Neil Zlozower


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Year Album Artist
2017 BCCIV Black Country Communion Portrait Photography
2017 Maybe Tomorrow Mike Tramp Cover Photo
2017 The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits Pantera Photography
2016 A Decade of Dio: 1983-1993 Dio Photography
2016 I Can Destroy Paul Gilbert Photography
2016 X: No Absolutes Prong Band Photo
2015 Boomerang Eric Sardinas & Big Motor / Eric Sardinas Photography, Cover Photo
2014 A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life Photography, Band Photo
2014 Kiss 40 Years: Decades of Decibels Kiss Photography
2014 Playlist: Journey Greatest Hits Journey Photography
2014 The Complete Studio Recordings Joe Satriani Photography
2013 5 Classic Albums Kiss Back Cover Photo
2013 Clockwork Angels Tour Rush Photography
2013 Covertà Adrenaline Mob Photography
2013 G3 Live: Rockin' in the Free World G3 / Yngwie Malmsteen / Joe Satriani / Steve Vai Photography
2013 Girls with Guns/What If Tommy Shaw Photography
2013 Ride 'Til I Die/The Hard Stuff George Thorogood / George Thorogood & the Destroyers Photography
2013 Starbound Beast Huntress Photography
2012 Live Meat and Potatoes Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats Photography
2011 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Journey Photography
2011 Greatest Hits/Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Journey Photography
2011 Immortal Michael Jackson Photography
2011 J.F.L. LoNero Photography
2011 Rockaholic Warrant Photography
2011 Roots Johnny Winter Photography, Back Cover Photo
2011 Sin-atra Photography
2011 Sticks and Stones Eric Sardinas & Big Motor / Eric Sardinas Photography
2011 The Solo Albums, Vol. 5 Smokey Robinson Photography, Back Cover Photo
2011 Wildly Inappropriate Daryl Wright Photography
2010 BK3 Bruce Kulick Photography
2010 Bascom Hill Bascom Hill Photography
2010 Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 Dio Photography
2010 Out of My Chelle Rachelle Spector Photography
2010 The Essential Joe Satriani Joe Satriani Photography
2009 Feel the Steel Steel Panther Photography
2009 Greatest Hits, Vol. 16 The Donnas Photography
2009 Nothing's Sacred Lääz Rockit Band Photo
2009 Remixploitation John 5 Cover Photo
2009 Rhino Classic Albums Collection [f.y.e. Exclusive] Skid Row Band Photo
2009 Rhino Classic Albums Collection [f.y.e. Exclusive] Dokken Photography
2009 Rhino Classic Albums Collection [f.y.e. Exclusive] Dio Photography
2009 Shake City Shake City Photography
2009 Sonic Boom Kiss Photography
2009 The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac [Rhino] Fleetwood Mac Photography
2009 Three Classic Albums Ratt Back Cover Photo
2008 Ace Young Ace Young Photography
2008 Cherry Pie/Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich Warrant Photography
2008 Echo Jet Echo Jet Photography
2008 Escape/Frontiers Journey Photography
2008 Greatest Hits White Lion Band Photo
2008 Holy Cow Billy Sheehan Photography, Band Photo
2008 Into the Pit Fight Photography
2008 K5: The War of Words - Demos Fight / Fight K5 Photography
2008 Let Sleeping Corpses Lie White Zombie Photography
2008 Little Queen/Dog & Butterfly Heart Photography
2008 No More Tears/Diary of a Madman Ozzy Osbourne Photography
2008 Rebel Road Edgar Winter Cover Photo
2008 Saudades de Rock Extreme Photography
2008 Street Talk/For the Love of Strange Medicine Steve Perry Photography
2008 Surfing with the Alien/Is There Love in Space? Joe Satriani Photography
2008 We Wish You a Metal Xmas and a Headbanging New Year Photography
2008 Whitesnake Whitesnake Photography
2007 1979-1982 The Alley Cats Cover Photo
2007 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap/The Razor's Edge AC/DC Photography
2007 Love Grenade Ted Nugent Photography
2007 Metal God Essentials, Vol. 1 Halford Photography
2007 Mothership Led Zeppelin Photography
2006 Best of the J. Geils Band [Capitol] J. Geils Band Photography
2006 Born Again Warrant Photography, Insert Photography
2006 Box Set [17 CD] AC/DC Photography
2006 Classic Rock Hits Photography
2006 Eye of the Hurricane/Victim of the System Impellitteri Photography
2006 Full Circle Walter Trout Photography
2006 Gold Whitesnake Photography
2006 Kiss Alive! 1975-2000 Kiss Photography
2006 Live in Houston 1981: Escape Tour Journey Photography
2006 Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour [DVD] Journey Photography
2006 Live to Win Paul Stanley Photography
2006 Metal: A Headbanger's Journey Photography
2006 The Definitive Collection Whitesnake Photography
2006 Ultimate Guitar Zeus Carmine Appice / Carmine Appice Project Photography
2005 Absolute Hits Billy Squier Photography
2005 Essential Collection The Motels Photography
2005 Gold (1965 - 1975) Tom Jones Photography
2005 Greatest Hits: Back to the Start Megadeth Photography
2005 Mack Mack Photography
2005 Metal Generation: Anthology Steeler Cover Photo
2005 Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne Photography
2005 Rock the Nation: Live Kiss Photography
2005 Rockin' the Corps Photography
2005 Rockin' the Corps [DVD] Photography
2005 The Best of Classic Rock Photography
2005 The Collection [Box Set] Heart Photography
2004 20th Century Masters - The DVD Collection: The Best of Extreme Extreme Photography
2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Kiss, Vol. 2 Kiss Photography
2004 From the Front Row... Live! Emerson Photography
2004 From the Front Row...Live! Uriah Heep Photography
2004 G3 Live in Denver Joe Satriani Photography
2004 Gold: 1974-1982 - Sound+Vision Kiss Photography
2004 Greatest Hits [US Release] Mr. Big Photography
2004 Hangover Music, Vol. VI Black Label Society / Zakk Wylde Photography
2004 Interpretations Dale Turner Photography
2004 Lights, Camera, Action Marc Ferrari Portraits
2004 Madside Madside Photography
2004 Metalogy Judas Priest Photography
2004 Music to Crash Your Car To, Vol. 2 Mötley Crüe Photography
2004 The Essential REO Speedwagon REO Speedwagon Photography, Packaging
2004 Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses Slipknot Photography
2003 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Kiss Kiss Photography
2003 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Motley Crue Mötley Crüe Photography
2003 Absolutely the Best of Classic Rock Photography
2003 Black Pearls Eric Sardinas Photography
2003 Diamond Dave David Lee Roth Photography
2003 From the Front Row Live Pat Travers Photography
2003 Greatest Hits DVD 1978-1997: Videos and Live Performances Journey Photography
2003 Hell Yeah! Black 'N Blue Photography
2003 Joyride Oleander Photography
2003 Kiss Symphony: Alive IV Kiss Photography
2003 Kiss Symphony: The Single Disc Kiss Photography
2003 Letter to God XYZ Photography
2003 Music Machine Erik Norlander Photography
2003 Music to Crash Your Car To, Vol. 1 Mötley Crüe Photography
2003 REvolution Lynch Mob Photography
2003 Ride 'Til I Die George Thorogood & the Destroyers Photography
2003 Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology Dio Photography
2003 The Electric Joe Satriani: An Anthology Joe Satriani Photography
2003 The Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology Steve Vai Photography
2003 You're Not Alone Essra Mohawk Photography
2002 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best of Extreme Extreme Photography
2002 Classic Masters The Motels Photography, Cover Photo
2002 Early Days & Latter Days: Vol. 1 & 2 Led Zeppelin Photography
2002 Judas Priest Collectors' Box Judas Priest Photography
2002 Linchpin Fear Factory Photography
2002 MTV Road Rules: Don't Make Me Pull This Thing Over, Vol. 1 Photography
2002 Mojo Blues Will Ray Photography
2002 Recovering the Wasted Years Mike Tramp Photography
2002 Remembering White Lion Mike Tramp Photography
2002 Resonance Mad at Gravity Photography
2002 Songs About Jane Maroon 5 Photography
2002 The Essentials Kix Photography
2002 The Essentials White Lion Photography
2002 The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac [Reprise] Fleetwood Mac Photography
2002 The Very Best of Kiss Kiss Photography
2002 Then & Now Dokken Photography
2002 Use Once and Destroy Superjoint Photography
2001 Devil's Train Eric Sardinas Photography
2001 Digimortal Fear Factory Photography
2001 Dragontown Alice Cooper Photography
2001 Full Bluntal Nugity Ted Nugent Photography
2001 Greatest Hits Great White Photography
2001 Ignition! The Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special / Brian Setzer Photography
2001 Iowa Slipknot Photography, Band Photo
2001 Live in San Francisco Joe Satriani Photography
2001 Mother Superior Mother Superior Photography
2001 Pin the Tail on the Honkey Dislocated Styles Photography
2001 The Box Set Kiss Photography
2001 The Very Best of Winger Winger Photography
2001 Ultimate Collection Black 'N Blue Photography, Cover Photo, Tray Photo
2001 Under the Influence Warrant Photography
2000 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Whitesnake Whitesnake Photography
2000 Beauty and the Beast Ron Keel Photography
2000 Before and Laughter Stephen Pearcy Cover Photo, Sleeve Photo
2000 Can't Breathe Boiler Room Photography
2000 Covered in Metal Photography
2000 Evolve Endo Photography
2000 Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog Photography
2000 Queen of the Ocean Lana Lane Photography
2000 Secrets of Astrology Lana Lane Photography
2000 Spit It Out Slipknot Cover Photo
2000 The State Nickelback Photography
2000 The Very Beast of Dio Dio Photography
2000 Van Halen Box: 1978-1984 Van Halen Photography
2000 Wait and Bleed Slipknot Photography
1999 Absolutely the Best Eric Burdon Photography
1999 Black Glue Mike Hartman Photography
1999 Cast Down the Plague Pissing Razors Photography
1999 Chamber Music Coal Chamber Photography
1999 Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1 Led Zeppelin Photography
1999 Faceless Face of Anger Photography
1999 First Big Picnic Laidlaw Photography
1999 Greatest and Latest Warrant Photography, Back Cover
1999 Home Sevendust Photography
1999 Live and Well in Hell Hellion Photography
1999 Music Bank Alice in Chains Photography
1999 Risk Megadeth Photography
1999 Shelter Me Jack Russell Photography
1999 Slipknot Slipknot Photography
1999 The Ultra Zone Steve Vai Photography
1999 The Very Best of Dokken Dokken Photography
1999 United and Live Bang Tango Photography
1998 Back 2 Back Hits: Robin Trower/Michael Schenker [1998] Robin Trower Photography
1998 Capricorn Mike Tramp Photography
1998 Crystal Planet Joe Satriani Photography
1998 Danza Mora Robby Longley Photography
1998 Deep Mother Superior Photography
1998 Forty Seasons: The Best of Skid Row Skid Row Photography
1998 Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased Steve Perry Photography
1998 Greatest Hits Live Journey Photography
1998 Late Nights Early Days Missing Persons Photography
1998 Live Bang Tango Photography
1998 The Best of Tracy Lawrence Tracy Lawrence Photography
1998 The Collection: Escape/Frontiers/Infinity Journey Photography
1997 Cryptic Writings Megadeth Photography
1997 G3: Live in Concert Eric Johnson / Joe Satriani / Steve Vai Photography
1997 Guitar Zeus, Vol. 2: Channel Mind Radio Carmine Appice Photography
1997 Killing Culture Killing Culture Photography
1996 Guitar Zeus Carmine Appice Photography
1996 Läther Frank Zappa Photography
1996 Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996 Poison Photography
1996 Reach for the Sky: The Anthology Billy Squier Photography
1995 A Small Deadly Space Fight Photography
1995 Alien Love Secrets Steve Vai Photography, Cover Photo
1995 Plastic Green Head Trouble Photography
1995 Southern Fried Rock Photography
1995 Time's Makin Changes: The Best of Tesla Tesla Photography
1994 Balls to Picasso Bruce Dickinson Photography
1994 Divine Intervention Slayer Photography, Band Photo
1994 For the Love of Strange Medicine Steve Perry Photography
1994 The Best of Todd Rundgren [Rhino] Todd Rundgren Photography
1994 The War of Words Fight Photography
1994 Trust The Brave Photography
1994 Youthanasia Megadeth Photography, Reissue Photography
1993 Complete Studio Recordings Led Zeppelin Photography
1993 Miracle Mile Guardian Photography
1993 Time Machine Joe Satriani Photography
1992 An Anthology Angel Photography
1992 Countdown to Extinction Megadeth Photography
1992 Dog Eat Dog Warrant Photography
1992 Tangled in Reins Steelheart Photography
1992 The Best of White Lion White Lion Photography
1992 The Extremist Joe Satriani Photography
1992 The Wild Life Slaughter Photography
1991 Dancin' on Coals Bang Tango Photography
1991 Hungry XYZ Photography
1991 Love Machine Brighton Rock Photography
1991 Manic Frustration Trouble Photography
1991 No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne Photography
1991 Sailing the Seas of Cheese Primus Photography
1991 Swallow This Live Poison Photography
1991 Temptation Sweet F.A. Photography
1991 The Underworld Evildead Band Photo
1990 Against the Law Stryper Photography
1990 Damn Yankees Damn Yankees Photography
1990 Five Man Acoustical Jam Tesla Photography
1990 Flesh & Blood Poison Photography
1990 Heartbreak Station Cinderella Collage
1990 Know Your Enemy Lääz Rockit Photography
1990 Rise & Shine John Kay / John Kay & Steppenwolf / Steppenwolf Photography
1990 Rust in Peace Megadeth Photography
1990 Stick It to Ya Slaughter Photography
1990 Strange Love T.S.O.L. Photography
1990 Ten Y&T Photography
1990 The Razor's Edge AC/DC Photography
1990 Too Far Gone Nine Point Zero Photography
1990 Town Bad Girl Legs Diamond Back Cover Photo
1989 Big Game White Lion Photography
1989 Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich Warrant Photography
1989 Flying in a Blue Dream Joe Satriani Photography
1989 Sea Hags Sea Hags Photography
1989 Slip of the Tongue Whitesnake Photography
1989 The Great Radio Controversy Tesla Photography
1989 The Talas Years Billy Sheehan Photography, Cover Photo
1989 XYZ XYZ Photography
1988 Blow Up Your Video AC/DC Photography
1988 Journey's Greatest Hits Journey Photography
1988 Open Up and Say...Ahh! Poison Photography, Cover Photo
1988 So Far, So Good...So What! Megadeth Photography
1988 The Decline Of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years Photography
1987 1987 Whitesnake Photography
1987 Hit and Run T.S.O.L. Photography
1987 Once Bitten... Great White Photography
1987 Priest...Live! Judas Priest Photography
1987 Raising Fear Armored Saint Photography
1987 Surfing with the Alien Joe Satriani Photography
1987 Tribute Ozzy Osbourne Photography
1986 Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? Megadeth Photography
1986 QR III Quiet Riot Photography
1986 Sonrisa Salvaje David Lee Roth Photography
1986 The Final Frontier Keel Photography
1986 To Hell with the Devil Stryper Photography
1986 Turbo Judas Priest Photography
1986 Videos David Lee Roth Photography
1986 Who Made Who AC/DC Photography
1986 Young, Wild and Free Brighton Rock Photography
1985 Downtown Dreamers Masi Photography
1985 Invasion of Your Privacy Ratt Photography
1985 Ready to Strike King Kobra Photography
1985 Theatre of Pain Mötley Crüe Photography
1985 What If Tommy Shaw Photography
1984 Dancin' on the Edge Lita Ford Cover Photo
1984 Flex-Able Steve Vai Photography
1984 March of the Saint Armored Saint Producer, Photography
1984 Out on Bail Legs Diamond Photography
1984 The Last in Line Dio Photography
1984 We Want Moore! Gary Moore Photography
1983 Animal (F**k like a Beast) W.A.S.P. Photography
1983 The Commodores Anthology Commodores Photography
1982 Diver Down Van Halen Photography
1981 Escape Journey Photography
1981 Fair Warning Van Halen Photography, Sleeve Photo
1980 The Bruford Tapes Bill Bruford Photography
1979 Highway to Hell AC/DC Photography
1979 Night After Night U.K. Photography, Cover Photo
1979 Overkill Motörhead Photography
1979 Van Halen II Van Halen Photography
1978 Dog & Butterfly Heart Photography
1978 Infinity Journey Photography
1978 Parallel Lines Blondie Photography, Reissue Photography
1978 Tormato Yes Photography
1978 U.K.: Collector's Edition Box Set U.K. Photography
1978 Weekend Warriors Ted Nugent Photography
1977 A Diamond Is a Hard Rock Legs Diamond Photography
1977 Commodores Live! Commodores Photography
1977 Little Queen Heart Photography
1976 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC Photography
1976 Live! Mutha Black Oak Arkansas Photography
1976 Waylon Live Waylon Jennings Photography
1975 Two Lane Highway Pure Prairie League Photography
1973 High on the Hog Black Oak Arkansas Photography
1972 The Black Messiah Cannonball Adderley Photography
Dying to Live Joel Hoekstra / Joel Hoekstra's 13 Photography
Ed Roth Ed Roth Cover Photo
Extended Versions L.A. Guns Cover Photo
It's Time To Get Weird Sunflower Dead Photography
Mad Beatnik Ed Roth Photography, Cover Photo, Tray Photo
Medusa Groove Charlotte Photography
Museum Mike Tramp Photography
Nomad Mike Tramp Photography
Please Take Your Cash AntiProduct Photography
Reimaginator Rock Sugar Photography
Together We Stand Chanson Back Cover Photo