Peter in de Betou


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Year Album Artist
2014 The History of Heresy, Vol. 2: 2009-2012 Powerwolf Mastering
2011 Blood of the Saints Powerwolf Mastering
2011 Pucker Up Sonic Negroes Mastering
2011 The Summoning Glamour of the Kill Mastering
2010 The End Ereb Altor Mastering
2010 The Light in Which We All Burn Laethora Mastering
2010 There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret. Bring Me the Horizon Mastering
2010 Universal Borknagar Mastering
2009 A Bliss to Suffer The Legion Mastering
2009 Awakening of the Gods Seance Mastering
2009 Corpus in Extremis: Analyzing Necrocriticism General Surgery Mastering
2009 Course of a Generation Narnia Mastering
2009 Enemies Marionette Mastering
2009 God to the Ill Fated Devian Mastering
2009 Mater Meretrix Guru of Darkness Mastering
2009 Ravenous Wolf Mastering
2009 Semlah Semlah Mastering
2009 Silent Ruins Isole Mastering
2008 Century Media Covers Century Mastering
2008 Communion Septic Flesh Mastering
2008 Gold Medal in Metal Dream Evil Mastering
2008 Lake Toba Lukestar Mastering
2008 Low Rider No Fun at All Mastering
2008 Slimewave Mastering
2008 Suicide Season Bring Me the Horizon Mastering
2008 The Last Call Stefan Moren Mastering
2008 The Story Behind the Story The Confusions Mastering
2007 Anomia 1 Bokor Mastering
2007 Biography Obscene Tulus Mastering
2007 Counting Heartbeats Kongh Mastering
2007 Cut from Stone Susperia Mastering
2007 Freevil Burning Freevil Mastering
2007 I Krig Vreid Mastering
2007 In a Nutshell Pelle Carlberg Mastering
2007 Incinerate Disintegrate Flagellation Mastering
2007 It Sure Looks Like the Confusions But It Sounds More Acoustic The Confusions Mastering
2007 Ninewinged Serpent Devian Mastering
2007 Northern Remembrance Mykorrhiza Mastering
2007 Predominance/Vindication Susperia Mastering
2007 Ravendusk in My Heart Diabolical Masquerade Mastering
2007 Ravnenes Saga Svartsot Mastering
2007 Subcyde Subcyde Mastering
2007 Sworn to the Dark Watain Mastering
2006 Astronomy Dragonland Mastering
2006 Desiderata Madder Mortem Mastering
2006 Destruction Time Again! Loch Vostok Mastering
2006 Disintegrate Zyklon Mastering
2006 Doin' You Nasty Babylon Bombs Mastering
2006 God That Never Was Dismember Mastering
2006 Inside the Machine This Ending Mastering
2006 Midvinterblot Unleashed Mixing
2006 Pitch Black Brigade Vreid Mastering
2006 Ravenous Deathworship Deviant Mastering
2006 Re-Released Hatred Eternal Oath Mastering
2006 Revocation The Legion Mastering
2006 Sahg I Sahg Mastering
2006 The Black Flame Wolf Mastering
2006 The Contaminated Void Coldworker Mastering
2006 The Fall of an Empire Fairyland Mastering
2006 UNSU Lyzanxia Mastering
2006 United Dream Evil Mastering
2006 Urminnes Hävd: The Forest Session Månegarm Mastering
2005 Arcane Rain Fell Draconian Mastering
2005 Become Seventh Wonder Mastering
2005 De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine: Live in South America 2003 Dark Funeral Mastering
2005 Intra Ram-Zet Mastering
2005 Isa Enslaved Mastering
2005 Liyah In Grey Mastering
2005 No Hay Banda Audrey Horne Mastering
2005 Ten Steps to Hell Grimfist Mastering
2005 True Nature Unfolds Callisto Mastering
2005 Underworld The Storyteller Mastering
2005 Vredens Tid Månegarm Mastering
2004 9th Order Extinct Incapacity Mastering
2004 I Meshuggah Mastering
2004 Split Vision Maryslim Editing, Mastering
2004 Vile, Vicious & Victorious Vicious Mastering
2004 Wake Up Call Fonzie Mastering
2003 Deadlands Madder Mortem Mastering
2003 Dödsfärd Månegarm Mastering
2003 End of a Chapter Da Skywalkers Mastering
2003 Ghouls of Grandeur Grimfist Mastering
2003 Master Celebrations No Fun at All Mastering
2003 Refuge for Degenerates The Peepshows Mastering
2003 Viva Emptiness Katatonia Mastering
2002 Black City Division of Laura Lee Mastering
2002 Frailty The Duskfall Mastering
2002 Frailty/Source The Duskfall Mastering
2002 Righteous Eternal Oath Mastering
2002 Skandinavian Dance Craze Mastering
2002 Swedish Nitro Puffball Mastering
2001 City Rats & Alley Cats Bombshell Rocks Mastering
2001 Death's Design Diabolical Masquerade Mastering
2001 Desert Land Narnia Mastering
2001 Diabolis Interium Dark Funeral Remastering
2001 Guess It's Fine Montys Loco Mastering
2001 Ignoring the Guidelines Raised Fist Mastering
2001 Insanity Darkane Mastering
2001 Jennie Bomb Sahara Hotnights Mastering
2001 Last Fair Deal Gone Down Katatonia Editing, Mastering
2001 Obligations to the Odd Voice of a Generation Mastering
2001 The Crusher Amon Amarth Mastering
2000 Hagnesta Hill Kent Mastering
2000 Norwegian Native Art Einherjer Mastering
2000 Slipped Into Tomorrow John Norum Mastering
2000 Still Screaming Mastering
2000 Time Leaves You Behind Stellan Wahlström Drift Band Mastering
1999 Avenger Amon Amarth Mastering
1999 Black Mark Attack, Vol. 2 Mastering
1999 Boys Are Back in Town: Live in Australia Thin Lizzy Mastering
1999 Chemical Garden Gooseflesh Mastering
1999 End of the Millennium 59 Times the Pain Mastering
1999 Paranoia Erotica SAFT Mastering
1999 Rusted Angel Darkane Mastering
1999 Shockwave Mastering
1999 Sol Niger Within Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects Mastering
1999 Street Art Gallery Bombshell Rocks Mastering
1999 The Seventh Seal Lefay Mastering
1999 The Many Moods of Cinnamon [EP] Cinnamon Mastering
1999 Verdict of Posterity Memory Garden Mastering
1998 Chaosphere Meshuggah Mastering
1998 Hansson & Karlsson Hansson & Karlsson Mastering
1998 Viejo Diablo Roachpowder Mastering
1998 Vobiscum Satanas Dark Funeral Remastering
1998 Withered Beauty Withered Beauty Mastering
1997 A Mended Rhyme Tad Morose Mastering
1997 Death Metal Dismember Mastering
1997 The Big Knockover No Fun at All Mastering
1997 The Secrets of the Black Arts Dark Funeral Remastering, Mastering
1997 Thirteen Souls Divine Sin Mastering
1997 Twenty Percent of My Hand 59 Times the Pain Mastering
1996 Abducted Hypocrisy Mastering
1996 Angry by Nature, Ugly by Choice Soulquake System Mastering
1996 Lack of Judgement Pike Mastering
1996 Sundown Cemetary Mastering
1995 Lackerbiten Mats Edén Master Clearance
1995 Massive Killing Capacity Dismember Remastering
1994 In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead Unanimated Remastering
1994 Purgatory Afterglow Edge of Sanity Mastering
1993 Indecent & Obscene Dismember Mastering
1993 The Spectral Sorrows Edge of Sanity Mastering
Arcane Secrets Astrophobos Mastering
Compute This Compute This Mastering
Fallen Empires Diviner Mastering
Future Past Hasse Fröberg / Musical Companion Mastering
Innerwish Innerwish Mastering
Jazz: Live The Real Group Mastering
Kolbacken Kolbacken Mastering
Malva One Inch Giant Mastering
Monumnet and Attarganger Cor Scorpii Mastering
Mozart & the Sleepy Man Magnus Lundkvist Mastering
Nero in Metastasi Cripple Bastards Mastering
One Fullforce Mastering
Red in Tooth and Claw Madder Mortem Mastering
Southern Highway Jesse Damon Mastering
The History of Heresy, Vol. 1: 2004–2008 Powerwolf Mastering
Vengeance Descending Nightrage Mastering