Peter Eötvös

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Hungarian composer Peter Eötvös' music is performed worldwide, especially his operas, and he has a significant career as a conductor of contemporary music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Three Sisters, Opera Opera
Hommage à Kurtág, for chamber ensemble 1986 Chamber Music
Kosmos, version for 2 pianos 1961 Keyboard
Psy, for flute, cello & cimbalon (or piano, or harp, or marimba) 1996 Chamber Music
Jet stream, for trumpet & orchestra 2002 Concerto
Listening Guide to "Three Sisters" (spoken word) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Shadows, for ensemble 1995 Orchestral
Sonata per Sei, for 2 pianos, sampler & percussion 2006 Chamber Music
Dervish Danse, for solo clarinet 2001 Chamber Music
Cap-Ko, concerto for piano, electronic keyboard & orchestra 2005 Concerto
Seven, for violin & orchestra 2006 Concerto
Levitation, for 2 clarinets & orchestra 2007 Concerto Orchestral
Derwischtanz, for clarinet 1993 Chamber Music
Két vers Pollynak (Two Poems to Polly), for a speaking cellist 1998 Chamber Music
Psalm 151, for percussion solo (in memoriam Frank Zappa) 1993 Chamber Music
Octet Plus, for sorpano, flute, clarinet, 2 trumpets, 2 bassoons & 2 trombones 2008 Vocal Music
Triangel, for percussion & ensemble 1993 Concerto
Thunder, for bass timpano 1995 Chamber Music
Music for New York, improvisation for soprano saxophone & percussion with tape 1971 Electronic/Computer Music
Tale 1968 Electronic/Computer Music
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