MMC Recordings


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Year Album Artist
2009 Bodine: Kaleidoscope; McKinley: Freedom Dreams; Rudenstein: Blues for New Orleans Pedro Carneiro / Paul Dykstra / Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra / Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2008 About Lear and Others: The Music of William Stalnaker Gerard Schwarz / Richard Stoltzman / Vladimír Válek Record Label
2008 Carl Vollrath: Jack's Fat Cat Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2008 Causal Dualism Keith Kramer / Vit Micka Record Label
2008 Michael G. Cunningham: Sonic Flight Ondrej Lebr / Vit Micka / Kirk Trevor Record Label
2008 New American Works for Clarinet, Vol. 2 Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2008 Perspectives II Record Label
2008 Peter Homans: A Prague Spring Peter Homans Record Label
2007 Carl Vollrath: Dream Voyages for Piano Victoria Griswold Record Label
2007 Elliott Miles McKinley: String Quartets Martinu Quartet / Stamic Quartet Record Label
2007 Heskel Brisman: Selected Works Kirk Trevor Record Label
2007 John Mitchell: Music for Woodwind, Vol. 1 Record Label
2007 New American Works for Clarinet Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2007 Painted Shadows of Childhood Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2007 Perspectives Record Label
2007 State of the Union Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2007 Street Dance: Music for Solo Piano by Patrick Beckman Patrick Beckman Record Label
2006 A. Paul Johnson: Xtreme Classical Roger Briggs / Kirk Trevor Record Label
2006 And the President Said... Jeffrey Silberschlag Record Label
2006 Four Flutists: Music of Peter Homans & William Thomas McKinLey Michael G. Finegold / Bernard Goldberg / Grzegorz Olkiewicz / Cathrine Saunders Record Label
2006 Gary R. Featherstone: Spirit of Romance Nevsky String Quartet Record Label
2006 Karen Dreyfus performs American Journeys Karen Dreyfus Record Label
2006 New Century Series, Vol. 18 Record Label
2006 New Century Series, Vol. 19: Music by Michael G. Cunningham & Gary R. Featherstone Ondrej Lebr / Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2006 New Century Series, Vol. 20 Record Label
2006 The Melodic Howard Richards Vit Micka Record Label
2006 The Music of Patrik Bishay & William Thomas McKinley Vit Micka / Jerzy Swoboda Record Label
2005 Concordia Chamber Ensemble performs works by John Carbon, Peter Homans & William Thomas McKinley Concordia Chamber Ensemble Record Label
2005 Gerard Schwarz conducts the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Gerard Schwarz Record Label
2005 Hauntings: Orchestral and Chamber Music by Richard Jordan Smoot Tacy Edwards / Vit Micka / Mark Sterbank / Christopher Teves Record Label
2005 Jazz for Two Susan Duhlmeier Record Label
2005 Lee Actor: Music for Orchestra Kirk Trevor Record Label
2005 New Century Series, Vol. 17 Record Label
2005 Richard Fredrickson, Double Bass Richard Fredrickson Record Label
2005 The Music of Asenjo & McKinley Vit Micka / Kirk Trevor Record Label
2004 An Imperfect Storm: The Large Jazz Ensemble Compositions of Andy Jaffe Andy Jaffe Record Label
2004 Carl Vollrath: Journey Pieces Stephen Kostyniak Record Label
2004 Da Rap Game Supermac & The Blak Mist Record Label
2004 MMC New Century, Vol. 16 Record Label
2004 Roger Davidson: Mandala Jeffrey Silberschlag / Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2004 William Thomas McKinley: Wind, Fire & Ice Record Label
2004 Words and Music David White Record Label
2003 A View from Charles Bridge Record Label
2003 Clarinet Concertos by Women Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2003 David Post: Concerto for English Horn and Orchestra; Peter Farmer: Concertino for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra Donna Marie Cobert / Peter Farmer Record Label
2003 John Carbon: Piano Concerto; Rasgos; Rhapsody for Clarinet & Chamber Orchestra Record Label
2003 Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante; McKinley: Concert Variations Glenn Dicterow / Karen Dreyfus Record Label
2003 Seattle Symphony Orchestra plays Richter, Burwasser, Theurer, Moyer, Bullen, Harris Gerard Schwarz Record Label
2003 Still Life: Chamber Music by Karen Amrhein Record Label
2003 William Thomas McKinley: Music for Orchestra Record Label
2002 Clifford Vaughan: Hindu Rhapsody; String Quartet No. 1 Vit Micka / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Moyzes Quartet Record Label
2002 Frank Graham Stewart: Music Performed by Five Symphony Orchestras Record Label
2002 Howard L. Richards: Baishu and O'Ume Suite; Romance for Violin and Orchestra; etc. Vit Micka / Robert Tomaro Record Label
2002 Igor Korneitchouk & William Thomas McKinley Karen Dreyfus Record Label
2002 Jeanne E. Shaffer: Sapphire Summer Rockland Osgood Record Label
2002 Marie Barker Nelson: A Night at the Symphony Record Label
2002 Marie Barker Nelson: In a Lighter Touch Record Label
2002 Maryland Music Cooperative: A Sampler of Sorts Record Label
2002 Music by David L. Post, P. Peter Sacco & Romeo Melloni Donna Marie Cobert / Lydia Forbes / Vit Micka / Vladimír Válek Record Label
2002 Walter Ross: Three Concertos Record Label
2002 Yves Ramette: Compositions for Orchestra Eric Himy / Jan Stulen / Vladimír Válek Record Label
2001 David Gaines: Euphonium Concerto; Symphony No. 1 ("Esperanto") Vit Micka / Jirí Vydra / Kimball Wheeler Record Label
2001 Diemer: Santa Barbara Overture; Briggs: Tarot; Bullen: Parable of the Blind London Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2001 L' Abitudine Andrea Bocelli Record Label
2001 MMC New Century, Vol. 15 Roger Briggs / Jeffrey Chappell / John Downey / Vit Micka / Vladimír Válek Record Label
2001 Portrait of American Women Composers, Vol. 2 Vladimír Válek Record Label
2001 Richard Stolzman Plays Jeffrey Nytch, Margaret Brouwer, M.B. Nelson, W.T. McKinley Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2001 Rowell Rogers: Warrior Dreams; William Heinrichs: Dream Sequence Record Label
2001 Tanenbaum: Columbus; Kowalski: Double Helix; Yttrehus: Symphony No. 1 Record Label
2001 The Romantic Bass Trombone John D. Rojak Record Label
2001 Yves Ramette: Compositions for Piano Eric Himy Record Label
2000 Henry Wolking: Powell Canyons; Forests; Letting Midnight Out On Bail London Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2000 Hymn for Roscoe Stephen Rush Record Label
2000 Jerome David Goodman: Stockbridge Overtones & selected works Record Label
2000 Mildred Finck: Concerto for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra; Music for Japeth; Alfred Hoose: Monograph; Symphony No. 2 Vit Micka / Gerard Schwarz / Richard Stoltzman / Vladimír Válek Record Label
2000 Richard J. Rendleman, Jr.: Symphonic Overture; Song for My Son; Frank Loch: Remembrance; Transformation Record Label
2000 Richard Stoltzman Plays Frederick Speck, Frank Stewart, Burton Beerman, Mark Phillips Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2000 The Music of Leslie Bassett Vit Micka / Gerard Schwarz / H. Dennis Smith Record Label
2000 Viola Concertos, Vol. 2 Karen Dreyfus Record Label
1999 Chamber Music of John Biggs Barkezian Ensemble Record Label
1999 Contemporary American Orchestral Miniatures Record Label
1999 Fleeting Thoughts: Songs and Chamber Music by Hilary Koprowski Vit Micka / Helena Soukupova / Kimball Wheeler Record Label
1999 Jeanne Singer: Of Times Past Record Label
1999 Kabala Matthew H. Fields Record Label
1999 Listen with Your Feet Ed Strauman Record Label
1999 MMC New Century, Vol. 11 Record Label
1999 MMC New Century, Vol. 12 Record Label
1999 MMC New Century, Vol. 13 Vit Micka / Jerzy Swoboda Record Label
1999 MMC New Century, Vol. 9 Robert Stankovsky Record Label
1999 McKinley, Post, Hampton, Thomson: String Quartets Boston Composers String Quartet Record Label
1999 McKinley: Boston Overture; Tomaro: The Bridge of Souls; Copland: Symphony No. 3 Robert Tomaro Record Label
1999 Modern American Classics, Vol. 4 Record Label
1999 Nicholas Underhill: Piano Concerto; Piano Sonata; Passacaglia Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra / Nicholas Underhill / Vladimír Válek Record Label
1999 Robert Starer: Samson Agonistes; Concerto for Two Pianos; W.T. McKinley: Lightning; Adagio for Strings Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra / Carlos Piantini / Vladimír Válek Record Label
1999 Shostakovich, McKinley: Piano Trios Record Label
1999 The Music of Elizabeth Bell Record Label
1999 Three American Concertos Peter Zazofsky Record Label
1998 Chamber Music from Central Europe Record Label
1998 Dennis Busch: Symphony No. 67; Flute Concertos Nos. 2 & 27 Robert Black / Jindra Kramperova / Vit Micka / Robert Stankovsky Record Label
1998 Emsdettener Totentanz Record Label
1998 Eric Funk: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4 Record Label
1998 Fredrick Kaufman: Clarinet Concerto; Kaddish; Lachrymose; Dance of Death Record Label
1998 John Downey: Chant to Michelangelo; Harp Concerto; For Those Who Suffered Record Label
1998 MMC Chamber Music, Vol. 4 Vivica Genaux / Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble / David Frederick Stock / George Willis Record Label
1998 MMC New Century, Vol. 10 Record Label
1998 MMC Orchestral Minatures, Vol. 4 Record Label
1998 Michael C. Viens: Les Insectes dansants; ColorScope; W.T. McKinley: Dallas 1963; SinfoNova Record Label
1998 Mitch Swings Mitch Hampton Record Label
1998 Modern American Classics, Vol. 3 Gerard Schwarz Record Label
1998 Nevett Bartow: Mass of the Bells; Summershadow; Harpsichord Concerto; Symphonic Dances Record Label
1998 Tales Told in the Winds Rainier Chamber Winds Record Label
1997 Alchemy Richard Stoltzman Record Label
1997 Beauty & the Blues Michael J. Rossi Record Label
1997 Desertscapes: A Portrait of American Women Composers Record Label
1997 First Look Mark Shilansky Record Label
1997 Francis Judd Cooke: The Warsaw Recordings Jerzy Swoboda Record Label
1997 Jazz Alive at Pittsburgh Tom McKinley Trio Record Label
1997 John Biggs: Violin Concerto; Oboe Concerto; Triple Concerto Vit Micka / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Record Label
1997 Jordan Waring: The Tears of Sarajevo; Piano Concerto; Mountains of Tolima Record Label
1997 MMC New Century, Vol. 6 Jeffrey Jacob / Jerzy Swoboda / Robert Tomaro Record Label
1997 MMC New Century, Vol. 8 Record Label
1997 MMC Orchestra Miniatures, Vol.2 Record Label
1997 MMC Orchestral Miniatures, Vol. 3 Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra / Robert Stankovsky Record Label
1997 McKinley: Three Poems of Pablo Neruda/Piano Concerto No.3/Symphony No.4 Record Label
1997 Murders in the Rue Morgue: The Music of Stephen Rush Stephen Rush Record Label
1997 Robert Starer: Kli Zemer; Samson Agonistes; Concerto a Quattro; Annapolis Suite Record Label
1997 Walton: Viola Concerto; McKinley: Viola Concerto No. 3 Karen Dreyfus Record Label
1996 Blues Suite Ed Strauman Record Label
1996 Copland: Quartet; William McKinley: Piano Quartet No. 1; Robert Chumbley: Three Self Studies Record Label
1996 Discovering the New World Quintet of the Americas Record Label
1996 Eric Funk: Symphony No. 1 "Emily"; Lidice; Concerto for Oboe; Concerto for Cello Record Label
1996 Lee Hoiby: Piano Concerto No. 2; Sonata for Violin and Piano; Narrative; Schubert Variations Record Label
1996 MMC New Century, Vol. 5 Record Label
1996 MMC Orchestral Miniatures, Vol. 1 Record Label
1996 Modern American Classics, Vol. 2 Record Label
1996 Sundown Voyager: Song Cycles by Michael C. Viens Record Label
1995 Blue Eleven Bruce Arnold Record Label
1995 MMC New Century, Vol. 2 Record Label
1995 MMC New Century, Volume IV Robert Stankovsky Record Label
1995 Modern American Classics, Vol. 1 Record Label
1995 Tom McKinley/Miroslav Vitous Tom McKinley Record Label
1995 York, Maine: Fin des siècles (Twelve Études-Tableaux for Piano) Nicholas Underhill Record Label
1994 Three House Tom Boras Record Label
1990 Silt Loam Ensemble Silt Loam Ensemble Record Label
1988 Old Heartland Ian Carr Record Label
1988 We Must Continue Marc Rossi Record Label
1983 Early Snow Ian Lynn Record Label
1983 Off the Record Neil Innes Record Label
1983 The Sun Below Sunwind Record Label
1980 Forgotten Summer Ian Lynn Record Label
Classical Contemporary Chamber Music for the 21st Century, Vol. 1 Essex Chamber Music Players / Michael G. Finegold Record Label
Larkspur John Allair Record Label
Orange County High School of the Arts Symphony Orchestra Orange County High School of the Arts Symphony Orchestra / Christopher Russell Record Label
Reflections Richard Stoltzman Record Label