Nic Kinsey


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Year Album Artist
2008 Bees on Horseback Flowers and Frolics Engineer
2008 Blues Guitar Workshop Engineer, Audio Engineer
2008 Contemporary Guitar Workshop Duke Baker/Jim Mclennan/Leo Wijkamp Jr./Dave Evans Remixing
2008 Friends Forever, Guitar Collaborations Stefan Grossman Engineer
2008 Golden Grates and the Rampin' Cat Michael Hebbert / Roaring Jelly Engineer
2008 No Reels Old Swan Band Engineer
2008 Traditional Music of Country Clare Micho Russell Editing
2008 Women's Guitar Workshop Engineer
2007 Fieldvole Music Tony Hall Engineer
2007 Hammers, Tongues and a Bakewell Tart Tufty Swift Engineer
2005 Always June Tabor Engineer
2004 Mighty River of Song The Watersons Engineer
2002 Acoustic Folk Box Assistant Producer
2002 All Things in Common Chris Foster Engineer
2002 Two Sides of Dave Van Ronk Dave Van Ronk Engineer
2002 Within Sound Shirley Collins Engineer
2000 Sweeney's Men/The Tracks of Sweeney Sweeney's Men Engineer
1999 The Kid on the Mountain Duck Baker Engineer
1999 Tri Gabriel Yacoub Producer
1998 Definitive Transatlantic Collection Hamish Imlach Engineer
1997 Mr. Fox/the Gypsy Mr. Fox Engineer
1997 Up to Now Robin & Barry Dransfield Producer, Engineer, Mastering
1995 The Tale of Ale: The Story of the Englishman and His Beer Vic Gammon And Friends Producer, Engineer
1993 In Concert Stefan Grossman / John Renbourn Remixing
1993 The Entertainer: The Music of Scott Joplin Engineer
1992 Blues, Jazz & Rock Guitar: Legendary Mickey Baker Mickey Baker Engineer
1991 Art of Bottleneck/Slide Guitar Sam Mitchell Engineer, Audio Engineer
1991 Art of Fingerstyle Guitar Engineer
1991 Legende: Deuxiéme Epoque Malicorne Engineer
1990 Guitar Landscapes Stefan Grossman Engineer
1988 Snap a Little Owl Stefan Grossman / John Renbourn Engineer, Mixing
1985 Live in Concert John Renbourn Engineer, Remixing
1985 The Happiest Days of Your Life Paul Bevoir Engineer
1985 Trad. Arr. Gabriel Yacoub Engineer
1981 Lulu's Back in Town Ton Van Bergeyk Engineer
1980 Art of Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Duck Baker Engineer
1980 Irish Reels, Jigs, Airs and Hornpipes Dan Ar Bras / Duck Baker / Dave Evans / Davy Graham Engineer
1980 King Porter Stomp: The Music of Jelly Roll Morton Lars "Lasse" Johansson Engineer
1980 Penguin Eggs Nic Jones Engineer
1980 The Complete Guitarist Davy Graham Engineer
1980 Thirteen Down Bert Jansch Conundrum / Bert Jansch Producer, Engineer, Recorder
1980 Thunder on the Run Stefan Grossman Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1979 Both Sides Then Peter Bellamy Producer, Engineer
1979 Dance for Two People Davy Graham Engineer
1979 En Public Malicorne Engineer
1979 Harmonica According to Charlie Charlie Musselwhite Engineer, Audio Engineer
1979 Under The Volcano Stefan Grossman / John Renbourn Engineer
1978 In Concert John James Remix Engineer
1978 Jazz Rock Guitar Mickey Baker Engineer
1978 John Renbourn & Stephan Grossman Live in Concert John Renbourn Engineer
1978 Mrs. Ackroyd: Superstar! Les Barker Engineer
1978 Sad Pig Dance Dave Evans Engineer
1978 Stefan Grossman and John Renbourn Stefan Grossman Engineer, Audio Engineer
1977 Ashes and Diamonds June Tabor Engineer
1977 Blues & Jazz Guitar Mickey Baker Engineer
1977 Country Blues Guitar Festival Stefan Grossman Engineer
1977 Descriptive Guitar Instrumentals John James Engineer
1977 King of Bongo Bong Duck Baker Engineer
1977 Popular to Contrary Belief Barry Dransfield Producer, Engineer
1977 Quintessence Malicorne Producer
1977 Songs for the Dress Rehearsal Steve Tilston Engineer
1977 The Transports: A Ballad Opera by Peter Bellamy Peter Bellamy Producer, Engineer
1976 Almanach Malicorne Producer
1976 Famous Fingerpicking Guitar Solos From the Golden Era of American Pop Music Ton Van Bergeyk Engineer
1976 My Creole Belle Stefan Grossman Engineer
1976 Take a Bite Out of Life Dave Evans Engineer
1976 The Fiddler's Dream The Dransfields Engineer, Audio Production
1975 For Pence and Spicy Ale The Watersons Engineer
1975 Malicorne 2 Malicorne Producer
1975 Novelty Guitar Instrumentals Remix Engineer
1975 There's Something for Everyone in America Duck Baker Remixing
1974 Malicorne Malicorne Producer, Engineer
1972 A Tear and a Smile Tír na nÓg Engineer
1972 Bright Phoebus Lal Waterson / Lal & Mike Waterson / Mike Waterson Mastering
1972 Faro Annie John Renbourn Engineer
1971 In the Morning Tír na nÓg Engineer
1971 Reflection Pentangle Engineer
1971 Rosemary Lane Bert Jansch Engineer
1966 How to Play Blues Guitar Stefan Grossman Engineer
10 Classic Rags of Scott Joplin: Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar Engineer
I Got Rhythm [Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop] John James / Dale Miller / Sam Mitchell / Ton Van Bergeyk Engineer
Morning Brings the Light/John James/Sky in My Pie/Head in the Clouds John James Engineer