Nicholas Zampiello


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Year Album Artist
2010 A Determinism of Morality Rosetta Mastering
2010 Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Mastering
2010 Dragon Wizard Sleeve Blackwolfgoat Mastering
2010 Of Misery & Toil Young Livers Mastering
2010 Songs for Singles Torche Mastering
2010 The First Ten Years II Piebald Engineer
2010 Wartime Citizens The Effort Mastering
2010 Wonder Knut Mastering
2009 Battle Sluts Destroy Destroy Destroy Mastering
2009 Bishop Kent Manning the_Network Mastering
2009 Everything You've Heard Is True In the Face of War Mastering
2009 Fea Jur Lye by Mistake Mixing
2009 From Fathoms Gifts from Enola Mastering
2009 Horizoner Bloodhorse Mastering
2009 Look What God Did to Us City of Ships Mastering
2009 Manthology Gay for Johnny Depp Mastering
2009 Nothing Collapses Oceans Mastering
2009 Paint the Fence Invisible Drug Rug Mastering
2009 Pig Charmer Throttlerod Mastering
2009 Serpents Struck by Lightning Mastering
2009 Starve The Dead Throttlerod Mastering
2009 Stay Home Transit Mastering
2009 Tertia Caspian Mastering
2009 The Freezing Fog The Freezing Fog Sequencing, Mastering
2009 The Sky (Or the Underground) Mean Creek Mastering
2009 Thresholds of Imbalance Battlefields Mastering
2008 American Violence Reign Supreme Mastering
2008 An Evening of Bad Decisions... Static Radio NJ Mastering
2008 Aperture for Departure Strangers Die Every Day Mastering
2008 Arise and Conquer War of Ages Mastering
2008 Bittersweet Batch Jesse Dee Mastering
2008 Conversations From a Second Story Window Mastering
2008 El Chupa Cobras El Chupa Cobras Mastering
2008 Electrocution [Bonus Track] Unearthly Trance Mastering
2008 Enterprises Hackman Remastering
2008 Everybody Out Everybody Out Mastering
2008 For Redemption I Rise Mastering
2008 Forcing Out the Silence Junius Mastering
2008 Get Young Pretty & Nice Mastering
2008 Habitual Linestepper Palehorse Mastering
2008 Hormones Hidden People Mastering
2008 I Carry Adai Mastering
2008 Invasions of the Mind Energy Mastering
2008 Jesu/Battle [Split EP] Jesu Mastering
2008 La Vieja Guradia La Vieja Guardia Mastering
2008 Laid Insignificant Cavity Remastering
2008 Meanderthal Torche Mastering
2008 Prayers And Arsons Impure Wilhelmina Mastering
2008 Prying Eyes Cruel Hand Mastering
2008 Seizures in Barren Praise Trap Them Mastering
2008 The Ruiner Made Out of Babies Mastering
2008 Through Scenic Heights and Days Regrets The Baltic Sea Mastering
2008 Tides/Giant [Split CD] Tides Mastering
2008 We Are Above You Clouds Mastering
2007 After the Ceiling Cracked Pelican Mastering
2007 American Art Weatherbox Mastering
2007 Animal Animosity Mastering
2007 Big Top Woman Frank Ciampi Audio Engineer
2007 Care Package Teletextile Mastering
2007 Child Abuse Child Abuse/Miracle of Birth Mastering
2007 Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Mastering
2007 Demolition Meltdown Mastering
2007 Don't Worry Lady I Hate Sally Mastering
2007 Golden EP Bear Hands Mastering
2007 HEALTH HEALTH Mastering
2007 Harmonic Tremors Zozobra Mastering
2007 Heavy Handed Peace and Love Frank Smith Mastering
2007 Holy Tears Isis Mastering
2007 I Was Submerged Tulsa Mastering
2007 Impromptu MGR Mastering
2007 Internal Salvation The Unseen Mastering
2007 Is Dead Crime in Stereo Mastering
2007 Juggernaut Bracewar Mastering
2007 Junius Junius Remastering, Mastering
2007 Legendary Demo Clouds Mixing, Mastering
2007 Let's Agree to Deceive Our Best Friends Auto Interiors Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mastering
2007 Limit of Destruction Rampage Mastering
2007 Live! at Club Awesome Thee Electric Bastards Mastering
2007 Motionless Motionless Mastering
2007 Music from the Documentary Film Beyond Belief Evren Celimli Mastering
2007 No Salvation Coliseum Mastering
2007 North South East West Telephone & Telegraph Audio Engineer, Mastering
2007 Precambrian The Ocean Mastering
2007 Prepare to Be Let Down Ruiner Mastering
2007 Prey for Eyes The Red Chord Mastering
2007 Radiate Burnt Fur Mastering
2007 Seance Prime Trap Them Mastering
2007 Sittin' in a Tree... Frank Smith / Juliana Hatfield Mastering
2007 St. Jude's Revenge Murder Capital of the World / Murder Capitol Of The World Mastering
2007 Stand Alone The Ghouls Mastering
2007 Stranger Ambitions Mastering
2007 The Big Disappointments The Big Disappointments Mastering
2007 The Final Dawn Arise and Ruin Mastering
2007 The Four Trees Caspian Mastering
2007 The Meanest of Times Dropkick Murphys Mastering
2007 The Resurrection of Everything Tough Beyond the Sixth Seal Mastering
2007 The Surgeon Savory James Mastering
2007 The World Is Bright And Lonely New Idea Society Mastering
2007 There Is Nothing New Under the Sun [Bonus Tracks] Coalesce Mastering
2007 This Is Where the Fight Begins The Ghost of a Thousand Mastering
2007 This Is Your Pig's Portrait the_Network Mastering
2007 Visqueen Unsane Mastering
2007 Vitriol Burnt Fur Mastering
2007 Without Number Plumerai Mastering
2006 Abaddon The Concubine Mastering
2006 All Your Things Are Gone Victory at Sea Mastering
2006 Alter Knut Mastering
2006 American Idle Isabelle's Gift Mastering
2006 Cursed The Radio Knives Mastering
2006 Devour the Power Destroy Destroy Destroy Mastering
2006 Evil on Your Mind The Stumbleweeds Mastering
2006 I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die Gaza Mastering
2006 It's Your Time to Die [EP] The Ghouls Mastering
2006 Jaggernaut Scissorfight Mastering
2006 Misplaced Americans Matt Quarterman Mastering
2006 More Songs for Dreamsleepers & The Very Awake Christians and Lions Mastering
2006 Nail Throttlerod Mastering
2006 No Heroes Converge Mastering
2006 Nova Lux MGR Mastering
2006 Oligopuzzled Destroy Babylon Mastering
2006 Reprisal KEN mode Mastering
2006 Sailing Days [EP] Joy Engineer, Keyboards
2006 Strength in Solitude Panic Mastering
2006 Subliminal Genocide Xasthur Mastering
2006 Workaholica Duncan Wilder Johnson Mastering
2005 Appomattox Appomattox Mastering
2005 Black Thunder Doomriders Mastering
2005 Brass City Band The Gentlemen Engineer
2005 Burn the Street, Vol. 3 Mastering
2005 Burning Episode Vulgar Pigeons Mastering
2005 Democracy Is Dead Dead by Wednesday Mastering
2005 Devil's Blues Joy Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Percussion, Noise, Mastering
2005 Erased from the Memory of Man Watchmaker Engineer
2005 Every Day Is Marked Blitzkriegbliss Mastering
2005 Extensions Purity's Failure Mastering
2005 Glorified Dirt/The True Face of Panic Premonitions of War Mastering
2005 Hell Train Soltero Mastering
2005 March Into the Sea Pelican Mastering
2005 Minimum Wage Pug Uglies Mastering
2005 No Guts, No Gravy Hanner Mastering
2005 No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool Pillory Mastering
2005 Oceanic: Remixes/Reinterpretations Isis Editing, Mastering
2005 Perfect Pitch Black Cave In Mastering
2005 Seven Sisters Faces on Film Mastering
2005 Sharpen Your Sticks The Bags Mastering
2005 The Battle of the Common Label the Traitor Mastering
2005 The Sharking The Sharking Mastering
2005 This Elegy, His Autopsy Beecher / Gordon Beecher Mastering
2005 Victory Over Horseshit Scissorfight Mastering
2005 Waltham [Bonus DVD] Waltham Mastering
2005 We Don't Care About Your Good Times Turpentine Brothers Mastering
2005 You Are the Conductor Caspian Mastering
2004 2 Songs Live The Bags Mastering
2004 Angel & Devil Hal Sherfey Mastering
2004 Call Me Armageddon The Power & The Glory Mastering
2004 Christmas Old Man Gloom Mastering
2004 Creatures of the Earth The Pages Mastering
2004 Every Last Windmill Shall Fall Windmill Mastering
2004 Existe Seneca Mastering
2004 Formulate a Tragedy All Parallels Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Guitar Method Kid Kilowatt Mastering
2004 Hydra Head Presents: 2XH vs. HHR, Vol. 1 - Where Is My Robotic Editing, Mastering
2004 Kamikaze Missions Backstabbers Inc Mastering
2004 Kissing and Telling Rosie Huntress Producer, Shaker, Percussion, Programming, Mastering
2004 Later Baby Boy H Mastering
2004 Legs Up/My War Legs Up / My War Mastering
2004 Memories Fade Victory at Sea Mastering
2004 Pull Up the Floorboards Lock & Key Mastering
2004 Sex Positions Sex Positions Mastering
2004 The Struggle Cast Aside Mastering
2004 When This Wears Off The Douglas Fir Mastering
2004 Wild Irish Rose: Reverences of George Jones Hal Sherfey Mastering
2003 A Wish for Fire A Wish For Fire Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 And by December You Will Know Where Your Heart The Burning Paris Mastering
2003 Australasia Pelican Mastering
2003 Dark Thirty Quintaine Americana Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Dear Hot Chick Feable Weiner Mastering
2003 Have You Heard Secret Channel Mastering
2003 Hell and High Water Throttlerod Mastering
2003 Hi, Everything's Great Limbeck Mastering
2003 Ho Ag Equals Go At Ho-Ag Mastering
2003 I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding Bones Brigade Mastering
2003 Invite Me In Vintage Radio Mastering
2003 Joy Joy Mastering
2003 Kill. Fucking. Everyone. Watchmaker Producer, Engineer, Arranger
2003 Mongrel KEN mode Mastering
2003 My Love. My Way. Modern Life Is War Remastering
2003 Our Reunion Is Pending The Don't Tells Mastering
2003 Sirens On the Might of Princes Mastering
2003 Some of Us May Never See the World On Broken Wings Mastering
2003 Split Your Guts, Vol. 1 Split Your Guts Mastering
2003 Terra Nova [EP] The Austerity Program Mastering
2003 The Boston Sherwood Tapes Roadsaw Mastering
2003 The Model Garrison Mastering
2003 The Silhouette Garrison Mastering
2003 Thinking out Loud Cash Monies & The Jetsetter Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Mastering
2003 This Isn't Goodbye Darryl Blood Mastering
2003 Worker's Union Jericho RVA Mastering
2002 All the Weeping Cameras Jack McCoys Sequencing, Mastering
2002 Bodies for Strontium 90 Craw Mastering
2002 Challenger Knut Mastering
2002 For Motion Discomfort Planeside Mastering
2002 Fused Together in Revolving Doors The Red Chord Mastering
2002 In Our Lifetime, Vol. 3: The Revenge of Boston Engineer, Composer
2002 Is Not the Problem Cracktorch Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Programming, Bass, Mastering
2002 Nasty Habits: Live On 88.9 WERS Mastering
2002 Panic Panic Mastering
2002 Potential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare Scissorfight Mastering
2002 Quitter Quitter Mastering
2002 Rawk N' Roll Roadsaw Mastering
2002 Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer Engineer
2002 Standing Still in the USA Damn Personals Mastering
2002 The Audio Medium The Cancer Conspiracy Mastering
2002 The Fuse Is Lit Striking Distance Mastering
2002 Thunder Boogie Lamont Engineer
2002 Tides of Tomorrow Cave In Mastering
2002 We Are the Only Friends We Have Piebald Engineer, Mastering
2002 Wheel of Life Stewart Francke Mastering
2001 Bell Ringer Medea Connection Engineer
2001 Mantrapping for Sport and Profit Scissorfight Mastering
2001 Mosquito Control Isis Remastering
2001 Surrender on Demand Roma Engineer, Mixing
2001 Untitled EP Knut Editing, Mastering
2000 Live a Little, Love aA Little Fireking Engineer, Mixing, Clapping
2000 Puttering About a Small Land Land of the Loops Pro-Tools
1999 William Moylan: Origins William Moylan Assistant
1984 Victim in Pain Agnostic Front Remastering
Barbara's Bloody Footprints It's from the Sky Mastering
Breathe Deeply, Horse Malamute Mastering
Carry Ourselves Continuance Mastering
Coming Home Township Mastering
Crucial Schmooze The Big Big Bucks Mastering
From What We Believe Lions Lions Mastering
Hope: And Songs to Sing Eulcid Mastering
Monkey Mind... Reverse Mastering
Pill: Tomorrow Never Happened Mastering
Sick Again Crash & Burn Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Silencio Silencio Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Songs in the Key of Death Dead Like Death Mastering
The Lonesome Navigator Saints & Exiles Mastering
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Mastering
This Is the Lisa Rahon Show Lisa Rahon Producer, Photography, Guitar, Keyboards, Sampling
Township Township Mastering
You Don't Have to Win, But You Have to Fight Forensics Mastering