Mike Lust


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Year Album Artist
2017 He's Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands Joan of Arc Engineer, Mixing
2016 Bloodiest Bloodiest Pre-Production
2015 Negative Scanner Negative Scanner Mixing
2013 Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000-2013 Rise Against Engineer
2013 Vision Crimes/Monomania Child Bite Engineer, Mixing
2012 For the Love of Thugs and Fools Bible of the Devil Producer, Engineer
2011 Descent Bloodiest Pre-Production
2011 Empros Russian Circles Engineer
2011 Rock & Roll Submarine Urge Overkill Engineer, Mixing
2010 Ichkannnichtmehr Auxes Engineer
200? Parasol Presents Christmas Singles Producer, Engineer, Sleigh Bells
2009 Things Are Not All Right CoCoComa Engineer
2008 Devastator Catfish Haven Guitar
2007 All That to the Wall The Narrator Engineer, Mixing, Performer
2007 Cursed Sterling Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2007 Greenness/Howard Hello [Split CD] Greenness Tracking
2007 Henhouse Prowlers Henhouse Prowlers Engineer
2006 Fake Fake STNNNG Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2006 I Am the Dust Scouts Honor Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2006 Musical Family Tree, Vol. 1: Delicious Berries Engineer
2006 No Money, No Problems Tornavalanche Producer, Engineer
2006 Same Story, Same Ending The Biltmores Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Song of the Blackbird William Elliott Whitmore Producer, Engineer
2006 Wild Feast Child Bite Engineer
2006 Wildfire on the Lake Lying in States Producer, Engineer
2005 48507 Oso Engineer
2005 American Draft, Vols. 2-3 American Draft Producer, Treatments, Fader Engineer
2005 Ashes to Dust William Elliott Whitmore Engineer, E-Bow, Mastering
2005 Crazy When Wet Tight Phantomz Member of Attributed Artist, Group Member
2005 Dignified Sissy STNNNG Engineer, Mixing
2005 Duty Mr. Rudy Day Engineer
2005 One Bright Sunny Morning Engineer
2005 Open Kash Engineer, Mixing
2005 Sybris Sybris Engineer
2005 The Monster Within Recent Photo Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2005 When the Cat Returns, the Mice Are Fucked Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Mastering, Group Member
2004 Demons and Rare Meat Engineer
2004 Honeypot Grackles Engineer, Mixing
2004 Nightfool Tight Phantomz Group Member
2004 Sin Fronteras The Distances Engineer, Mixing
2004 Something Grand Shrimp Boat Digital Transfers
2004 Travelogue Faultlines Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Electric)
2003 Bringer of Blood Six Feet Under Consultant
2003 Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again Engineer, Mixing
2003 Hymns for the Hopeless William Elliott Whitmore Engineer, Handclapping, Mastering
2003 Sterling Sterling Engineer, Mixing
2003 This Is the Way to Rule Ten Grand Engineer, Mastering
2003 Tight Empire Bible of the Devil Engineer
2003 Volta Do Mar/Murder by Death [Split CD] Volta Do Mar Engineer, Mixing
2002 Check Engine Check Engine Engineer
2002 Don't Face a Problem, Burn It Stillwell Engineer
2002 Going Down Swingin' Sweep the Leg Johnny Engineer
2002 In Recognition of Your Significant Accomplishments Tekulvi Engineer, Piano, Synthesizer
2002 The Comprehensive List of Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Wrong to Us Ten Grand Drums
2002 The Reputation The Reputation Producer, Engineer, Handclapping
2002 Within Walls Without Windows Goodboy Suit Engineer
2001 At the Speed of Light or Day Volta Do Mar Engineer
2001 God Save the ABPK Atombombpocketknife Mixing
2001 Robert Nanna/Elizabeth Elmore Bob Nanna Engineer, Arranger, Audio Engineer, Main Personnel, Guitar, Shaker, Programming
2000 Distant Sarge Engineer
2000 Music of a Sinking Occasion L'Altra Engineer
2000 Sto Cazzo! Sweep the Leg Johnny Producer, Engineer
1999 Shoot the Messenger Lustre King Producer
1999 Suicide Sound System We Ragazzi Mixing
Caterpillar Miss Autopsy Drums, Assistant Engineer
Come Away from the Light The Scarring Party Engineer, Mixing
Lyceum Outlaw Family Band Engineer, Mixing
MacGuffin MacGuffin Engineer, Mixing
Never Go Home The Biltmores Producer, Engineer, Mixing
No Man's Blues Gunshy Engineer, Percussion
Pulling Weight Jared Grabb Engineer, Mixing
The Black and White Album Ft (The Shadow Government) Engineer
Versus the Beast Doom Buggy Engineer
Welcome to the No Fun House Tina Sparkle Engineer