Mikhail Glinka

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Glinka is considered the father of Russian music and exerted a significant influence on such great later composers as Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Stravinsky.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Ruslan and Lyudmila, opera in 5 acts, G. xiv 1837 Opera
A Life for the Tsar (Ivan Susanin; Zhizn' za tsarya), opera, G. xii 1834 Opera
Overture: Ruslan and Ludmilla, G. xivov 1837 Orchestral
Kamarinskaya (Russian scherzo), fantasy for orchestra, G. ii105 1848 Orchestral
Variations on a theme of Mozart, for piano (or harp) in E flat major, G. vi13 1822 Keyboard
Capriccio brillante on the Jota Aragonesa (Spanish Overture No. 1), for orchestra, G. ii3 1845 Orchestral
Nocturne, for harp (or piano) in E flat major, G. vi62 1828 Chamber Music
Trio pathétique, for clarinet (or violin), bassoon (or cello) & piano in D minor, G. iv173 1832 Chamber Music
Valse-Fantaisie, for piano in B minor, G. vi193 1839 Keyboard
The Lark (Zhavronok), song for voice & piano (A Farewell to St. Petersburg No. 10), G. x250 1840 Vocal Music
I recall that wonderful moment (Ya pomnyu chudnoye mgnoven'ye), song for voice & piano, G. x201 1840 Vocal Music
Doubt (Someniye), song for voice & piano, G. x176 1838 Vocal Music
Prince Kholmsky (Knyaz' Kholmsky), incidental music for voices & orchestra, G. vii37 1840 Orchestral
Valse-Fantaisie, for orchestra in B minor, G. ii213 1839 Orchestral
Work(s) 1822 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Patriotiskaya Pesn' (National Anthem, Russian Federation 1991-2000, G. xvii227) 1833 Choral
Do not tempt me needlessly (Ne iskushay menya bez nuzhdï), elegy for voice & piano, G. x2 1825 Vocal Music
La separation, nocturne for piano in F minor, G. xvi204 1839 Keyboard
A Farewell to St. Petersburg (Proshchaniye s Peterburgom), song cycle (12) for voice & piano, G. x206 1840 Vocal Music
Sonata for viola & piano in D minor, G. iv3 1825 Chamber Music
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