Marquis Records


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Year Album Artist
2014 Cinema Verismo Mak Grgic Record Label
2014 Music from the Suitcase: A Collection of Russian Miniatures Yevgeny Kutik Record Label
2013 All in a Garden Green: A Renaissance Collection Toronto Consort Record Label
2013 Exoticism: The Music of Karol Szymanowski Jerzy Kaplanek / Stéphan Sylvestre Record Label
2013 Full Well She Sang Toronto Consort Record Label
2013 SouNZsCApes: From Our Lands Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2012 Beethoven: The Middle Sonatas Stewart Goodyear Record Label
2012 Connections: Music by Franck, Debussy, Chausson and Fauré Connie Shih / Winona Zelenka Record Label
2012 Hummel: Sonatas for Fortepiano & Violin/Viola, Vol. 5 Luchkow Jarvis Duo Record Label
2012 Matador: The Songs of Leonard Cohen Patricia O'Callaghan Record Label
2012 Sounds of Defiance: Music of Shostakovich, Schnittke, Pärt and Achron Yevgeny Kutik Record Label
2011 Parallels: Piano Music of Scriabin & Roslavets Anya Alexeyev Record Label
2011 Portals David Drosinos / Vladimir Lande / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2010 Chopin: Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 8; Schumann: Piano Trio No. 3 in G minor, Op. 110 Manhattan Piano Trio Record Label
2009 Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Concerto for Violin & Orchestra No. 2; Respighi: Concerto Gregoriano; Guastavino: La rosa y el S José Miguel Cueto / Vladimir Lande Record Label
2009 Friendly Encounter James Campbell Record Label
2009 It Takes Two Duo Concertante Record Label
2009 Mendelssohn: Piano Trios Op. 49 & 66 Trio con Brio Copenhagen Record Label
2009 Mendelssohn: Quartet, Op. Post. 80; Beethoven: String Quartet, Op. 135 Jupiter String Quartet Record Label
2009 Poulenc plays Poulenc Poulenc Trio Record Label
2009 The Art of the Cello Dmitry Kouzov Record Label
2009 The Queen: Music for Elizabeth 1 Toronto Consort Record Label
2008 Brahms: Piano Quartets, Opp. 25 & 60 Xiayin Wang Record Label
2008 Debussy: String Quartet; Golliwog's Cakewalk; Ravel: String Quartet St. Petersburg String Quartet Record Label
2008 Flanders Fields Reflections Sinfonia Toronto Record Label
2008 Lily Swings Lily Frost Record Label
2008 Our Own Songs Aldeburgh Connection Record Label
2008 Ragomania Richard Stoltzman Record Label
2008 The Best of the Spanish Brass Spanish Brass Record Label
2008 The Jumpoff E.P Young Marquis Record Label
2007 A Song for All Seasons Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2007 Bach in the Wind Montreal Festival Wind Orchestra Record Label
2007 Bless Ye the Lord Yorkminster Baptist Church Choir Record Label
2007 Dvorák: "American" Quartet, Op. 96: Mendelsohn: Quartet No. 2, Op. 13 St. Petersburg String Quartet Record Label
2007 How Sweet the Sound Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2007 Introducing Xiayin Wang Xiayin Wang Record Label
2007 Khachaturian: Concerto for Violin & Orchestra; Shostakovich: Concerto for Violin & Orchestra Catherine Manoukian Record Label
2007 Lesley Parlafitt Bromheads Jacket Record Label
2007 Reflections: Romantic Duets for cello & harp Coenraad Bloemendal / Erica Goodman Record Label
2007 Shostakovich: Quartet No. 3; Britten: Quartet No. 2 Jupiter String Quartet Record Label
2007 Sid Robinovitch: Sefarad Sid Robinovitch Record Label
2007 The Classic Trumpet Jens Lindemann Record Label
2007 The Da Vinci Collection: Italian Music from the Time of Leonardo Toronto Consort Record Label
2007 Thru the Wounded Sky Glenn Buhr Record Label
2007 What Ifs and Maybes Bromheads Jacket Record Label
2007 Youkali-Cabaret and Art songs by Satie, Poulnec, and Weill Patricia O'Callaghan Record Label
2006 Baroque Organ Masters Kenneth Gilbert Record Label
2006 Dits from the Commuter Belt Bromheads Jacket Record Label
2006 I Love Being Here with You Dione Taylor Record Label
2006 Jillian Horton Jillian Horton Record Label
2006 Marais: Suites; Haydn: Sonatas Peggie Sampson Record Label
2006 Rhapsody Judaica Oleg Timofeyev Record Label
2006 Schubert Among Friends Aldeburgh Connection Record Label
2006 The Art of Laurindo Almeida Laurindo Almeida Record Label
2006 The Art of Steven Staryk Steven Staryk Record Label
2006 The Russian Music Box Anya Alexeyev Record Label
2006 Voodoo Térez Montcalm Record Label
2005 An Indigo Christmas: Live [DVD] Nathaniel Dett Record Label
2005 Mystras: Siren Songs of the Mediterranean Maria Antonakos Record Label
2005 Praetorius Christmas Vespers Toronto Consort Record Label
2005 Spring Any Day Now, Music of 18th Century Scotland and Elsewhere David Greenberg Record Label
2004 A Ceremony of Carols Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2004 An Indigo Christmas: Live Nathaniel Dett / Nathaniel Dett Chorale Record Label
2004 Carl Reinecke and Friends: Chamber Music of the Romantic Era James Campbell / Rena Sharon / James Sommerville / Stéphan Sylvestre Record Label
2004 Naked Beauty Patricia O'Callaghan Record Label
2004 Rising Sun Jens Lindemann Record Label
2004 Start Again Alfie Zappacosta Record Label
2004 Tumble Down Slow Adam Ezra Record Label
2003 Bowfire Bowfire Record Label
2003 Brooklyn Roots Mark Bloom Record Label
2003 Clutch Jesse Scinto Record Label
2003 Sessions Adam Ezra Record Label
2003 Shadows Randy Storm Record Label
2002 Another Day Molly Johnson Record Label
2002 More Real Folk Blues Rockin' Johnny Record Label
2002 Project Z The Campbell Brothers Record Label
2001 Four Corners No Walls Maria Antonakos Record Label
2001 Real Emotional Girl Patricia O'Callaghan Record Label
2001 Throw the House Out of the Windowe and Other Damn Fine Dance Tunes Terry McKenna Record Label
2000 Adam Ezra: Solo Adam Ezra Record Label
2000 Hyn: Traditional Celtic Music of Wales Carreg Lafar Record Label
2000 Manhattan Echoes James Campbell Record Label
2000 Molly Johnson Molly Johnson Record Label
2000 Old Hearth: Welsh Music on Triple Harp to Fire the Soul Robin Huw Bowen Record Label
2000 Songs of My Welsh Home Bryn Terfel Record Label
2000 Songs of the Lights Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2000 Tunes Until Dawn David Greenberg Record Label
2000 Welsh Traditional Music Crasdant Record Label
1999 No Worries Rob Stone Record Label
1999 Slow Fox Patricia O'Callaghan Record Label
1997 InTime plays Piazzolla InTime Quintet / Astor Piazzolla / Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra Record Label
1995 Natural Places Hal Beckett Record Label
1993 After Hours James Campbell Record Label
1990 Dancing Day Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
1982 Jeux à Deux Robert Aitken / Erica Goodman Record Label
1980 Mectpyo Blut Maurizio Bianchi Record Label
American Flute Masterpieces Susan Hoeppner / Lydia Wong Record Label
Fanfare: Shakespearean Music from Stratford Record Label
Mendelssohn: Piano Concertos No. 1 and No. 2 Paul Freeman / Anton Kuerti Record Label