Matt Murman


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Year Album Artist
2014 The Independent Roger Clyne / Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers Mastering
2007 Ain't Necessarily So Andy Bey Mastering
2006 Complete Solo Piano Recordings 1972-2004 [Box Set] George Winston Assistant Engineer
2006 The "O" Krystilez Mastering
2005 Cinema: A Windham Hill Collection Assistant Engineer
2005 Kumuhau Kumuhau Mastering
2005 Seasons: Piano Solos George Winston Assistant Engineer
2004 7 Simple Pieces 7 Simple Pieces Mastering
2004 American Song Andy Bey Mastering
2004 Astral Glamour Homosexuals Mastering
2004 Off to Stupidville Supermint Mastering
2004 Proto Jetomi Mastering
2004 Southwest Outlaws Southwest Outlaws Mastering
2004 Ukulele Breeze Herb Ohta Mastering
2003 Afternoon Owls The Kingsbury Manx Mastering
2003 Aztec Discipline The Kingsbury Manx Mastering
2003 Four-Letter Words Continental Mastering
2003 Mercury Curlew Mastering
2003 Metamorphosis Zero Hour Mastering
2003 Scare the World St. Madness Mastering
2003 Solar Flares Burn for You Robert Wyatt Mastering
2003 Sparrow Sparrow Mastering
2003 The Acid Gospel Experience Scenic Mastering
2003 Uses Wrist Grab Bone Mastering
2003 We Make Evil Fun St. Madness Mastering
2002 8II: Infinite Love Masque Mastering
2002 Backwards Soft Machine Mastering, Digital Transfers, Sound Editing
2002 Bandwidth The Muffins Mastering
2002 EP The Format Mastering
2002 Heaven or Hell: You've Got to Choose Greg Kelly Mastering
2002 In the Afternoon L'Altra Mastering
2002 Out of the Blue David Wheatley Assistant Engineer
2002 This Was a Giant Luke Holder Mastering
2001 BBC Sessions + Faust Remastering
2001 Ke Ala Mano (The Way of the Shark) All Rectangle Mastering
2001 Long Sleeve Story Devon Sproule Mastering
2001 Mamet Scott Fields Mastering
2001 Midnight Blue Arthur Williams Mastering
2001 Smoke Signals Matching Mole Remastering, Digital Editing
2001 The Luxury Leader Explosion Robinson Mastering
2000 Arriving Twice Gilgamesh / Alan Gowen Mastering
2000 Down with Gravity Forever Einstein Mastering
2000 Edge of Arrival Apes of God Engineer
2000 Ereia Doctor Nerve Mastering
2000 Featuring... Internal/External Mastering
2000 Market Street: A Live Compilation from Cafe du Nord Mastering, Assistant Engineer
2000 Music of a Sinking Occasion L'Altra Mastering
2000 Supermint Supermint Mastering
2000 The Wumme Years: 1970-73 Faust Remastering
1999 City of Mirrors Motor Totemist Guild Mastering
1999 I Too Have Sinned The Hammertoes Mastering
1999 Live at Orion Djam Karet Mastering
1999 Living Country Blues: An Anthology Mastering
1999 Possible Cube Chicago Underground Trio Mastering
1999 Power in One Wipers Mastering
1999 Revenge James Dead Mastering
1999 Somebody Else Not Me Dave Van Ronk Mastering
1998 Christmas Stories Robert J. Lurtsema Mastering
1998 Music of Manhattan, 1951 Lee Wiley Mastering
1998 Onxrt: Live From the Archives, Vol. 4 Mastering
1998 Quiet Moments Hendrik Meurkens Mastering
1998 Smiles Rich Corpolongo / Rich Corpolongo Quartet Mastering
1997 All the Rage: Primal Rage, Vol. 2 Mastering, Mixing Engineer
1997 Divide by Zero Killing Floor Mastering
1997 Red Badge of Discourage Beat Angels Mastering
1996 71 Minutes of Faust Faust Remastering
1996 Complete Solo Recordings 1972-1996 George Winston Assistant Engineer
1996 Highball With the Devil Les Claypool / Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel Mastering
1996 March March Alive Naked Aggression Engineer
1995 Elegy John Zorn Assistant Engineer
1995 Heart of the World Pamela Polland Assistant Engineer
1995 Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes George Winston Assistant Engineer
1994 Cosmodrome M.I.R.V. Digital Editing
1994 Finding My Way Home Rinde Eckert Mixing, Mixing Assistant
1994 Grand Slam: Best of National Poetry Slam, Vol. 1 Engineer
1994 The Memphis Years George Cartwright Mastering
1993 Collective Emotional Problems MCM Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1993 Dieselhed Dieselhed Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1993 No Boundaries Peter Matthiessen Mixing, Editing, Mastering
1993 Squint Steve Taylor Assistant Engineer
1993 To a Wild Rose Linda Depinquertaine-Gauthier Assistant Engineer
1992 A Song I Thought I Heard Buddy Sing Jerry Granelli Engineer, Digital Editing, Mixing Assistant, Assistant
1992 Legacy II: A Collection of Singer Songwriters Digital Assembly
1992 Miscellaneous Debris Primus Engineer
1992 No Tacos for Saddam Andrei Codrescu Editing
1992 Now I Eat Them Xtra Large Engineer, Mixing, Digital Editing
1992 Piano Passages Linda Depinquertaine-Gauthier Assistant Engineer
1992 Temporary Road John Gorka Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant
1992 The Naturalists Editing, Digital Editing
1992 The Opening of Doors Will Ackerman Mixing Assistant, Assistant, Digital Assembly
1992 Troubled Paradise: Traditional Music from Hawaii Diana Aki / Kaahanui / Kahumoku Digital Editing
1991 Dream Tuck & Patti Audio Engineer, Mixing, Assistant
1991 Jack's Crows John Gorka Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant, Digital Assembly
1991 Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle Editing, Digital Editing, Assistant Engineer
1991 Summer George Winston Assistant Engineer
1990 Frizzle Fry Primus Engineer, Audio Engineer
1986 North America Curlew Mastering
1984 For the Moment Barry Harris Mastering Engineer
1984 Rencontres Miriodor Mastering
1977 Triple Concerto David Amram Mastering
1976 Sunday Street Dave Van Ronk Mastering
1974 Unrest Henry Cow Remastering, Preparation
1973 The Faust Tapes Faust Remastering
1973 Travelling Somewhere Chris McGregor Editing, Pre-Mastering
1972 So Far Faust Remastering
1971 Faust Faust Remastering
1971 Just Us Elton Dean Mastering, Audio Supervisor
No Small Mango Sarah Crews Mastering
Summer & Autumn George Winston Engineer