Randall Hage Jamail


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Year Album Artist
2008 Whiskey Thoughts Greta Gaines Producer, Mixing
2007 Audiobiography Bobbie Nelson Executive Producer
2006 Best of the Bayou Blues Tab Benoit Producer
2006 Outlaw Country: Live From Austin TX Associate Producer
2005 Putumayo Presents: Kermit Ruffins Kermit Ruffins Producer
2004 Bubblegum Mark Lanegan Producer
2004 No Depression: What It Sounds Like, Vol. 1 Producer, Mixing
2001 Hey Nashvegas Jesse Dayton Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2001 The Gift [Original Soundtrack] Producer, Guitar (Acoustic)
2000 Free the West Memphis 3 Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Prisoner of Love Ray Price Producer, Mixing
2000 Young Guitar Slingers: Texas Blues Evolution Producer
1999 Every Road I Take: The Best of Contemporary Acoustic Blues Producer
1999 How the Supersuckers Became the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World Supersuckers Producer, Mixing
1997 Bursting with Flavor Carolyn Wonderland Producer, Mixing
1997 Lie to Me [Single] Jonny Lang Composer
1997 Must've Been High Supersuckers Producer, Mixing
1996 Highway of Life Shaver Producer, Mixing
1996 Rig Rock Deluxe: A Musical Salute to the American Truck Drivers Producer, Mixing
1996 Right for the Time Waylon Jennings Producer, Mixing, Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Twisted Willie Producer, Liner Notes
1995 Green Thumb Thrillcat Producer, Mixing
1995 Hellhole Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Justice Records: Second Year Sampler Producer
1995 Raisin' Cain Jesse Dayton Producer, Mixing
1995 Standing on the Bank Tab Benoit Producer, Mixing
1994 Moonlight Becomes You Willie Nelson Producer, Mixing
1994 Reality Road Dave Catney Producer
1994 What I Live For Tab Benoit Producer, Mixing, Composer
1993 Oneword Thrillcat Producer, Mixing
1993 The Big Butter & Egg Man Kermit Ruffins Producer, Mixing
1992 All of a Sudden Rebecca Coupe Franks Producer, Mixing
1992 Back Here Again Wendi Slaton Liner Notes
1992 Nice & Warm Tab Benoit Producer, Mixing, Liner Notes
1992 One for Bu!! Sebastian Whittaker Producer
1992 Points of View Harry Sheppard Producer, Arranger, Mixing
1992 Strike a Deep Chord: Blues Guitars for the Homeless Producer, Liner Notes
1992 Suit of Armor Rebecca Coupe Franks Producer, Liner Notes
1992 Texas Swings Herb Ellis Producer, Mixing
1992 Viva Brasil Harry Sheppard Producer
1992 World on a String Kermit Ruffins Producer, Mixing, Liner Notes
1991 Down-Home Herb Ellis Producer
1991 Jade Visions Dave Catney Producer, Liner Notes
1991 Just Friends: A Gathering In Tribute to Emily Remler, Vol. 2: Producer, Arranger
1991 Roll Call Herb Ellis Producer, Arranger, Liner Notes
1991 Room 292 Stefan Karlsson Producer
1991 Searchin' for the Truth Sebastian Whittaker Producer, Liner Notes
1991 The Road Not Taken Stefan Karlsson Producer, Mixing
1991 This-A-Way That-A-Way Harry Sheppard Producer, Arranger, Liner Notes
1990 First Flight Dave Catney Producer, Liner Notes
1990 First Outing Sebastian Whittaker Producer, Liner Notes
1990 Just Friends: A Gathering in Tribute to Emily Remler, Vol. 1 Producer
1990 Justice Record Sampler: The First Year Producer
1990 Standards in Gray Kellye Gray Producer, Liner Notes
1990 The Valley of the Kings Sebastian Whittaker Producer