Nick Broste


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Year Album Artist
2017 Esker Bill MacKay Mixing
2017 No Resolution Tim Kasher Engineer
2017 Risk to Exist Maxïmo Park Featured Artist, Trombone
2017 Undying Color Mind Over Mirrors Group Member, Trombone
2016 Requiem for Hell Mono Trombone
2015 Blood Dancer Crown Larks Engineer
2015 Made in the A.M. One Direction Brass
2015 The Gravity of Our Commitment Never Enough Hope Trombone
2013 Me Moan Daughn Gibson Trombone
2012 There Now Josh Berman Engineer, Mixing
2011 The Big Lift Darren Johnston / Darren Johnston's Gone To Chicago Engineer
2010 Aerial Age Vox Arcana Engineer
2010 George Lassos the Moon Scott Lucas & the Married Men Featured Artist, Trombone
2010 Lamentations James Falzone's Allos Musica Engineer, Mixing, Editing
2010 Olives & Orchids Herculaneum Trombone
2010 Sonoi Sonoi Trombone
2010 The Game of Monogamy Tim Kasher Engineer, Trombone
2009 Further Complications Jarvis Cocker Horn Section, Horn
2009 Herculaneum III Herculaneum Trombone, Group Member
2009 Mama, I'm Swollen Cursive Engineer, Trombone
2009 March of the Zapotec/Realpeople Holland Beirut Assistant
2009 Sugar Glider Buffalo Stance Trombone
2008 7 Poi Dog Pondering Trombone
2008 Calypso Shakedown Bronze Trombone
2008 Great Plains Head of Femur Trombone, String Arrangements
2008 High Time Pit Er Pat Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone
2008 Open Relationship The Bird Names Engineer
2008 Rabbit Habits Man Man Trombone
2007 Cold & Kind The 1900s Trombone, Horn
2007 Just Like This Keefe Jackson Trombone, Soloist
2007 Paper Sky Ben Weaver Trombone, Horn Arrangements
2007 The Simp Baby Teeth Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone, Horn Arrangements
2006 Future Women The M's Trombone
2006 Gravity Won't Get You High The Grates Trombone
2006 Meek Warrior Akron/Family Trombone, Percussion
2006 Orange Blossom Herculaneum Trombone
2005 Beautiful Seizure Volcano! Additional Personnel, Trombone
2005 Hysterical Stars Head of Femur Member of Attributed Artist, Trombone, Tuba, Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
2005 Kicking Television: Live in Chicago Wilco Trombone
2005 Lonely People of the World, Unite! Devin Davis Trombone
2005 Wall to Wall Sessions Chris Mills Main Personnel, Trombone
2005 Wilderness Archer Prewitt Main Personnel, Trombone
2004 Fight Back! Icy Demons Trombone
2003 Curling Pond Woods Greg Davis Trombone
2003 Herculaneum Herculaneum Trombone
2003 Scott Rosenberg: Creative Orchestra Music, Chicago 2001 Scott Rosenberg Conductor, Trombone
2002 Mansion Boas Trombone
Altamira Darts & Arrows Engineer, Mixing
Cicada Music Frank Rosaly Mixing, Engineer
Clean on the Corner Mike Reed Mixing, Engineer
Decaying Orbit Chicago Edge Ensemble Engineer, Mixing
Eatin' Dirt Morry Sochat & the Special 20s Engineer
Emergent Paul Giallorenzo / Paul Giallorenzo's Gitgo Engineer
Flesh & Bone Mike Reed Engineer
L.Y.A. Mucca Pazza Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Trombone
Leader and the Falcon Head of Femur Trombone, Horn
Off the Map H-Burns Trombone
People, Places & Things: A New Kind of Dance Mike Reed Engineer
Population Crown Larks Tracking
Quartet: Vortices Nate Lepine Engineer, Mixing
The Dragon and the Griffin Dave McDonnell Group Engineer, Mixing
The Wild and Hollow Colin Gilmore Trombone
The Time Inside a Year Dave McDonnell Group Engineer
Time and Temperature Judson Claiborne Trombone
Twin Talk Twin Talk Engineer, Mixing