Pascal Dusapin

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Born in 1955 in Nancy, France, Pascal Dusapin has become one of the most important and acclaimed composers in France and beyond. In his youth, he played the organ, studied music at the Sorbonne, and was…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Time Zones, 24 pieces for string quartet (String Quartet No. 2) 1988 Chamber Music
I pesci, for flute 1989 Chamber Music
Dona Eis, for chorus & wind ensemble 1998 Choral
Laps, for clarinet & contrabass 1987 Chamber Music
If, for clarinet 1984 Chamber Music
La melancholia, "operatorio" for solo voices, choir, brass, orchestra & band 1991 Choral
Indeed for trombone solo 1987 Chamber Music
Solo No 3 for orchestra "Apex" 1995 Orchestral
Il-Li-Ko, for woman's voice 1987 Vocal Music
Umbrae Mortis, for chorus 1997 Choral
String Quartet No. 3 1992 Chamber Music
Granum Sinapis, for chorus 1992 Choral
To God, for woman's voice & clarinet 1985 Vocal Music
Solo No 2 for orchestra "Extenso" 1994 Orchestral
Item, for cello 1985 Chamber Music
Anacoluthe, for woman's voice, contrabass clarinet & contrabass 1987 Vocal Music
Mimi, for woman's voice, oboe, bass clarinet & trombone 1986 Vocal Music
Itou, for bass clarinet 1985 Chamber Music
Invece, for solo cello 1991 Chamber Music
Galim (Requies plena oblectationnes), concerto for flute & string orchestra 1998 Concerto
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