Mieczyslaw Karlowicz

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Concerto for violin & orchestra in A major, Op. 8 Concerto
Odwieczne piesni (Eternal Songs), symphonic poem, Op. 10 1906 Orchestral
Stanislaw and Anna Oswiecimowie, symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 12 Orchestral
Serenade for string orchestra in C major, Op. 2 1897 Orchestral
Episode during a Masquerade (Epizod na maskaradzie), symphonic poem for orchestra Op. 14 Orchestral
Zasmuconej (To a sorrowful girl), for voice & piano, Op. 1/1 Vocal Music
Music to the White Dove, Op. 6 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Z nowa wiosna (When spring arrives), for voice & piano Vocal Music
Returning Waves (Powracajace fale), symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 9 1904 Orchestral
Mów do mnie jescze (Speak to me still), for voice & piano, Op. 3/1 1896 Vocal Music
Symphony in E minor, Op. 7 ("Revival") 1903 Symphony
Skad pierwsze gwiadzy (Whence the first stars), for voice & piano, Op. 1/2 1895 Vocal Music
Lithuanian Rhapsody, symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 11 Orchestral
Sorrowful Tale (Smutna opowiesc), symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 13 1908 Orchestral
Po szerokim, po szerokim morzu (Over the wide, wide sea), for voice & piano, Op. 3/9 1896 Vocal Music
Pamietam ciche, jasne, zlote dnie (I remember quiet, clear golden days), for voice & piano, Op. 1/5 1895 Vocal Music
Z erotyków (From the erotics), for voice & piano ("I zamiast slonc i gwiazd"), Op. 3/2 1896 Vocal Music
Idzie na pola (It goes over the fields), for voice & piano, Op. 3/3 Vocal Music
Nie placz nade mna (Weep not over me), for voice & piano, Op. 3/7 1896 Vocal Music
W wieczorna cisze (In the calm of the evening), for voice & piano, Op. 3/8 Vocal Music
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