Other Minds Records


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Year Album Artist
2015 Alexandra Vrebalov: String Quartet No. 2 Left Coast Ensemble String Quartet Record Label
2015 John Cage & Michael Bach Bachtischa: One13 Michael Bach Record Label
2014 Alvin Curran: Inner Cities 8 Eve Egoyan Record Label
2014 Catherine Lamb: Dilations Carl Boe / Trey Costerisan / Noah Miller Record Label
2014 Christian Wolff: Melody Christian Wolff Record Label
2014 Fred Frith & Sudhu Tewari: New Works Fred Frith / Sudhu Tewari Record Label
2014 Hommage Joan Jeanrenaud Record Label
2014 Mark Grey: The Sands of Time Mark Grey Record Label
2014 Ronald Bruce Smith: String Quartet No. 2 "Nostalgia" Del Sol String Quartet Record Label
2014 Wadada Leo Smith: Taif - Prayer in the Garden of Hijaz Wadada Leo Smith Record Label
2013 Sweeter Music Sarah Cahill Record Label
2012 The Complete Music of Carl Ruggles Michael Tilson Thomas Record Label
2011 Kui Dong: Since When Has the Bright Moon Existed? Evan Hirsch / Piedmont Children's Choir / Sally Pinkas / Volti Record Label
2009 Marc Blitzstein: First Life - Rare Early Works Sarah Cahill / Del Sol String Quartet Record Label
2008 Conlon Nancarrow: Studies for player Piano Record Label
2008 Ring of Fire Del Sol String Quartet Record Label
2007 Hands Like Waves Unfold Kui Dong Record Label
2007 John Cage: Solo for Voice 58: 18 Microtonal Ragas Amelia Cuni Record Label
2006 Songs of Ned Rorem Ned Rorem Record Label
2005 George Antheil: The Complete Works for String Quartet Del Sol String Quartet Record Label
2004 Residue Amy X. Neuburg Record Label
2003 Ego Scriptor Cantilenae: The Music of Ezra Pound Robert Hughes Record Label
2002 Antheil Plays Antheil George Antheil Record Label
2000 Conlon Nancarrow: Lost Works, Last Works Conlon Nancarrow Record Label
1999 The Virtuoso Pianolist Rex Lawson Record Label
10+2: Twelve American Text Sound Pieces Record Label
Composer-Critics of the New York Herald Tribune Record Label
Lexical Music Charles Amirkhanian Record Label
Scenes from a New Music Séance Kate Stenberg / Eva-Maria Zimmermann Record Label