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Year Album Artist
2015 Arcturian Arcturus Producer
2014 Shelter Alcest Producer
2014 The Turn of the Tides Empyrium Producer
2011 Agape Lantlos Producer
2011 Focul Viu Negura Bunget Producer
2010 .Neon Lantlos Producer
2010 Septembre et des Dernieres Pensees Les Discrets Producer
2010 Stemning Nattsol Producer
2008 In Luft Geritzt Dornenreich Audio Production
2008 Just in Case We'll Never Meet Again KLIMT 1918 Audio Production
2008 Sleep Now, Quiet Forest Todesbonden Audio Production
2007 Baldr ok Iss Helrunar Audio Production
2007 IIII Farsot Audio Production
2007 Throne of the Depths Drautran Audio Production
2005 Le Secret Alcest Producer
2004 Carved in Stigmata Wounds Secrets of the Moon Producer
A Portrait Painted by the Sun Finnr's Cane Producer
Andromeda Awaiting Nucleus Torn Producer
Asa Falkenbach Producer
Dar De Duh Dordeduh Producer
Fear of a Unique Identity Antimatter Producer
Freiheit Dornenreich Producer
Heiwehland Frakmundt Producer
Insects Farsot Producer
Landlieder & Frömdländler Frakmundt Producer
Melting Sun Lantlos Producer
Mozaic Sunset In the 12th House Executive Producer
Niederkunfft: Europa 1348-1654 Helrunar Producer
Once Upon a Time Sol Invictus Producer
Street Lights Fail Nucleus Torn Producer
Taü Negura Bunget Producer
The Unknown The Vision Bleak Producer
Travellers Nucleus Torn Producer
Urbärglieder Frakmundt Producer
Wanderlust Finnr's Cane Producer
Wetterkreuz Eïs Producer