco 103 Package Design
2000 The Third Planet Third Planet Design
1999 Brasil 2Mil: The Soul of Bass-O-Nova Visual Remixing
1999 Deja Vuk Larry Vuckovich Art Direction, Design
1999 Delirium Remixes Euphoria Art Direction
1999 Falling Forward Willy Porter Percussion, Design
1999 Hours David Bowie Artwork, Design, Image Manipulation
1999 Land of Mystery The Residents Cover Illustration
1999 Meditations on Pachelbel's Canon Continuo Design
1999 Moai Monica Ramos Art Direction
1999 Revisited Classics Bossacucanova Visual Remixing
1999 Score Paul Haslinger Design
1999 The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia Banco de Gaia Art Direction
1999 The West Matmos Artwork, Design
1999 Visual Audio The State of Bengal Visual Remixing
1998 Crystal Planet Joe Satriani Art Direction
1998 Malediction & Prayer Diamanda Galás Design
1998 Maximum Club Classics, Vol. 2 Artwork
1998 Quasi-Objects Matmos Design
1997 Flamenco: Passion & Soul Gino d'Auri Design
1997 Hearts of Space: Universe 4 Design
1997 Matmos Matmos Design
1997 Maximum Dance Hits, Vol. 1 Cover Art
1997 Maximum Elektronica, Vol. 1 Cover Art
1997 Maximum R&B Illustrations
1997 Maximum Rap Art Direction
1997 Maximum Slow Jams Artwork
1997 Straight Up With a Twist Kitty Margolis Graphic Design
1997 The Covenant Wally Brill Package Design
1997 Who Did You Pay Little Red Rocket Photography, Art Direction
1996 Collected Ambient & Textural Works 1977-1987 Michael Stearns Photography, Design
1996 Collected Thematic Works 1977-1987 Michael Stearns Photography, Design
1996 Deep Peace Bill Douglas Design
1996 Song of the Irish Whistle Joanie Madden Design
1996 The Spell Kevin Braheny / Tim Clark Design
1996 World Without Rules Paul Haslinger Photography, Design
1995 Feral Chickens Only a Mother Layout Design
1995 Gingerbread Man The Residents Package Design
1995 If Then...Else Candice Pacheco Design
1995 Kiva Steve Roach Design
1995 Little Tiny Smelly Bit The Stinkypuffs Artwork
1995 Mundus Subterraneus Lightwave Design
1995 Red Reflections Dmitri Matheny Art Direction
1994 La Pasion Edi Xol Design
1994 Out of Control MX-80 Sound Design
1994 Proto-Ambient Music from Hearts of Space Producer, Design, Concept, Package Concept
1994 Singing Stones Michael Stearns Design
1994 Voice of Joy Kol Simcha Photography, Design, Image Editing
1992 Our Finest Flowers The Residents Package Design, Cover Design
1991 Naked Songs for Contortionists Only a Mother Design, Package Design
1990 Beets Art Direction
1990 Cube E: Live in Holland (The History of American Music in 3 EZ Pieces) The Residents Graphic Design, Design
1990 Hell with the Lid Off MC 900 Ft. Jesus Assistant
1989 The King & Eye The Residents Design
1988 A Snakefinger Collection Snakefinger Art Direction
1986 13th Anniversary Show: Live in the U.S.A. The Residents Package Design
1986 Live Magic Queen Sound Technician
1984 Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats?/The Census Taker The Residents Design, Package Design, Re-Packaging Concept
1983 The Mole Show: Live in Holland, June 6, 1983 The Residents Design
1982 Manual of Errors Snakefinger Design
1982 The Tunes of Two Cities The Residents Cover Design
1981 Mark of the Mole The Residents Cover Design
1979 Songs For Swinging Larvae/Songs From the Surgery Renaldo & the Loaf Art Direction
Live In the USA: 13th Anniversary Show The Residents Package Design