Mieczyslaw Karlowicz

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Concerto for violin & orchestra in A major, Op. 8 Concerto
Odwieczne piesni (Eternal Songs), symphonic poem, Op. 10 1906 Orchestral
Serenade for string orchestra in C major, Op. 2 1897 Orchestral
Stanislaw and Anna Oswiecimowie, symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 12 Orchestral
Returning Waves (Powracajace fale), symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 9 1904 Orchestral
Symphony in E minor, Op. 7 ("Revival") 1903 Symphony
Lithuanian Rhapsody, symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 11 Orchestral
Music to the White Dove, Op. 6 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Episode during a Masquerade (Epizod na maskaradzie), symphonic poem for orchestra Op. 14 Orchestral
Sorrowful Tale (Smutna opowiesc), symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 13 1908 Orchestral
Z erotyków (From the erotics), for voice & piano ("I zamiast slonc i gwiazd"), Op. 3/2 1896 Vocal Music
Po szerokim, po szerokim morzu (Over the wide, wide sea), for voice & piano, Op. 3/9 1896 Vocal Music
Mów do mnie jescze (Speak to me still), for voice & piano, Op. 3/1 1896 Vocal Music
Skad pierwsze gwiadzy (Whence the first stars), for voice & piano, Op. 1/2 1895 Vocal Music
Z nowa wiosna (When spring arrives), for voice & piano Vocal Music
Zasmuconej (To a sorrowful girl), for voice & piano, Op. 1/1 Vocal Music
Pamietam ciche, jasne, zlote dnie (I remember quiet, clear golden days), for voice & piano, Op. 1/5 1895 Vocal Music
Rdzawe liscie strzasa z dzrew (Rust-colored leaves fall from the trees), for voice & piano Vocal Music
W wieczorna cisze (In the calm of the evening), for voice & piano, Op. 3/8 Vocal Music
Smutna jest dusza moja (My soul is sad), for voice & piano, Op. 1/6 1895 Vocal Music
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