Pavel Chesnokov

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Pavel Chesnokov was arguably the foremost Russian composer of sacred choral works during his time. He wrote around 500 choral works, about 400 of them sacred. Chesnokov was a devout follower of the Russian…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Let my prayer arise (Da ispravitsa molitva moya), for chorus 19?? Choral
Salvation Is Created (Spaséñiye sodélal), for choir, Op. 25/5 1912 Choral
Deliver O God Thy People Miscellaneous (Classical)
Praise Ye the Name of the Lord (Chawlitje Imja Gospodnje), communion hymn for chorus, Op. 10/5 Choral
Vesper Mass, Op. 44 Choral
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Ghospoda; Psalm 120), Op. 40/1 Choral
Blessed is the man, Op. 37/2 Choral
God is with Us (S nami Bog), for tenor & chorus, Op. 40/6 Choral
From My Youth (Ot yunosti moyeya), for chorus Choral
In Days of Battle, Op. 45 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Zealous Protectress (Zastupnice Userdnaja) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Mother of God Miscellaneous (Classical)
The Angel cried Choral
Eternal Counsel (Sovet prevechny), for voice & chorus Choral
Do not cast me off in the time of old age (Ne otverzhi mene vo vremya starosti), for chorus, Op. 40/5 Choral
Cherubic Hymn (Sofroniev Monastery Chant), for chorus in G minor, Op. 27/5 Choral
Evening sacrifice Miscellaneous (Classical)
The Good Thief, for chorus (Razboynika blagorazumnago) Choral
Lord, Now Lettest Thou Thy Servant Depart (Nynye Otpushchayeshi) Miscellaneous (Classical)
We Praise Thee Miscellaneous (Classical)
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