Mike Mierau


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Year Album Artist
2009 A World of Happiness [Bonus Tracks] Mastering
2009 Great Day Milkshake Mastering
2009 Kidzapalooza, Vol 1 Mastering
2009 World Covered in Blood X-Sinner Mastering
2008 Music of the Night Trans-Sylvanian Orchestra Mastering
2007 Breakfast in Bed Joan Osborne Mastering
2007 Chapter 1 Boris Smile Mastering
2007 Deuce Fully Mastering
2007 Lucys Parade Jambo Mastering
2006 A Chanukah Celebration Mastering
2006 It's Chanukah Time Julie Silver Mastering
2006 Lilah Tov (Good Night): Jewish Lullabies Mastering
2006 This Is Chanukah Mastering
2005 A Tribute to Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen Mastering
2005 Christmas Means Love Joan Osborne Mastering
2005 Regeneration Devon Berryhill Mastering
2004 A World of Happiness Mastering
2004 Lou Rawls Christmas Lou Rawls Mastering
2004 The Triumph xdeathstarx Mastering
2003 Dead End Seventh Star Mastering
2003 Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen Mastering
2003 Mulligan Off the Record Mastering
2003 Snapshot Tyrone Wells Mastering
2003 Turn It Around Comeback Kid Mastering
2003 When Breath Escapes [2003] Sinai Beach Mastering
2002 Day of Defeat Point of Recognition Mastering
2002 Earn Your Respect Dodgin' Bullets Remastering
2002 Juggernautz Juggernautz Mastering
2002 Space, Love and Bullfighting Havalina Mastering
2002 Then Is the New Now Denison Marrs Mastering
2002 Who's Pulling Your Strings The Deal Mastering
2001 Bruce Springsteen Tribute: Made in the U.S.A. Mastering
2001 More Than Death Overcome Mastering
2001 No Preservatives Ron Kobayashi Trio Mastering
2001 Straight Out of Cypress Mastering
2001 The Light in Guinevere's Garden East West Mastering
2001 Tipping the Scales No Innocent Victim Mastering
2001 When It's All Said and Done Figure Four Mastering
2000 99 Live Gilby Clarke Mastering
2000 Another Second Chance Joe Marchiano Mastering
2000 Cruisin' The Alley Cats Mastering
2000 From the Darkness into the Light Mellow Man Ace Mastering
2000 Home Fernando Ortega Mastering
2000 Jesus I Believe You/Touching the Father's Heart#42 Live Worship Mastering
2000 Strike 3! The Alley Cats Mastering
1999 Change My Heart Oh God, Vol. 3 Mastering
1999 Instruments of Your Peace Mastering
1999 Soul Surfin' Dean-O Mastering
1998 Rubber Gilby Clarke Mastering
1998 Winds of Worship, Vol. 11: Live from Australia Mastering
1997 American Standard Every Day Life Mastering
1997 Ballads of Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle Producer
1997 Winds of Worship, Vol. 10: Live from New England Mastering
1995 Petra Means Rock Petra Engineer
1994 Slow Revival Bryan Duncan Engineer
1993 Mercy Bryan Duncan Engineer
1992 En Alabanza Petra Engineer
1992 Sarafina! The Sound of Freedom [Original Soundtrack] Engineer
1991 Electric Warrior - Acoustic Saint Lanny Cordola Engineer, Sound Design
1991 Fire & Love Guardian Engineer, Mixing
1991 Within Reach Rick Cua Engineer, Mixing
1990 Crystavox Crystavox Engineer
1990 Halo Halo Audio Engineer
1989 First Watch Guardian Mixing, Assistant Engineer
1989 Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out Petra Engineer
1989 State of Control Barren Cross Engineer, Mixing
1987 Atomic Arena Barren Cross Engineer
1987 Voices [Word] Producer, Mixing, Liner Notes, Recorder, Drum Programming, Overdubs, Recording, Composer
1986 Back to the Street Petra Engineer
1979 Portrait of Nine Dreams Bev Kelly Mastering
Underground Playground Secret Agent 23 Skidoo Mastering