Peter Lieuwen

Lieuwen has written music for many soloists, orchestras, and chamber groups, throughout Europe and North America.

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Anachronisms, for clarinet, bass clarinet, piano & cello 1986 Chamber Music
Romance, for violin, cello & piano 1994 Chamber Music
Sonata for guitar 2009 Chamber Music
Vivace, for chamber orchestra 2010 Orchestral
River of Crystal Light, concerto for clarinet, harp, piano & strings 1999 Concerto
Gulfstream, for clarinet, violin, cello & piano 2007 Chamber Music
Nocturne, for cello, piano & percussion 1993 Chamber Music
Rhapsody for violin & piano 2013 Chamber Music
Concerto for piano, marimba & orchestra 2008 Concerto
Savannah, for woodwind quintet 1990 Chamber Music
Astral Blue, for orchestra 2006 Orchestral
Light Spirit, for orchestra 1992 Orchestral
Cello Concerto 2012 Concerto
Windjammer, for woodwind quintet 2009 Chamber Music
Violin Concerto ("Seren") 2001 Concerto
Angelfire, for orchestra 1989 Orchestral
Living Waters, for orchestra 1996 Orchestral
Celestial Voices, for brass quintet 1990 Chamber Music
Overland Dream, for clarinet, violin, cello & piano 2011 Chamber Music
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