Nick Currie


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Year Album Artist
2015 Glyptothek Momus Composer
2014 Cover Version Steven Wilson Composer
2013 Bambi Momus Composer
2011 Thunderclown John Henriksson / Momus Composer
2010 Hypnoprism Momus Composer
2008 Il Genio Il Genio Composer
2008 Joemus Momus Composer
2006 Monolith Olivier Lamm Vocals
2005 Little Darla Has a Treat for You, Vol. 23: Summer 2005 Composer
2005 Otto Spooky Momus Composer
2004 Anthony, Neu York Anthony Reynolds Assistant
2004 Summerisle Momus & Anne Laplantine Composer
2001 Folktronic Momus Composer
2000 Kreidler Kreidler Composer
2000 Modern Acoustic Composer
2000 Valentine 2000: The El Love Album Composer
2000 World in Winter: El Christmas Composer
1999 Abracadabra: El Rarities Compilation Composer
1999 Claret: The Best of Louis Philippe Louis Philippe Guest Artist
1999 Dream Topping: El Retrospective Composer
1999 London Pavillion, Vol. 1 Composer
1999 Songs for the Jet Set: Supreme Edition Composer
1999 The Ruling Class Composer
1998 All Done with Mirrors Composer
1998 Soft & Easy [Arcade] Composer
1997 Orgonon Laila France Composer
1997 Songs for Marshmallow Lovers Composer
1997 Songs for the Jet Set, Vol. 1 Composer
1996 20 Vodka Jellies Momus Composer
1995 Philosophy of Momus Momus Composer
1995 Slender Sherbert Momus Composer
1994 Patron Saints of Teenage Composer
1992 The Ultraconformist Momus Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Composer
1991 Hippopotamomus Momus Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Composer
1990 Doing God's Work: A Creation Compilation Composer
1990 Monsters of Love: Singles 1985-90 Momus Composer
1989 Don't Stop the Night Momus Composer
1988 Doing It for the Kids Composer
1988 Tender Pervert Momus Composer
1987 The Poison Boyfriend Momus Composer
1986 Circus Maximus Momus Composer
1982 The Man on Your Street The Happy Family Liner Notes
Momusmcclymont Momusmcclymont Composer
Sunbutler Sunbutler Composer