Marco Barbieri


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Year Album Artist
2017 Woe to the Vanquished Warbringer Management
2013 Dawn of the End Hatchet Consultant
2012 Becoming Abigail Williams Management
2011 Awaken to the Suffering Pathology Management
2011 Worlds Torn Asunder Warbringer Management
2010 20 Years Of Century Media, Vol. 1: 1991-1995 Track Compilation
2010 20 Years of Century Media, Vol. 3 ('01-'05) Liner Notes, Track Compilation
2010 Exiled to Earth Bonded by Blood Management
2008 Exhumed: The Best of Grave Grave Producer, Audio Production
2008 For the Elements (1996-2006) Borknagar Coordination
2008 Necrology Demolition Hammer Liner Notes
2008 Sworn Allegiance/Where No Life Dwells Unleashed Reissue Coordination
2008 Viking Raids - 1991-2004: Best of Unleashed Unleashed Producer
2008 War Without End Warbringer A&R, Management
2007 Day of Reckoning/Undo the Wicked Diecast Reissue Coordination
2007 Seeking the Way: The Greatest Hits Shadows Fall A&R
2007 Thanatiphoro Anthologio Rotting Christ Producer
2006 American Heartbreak American Heartbreak A&R
2006 Century Media Records - The Visual Experience: The First Twelve Years [DVD] Coordination, Concept
2006 Girls Got Rhythm! Coordination, Concept
2004 The Blessed and the Damned Iced Earth Project Coordinator
2002 Shadows in the Deep/Across the Open Sea Unleashed Reissue Coordination
2002 Victory/Warrior Unleashed Reissue Coordination
2001 Apocalyptic Revelation Krisiun Reissue Coordination
2001 Black Force Domain Krisiun Reissue Coordination
2001 Century Media 10th Anniversary Box Set Collection Liner Notes
2001 Into the Grave/Tremendous Pain Grave Reissue Coordination
2000 A Tribute to Judas Priest, Vol. 2: Delivering the Goods Coordination
2000 Holy Dio: Tribute To Ronnie James Dio Coordination
2000 You'll Never See.../And Here I Die...Satisfied Grave Reissue
1997 Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded Skinlab Reissue Coordination
1997 City Strapping Young Lad Reissue Coordination
1997 The Fourth Judgement Jag Panzer Reissue Coordination
1995 Amok Sentenced Reissue Producer
1994 Ceremony of Opposites/Rebellion Samael Reissue Coordination
1994 Wildhoney/Gaia Tiamat Reissue Coordination
1992 Blood Ritual Samael Reissue Coordination
1992 North from Here/Shadows of the Past Sentenced Reissue Coordination
1992 Shadows in the Deep Unleashed Reissue Coordination
1992 You'll Never See... Grave Reissue
1991 Into the Grave Grave Reissue Coordination
1991 The Astral Sleep Tiamat Reissue Coordination
1991 Where No Life Dwells Unleashed Reissue Coordination
20 Years Of Century Media, Vol. 2: 1996-2000 Track Compilation