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Year Album Artist
2017 Build Your Weapons: The Very Best of the Noise Years 1986-1988 Voivod Liner Notes
2017 Rock and Roll Dream 1976-1983 Rex Smith Liner Notes
2016 Love Us or Hate Us: The Very Best of the Noise Years 1985-1992 Kreator Liner Notes
2016 Ride the Sky: The Very Best of 1985-1998 Helloween Sleeve Notes
2016 Rock 'N' Roll Saviors: The Early Years Twisted Sister Liner Notes
2015 Forever Man Eric Clapton Liner Notes
2014 A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life Liner Notes
2014 The Friday Rock Show Sessions: Live at Reading '83 Ten Years After Liner Notes
2014 To Hellion & Back: 2CD Anthology 1983-2014 Hellion Liner Notes
2013 Finding the Sacred Heart: Live in Philly 1986 Dio Liner Notes
2013 Keys to the Country/Barefootin' Barefoot Jerry Liner Notes
2013 Live in Birmingham 1993 Deep Purple Liner Notes
2013 Perfect Strangers Live Deep Purple Liner Notes
2013 State to State: Live Across America 1974-1980 Robin Trower Liner Notes
2013 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet: The Collection Bachman-Turner Overdrive Liner Notes
2012 Farther On Up the Road: The Chrysalis Years (1977-1983) Robin Trower Liner Notes
2012 Hard Candy/Prone Ned Doheny Liner Notes
2012 Not Fragile/Four Wheel Drive Bachman-Turner Overdrive Liner Notes
2012 The Singles Box Set (1983-1993) Dio Sleeve Notes
2011 At the BBC 1973-1975 Robin Trower Liner Notes
2011 Live at Montreux 1980 Rockpile Liner Notes
2011 Live at Montreux 1994 Paul Rodgers Liner Notes
2011 Live at the BBC Thin Lizzy Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
2011 Made in Stoke 24/7/11 Slash Liner Notes
2011 The Ronnie James Dio Story: Mightier Than the Sword Dio / Ronnie James Dio Liner Notes
2011 Waiting for an Alibi: The Collection Thin Lizzy Sleeve Notes
2010 Cardiac Arrest/We All Know Who We Are Cameo Liner Notes
2010 Centipede/Reaction Rebbie Jackson Liner Notes
2010 Crossroader: An Anthology 1969-1974 Mountain Liner Notes
2010 Go Little Honda/The Hondells The Hondells Liner Notes
2010 Hey Little Cobra and Other Hot Rod Hits/Three-Window Coupe The Rip Chords Liner Notes
2010 Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell Heaven & Hell Liner Notes
2010 Rarities Edition: Ace of Spades Motörhead Liner Notes
2010 Rockin' It with Eddie Cochran Eddie Cochran Liner Notes
2010 Song Painter/I Believe in Music Mac Davis Liner Notes
2010 Synchro System/Aura King Sunny Ade Liner Notes
2009 Bow Wow [EP] Bow Wow Liner Notes
2009 Britny Fox/Boys in Heat Britny Fox Liner Notes
2009 Dangerous Toys/Hellacious Acres Dangerous Toys Liner Notes
2009 Double Crossed Jim Diamond Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
2009 Here They Come!/Midnight Ride Paul Revere & the Raiders Liner Notes
2009 Live in London April Wine Liner Notes
2009 The Archive Series, Vol. 3: Movin' Ike & Tina Turner Liner Notes
2009 Thundersteel/The Privilege of Power Riot Liner Notes
2008 Live at the Astoria Twisted Sister Liner Notes
2008 Rock Legends Dio Liner Notes
2008 Rock Legends The Allman Brothers Band Liner Notes
2007 Ignorance/Surf Nicaragua Sacred Reich Liner Notes
2007 Kiss of the Mudman Nitzinger Liner Notes
2006 Anthology Blackjack Liner Notes
2006 Charge Bow Wow Liner Notes
2006 Full Metal Garage: Songs That Drove Metallica Sleeve Notes, Track Notes
2006 Hell to the Unknown: Anthology Cronos Sleeve Notes
2006 The Singles Box, Vol. 1: 1985-1992 Helloween Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
2006 The U2 Phenomenon: The Independent Review U2 Critic
2006 Under Review: 1980-91 Queen Interviewer
2005 BBC Live & In-Session Motörhead Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
2005 Big Game Hunting: The Rarities Tygers of Pan Tang Liner Notes
2005 Burn: The Ultimate Critical Review Deep Purple Mixing
2005 Critical Review Argent Mixing
2005 Critical Review 1970-1973 Electric Light Orchestra Critic
2005 Critical Review 1970-1992 Emerson Mixing
2005 Faster Remixes Faster Pussycat Liner Notes
2005 Inside Motörhead: A Critical Review [DVD] Motörhead Critic
2005 Inside Motörhead: The Ultimate Critical Review Motörhead Mixing
2005 Inside Slade: The Singles 1971-1991 A Critical Review [DVD] Slade Mixing
2005 Inside Uriah Heep: The Hensley Years 1970-1976 Uriah Heep Mixing
2005 MMV Venom Sleeve Notes
2005 Punishment in Capitals Napalm Death Liner Notes
2005 Singles A's & B's Nazareth Liner Notes
2005 Singles Collection Blue Öyster Cult Liner Notes
2005 Very Best of the Michael Schenker Group Michael Schenker Liner Notes
2004 An Introduction to Colosseum Colosseum Liner Notes
2004 Critical Review: Inside Deep Purple 1969-1973 Deep Purple Mixing, Spoken Word
2004 Critical Review: The Hensley Years 1976-1980 [DVD] Uriah Heep Mixing
2004 Crossing the Styles: The Transatlantic Anthology Gryphon Sleeve Notes
2004 Death Before Musick Amen Liner Notes
2004 Inside Yes 1968-1973: A Critical Review Yes Mixing
2004 Shark Frenzy Shark Frenzy Liner Notes
2004 Snapshot Tommy Bolin Liner Notes
2004 The Ultimate Bang Tango: Rockers and Thieves Bang Tango Liner Notes
2004 The Ultimate Pretty Boy Floyd Pretty Boy Floyd Liner Notes
2004 Time Was...The Live Anthology Wishbone Ash Liner Notes
2004 Total Metal: The Neat Anthology Atomkraft Liner Notes
2003 At the BBC Paradise Lost Liner Notes
2003 Best of Whitesnake Whitesnake Liner Notes
2003 Fight to the Last: Anthology Chateaux Liner Notes
2003 Long Stick Goes Boom: The Anthology Krokus Liner Notes
2003 Noonday: The Aragorn Anthology Aragorn Liner Notes
2002 All Systems Go! The Neat Anthology Raven Liner Notes
2002 Bronze Albums Motörhead Liner Notes
2002 Classic Bites Scorpions Liner Notes
2002 Hard Centres: The Rock Years Sweet Liner Notes
2002 Painted Heroes: The Anthology Tysondog Liner Notes
2002 Power Games: The Anthology Jaguar Liner Notes
2002 Straight Faced Fighters Widowmaker Sleeve Notes
2002 The Boxed Miniatures Uriah Heep Liner Notes
2002 The Collection Anthrax Liner Notes
2002 The Collection Traffic Liner Notes
2001 Anthology, Vol. 2 Dio Liner Notes
2001 Dead End The Newlydeads Liner Notes
2001 Mockingbird Barclay James Harvest Liner Notes
2001 The Power Station Sessions: 1980-1983 John Bongiovi Liner Notes
2001 Under the Gun Deep Purple Liner Notes
2000 BBC in Concert: Live on the Friday Rock Show Y&T Annotation
2000 Essential Quo, Vol. 2 Status Quo Liner Notes
2000 Essential Quo, Vol. 3 Status Quo Liner Notes
2000 Ever After: Live The Mission UK Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
2000 Makin' Love Is Good for You B.B. King Liner Notes
2000 Resurrection Venom Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1999 21st Century Media Blitz, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
1999 Sonic Origami Uriah Heep Liner Notes
1999 Two Sides Of A Coin: 1979-1984 The Barracudas Liner Notes
1998 Anthology Dio Liner Notes
1998 Cast in Stone Venom Sleeve Notes
1998 Earth Shaker Rock Doro Liner Notes
1998 Prime Cuts: Classics Tracks Survivor Liner Notes
1998 The Best of Judas Priest: Living After Midnight Judas Priest Liner Notes
1997 Watchin' TV (With the Radio On)/You Can't Get off with Your Shoes On Barefoot Jerry Liner Notes
1996 Assault Attack/Rock Will Never Die Michael Schenker Liner Notes
1996 Making Contact/Misdemeanor UFO Liner Notes
1996 Spellbinder: Live Uriah Heep Liner Notes
1995 Phenomenon/Force It UFO Liner Notes
1995 Raoul and the Kings of Spain Tears for Fears Liner Notes
1995 Sea of Light Uriah Heep Liner Notes
1995 Skin Skin Liner Notes
1995 That's How Rhythm Was Born The Boswell Sisters Liner Notes
1994 Lights Out in Tokyo: Live UFO Liner Notes
1993 Lions and Tigers and Bears The Adventures Liner Notes
1993 The Best of Motorhead: All the Aces/The Muggers Tapes Motörhead Liner Notes
1992 High Stakes & Dangerous Men UFO Liner Notes
1991 Blood on the Bricks Aldo Nova Liner Notes
1991 Cycle Sluts from Hell Cycle Sluts from Hell Liner Notes
1991 Galactic Cowboys Galactic Cowboys Liner Notes
1991 Jazz Cleo Laine Liner Notes
1990 Beg To Differ Prong Liner Notes
1990 Extreme II: Pornograffitti Extreme Liner Notes
1990 Song It's Immaterial Sleeve Notes
1990 Vices Circus of Power Liner Notes
1989 Back to Babylon Bernie Tormé Liner Notes
1989 Badlands Badlands Liner Notes
1989 Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Deja Vu Suicidal Tendencies Liner Notes
1989 Dreamweavers (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) Sabbat Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1989 Heart Like a Gun Fiona Liner Notes
1989 The Beautiful Hurrah! Group Member
1989 The Real Thing Faith No More Liner Notes
1988 Circus of Power Circus of Power Liner Notes
1988 Dimension Hatröss Voivod Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1988 History of a Time to Come Sabbat Sleeve Notes
1988 Kingdom Come Kingdom Come Liner Notes
1988 Lita Lita Ford Liner Notes
1988 Love Your Man The Rossington Band Liner Notes
1988 One in the Sun Steve Gaines Liner Notes
1988 Out of the Silent Planet King's X Liner Notes
1988 Rock of Life Rick Springfield Liner Notes
1988 The Hits REO Speedwagon Liner Notes
1988 What's Bootsy Doin'? Bootsy Collins Liner Notes
1987 American English Wax UK Sleeve Notes
1987 Killing Technology Voivod Liner Notes
1987 Last Soul Man Bobby Womack Liner Notes
1987 Rock 'N' Roll Motörhead Liner Notes
1986 Beyond the Pale Fiona Liner Notes
1986 GTR GTR Liner Notes
1986 Magnetic Heaven Wax UK Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1986 Orgasmatron Motörhead Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1986 Rrröööaaarrr Voivod Sleeve Notes
1986 Strange Land Box of Frogs Liner Notes
1986 Thrill of a Lifetime King Kobra Liner Notes
1985 Delirious Nomad Armored Saint Liner Notes
1985 Fighting Back/Children Of Madness Battlezone / Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone Liner Notes
1985 Fiona Fiona Liner Notes
1985 Metal Anarchy Warfare Sleeve Notes
1985 Ready to Strike King Kobra Liner Notes
1985 Some People Belouis Some Sleeve Notes
1985 Theodore & Friends The Adventures Sleeve Notes
1984 Box of Frogs Box of Frogs Liner Notes
1984 Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof Liner Notes
1984 March of the Saint Armored Saint Liner Notes
1984 Mask Roger Glover Liner Notes
1984 No Remorse Motörhead Liner Notes
1984 The Big Gap: 1978-1981 The Barracudas Liner Notes
1984 The Last in Line Dio Sleeve Notes
1983 Another Perfect Day Motörhead Liner Notes
1983 At War with Satan Venom Liner Notes
1983 Hell Hath No Fury Rock Goddess Sleeve Notes
1983 The Eleventh Hour Magnum Liner Notes
1983 Vices Waysted Liner Notes
1982 Black Metal Venom Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1982 Chase the Dragon Magnum Liner Notes
1982 Dawn Patrol Night Ranger Liner Notes
1982 Iron Fist Motörhead Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1982 Juggernaut Frank Marino Liner Notes
1982 One Night at Budokan Michael Schenker / Michael Schenker Group Liner Notes
1982 Vandenberg Vandenberg Liner Notes
1981 Breaking All the Rules Peter Frampton Liner Notes
1981 Danny Joe Brown and the Danny Joe Brown Band Danny Joe Brown / Danny Joe Brown Band Liner Notes
1981 Denim and Leather Saxon Liner Notes
1981 Greg Lake Greg Lake Liner Notes
1981 The Power of Rock 'n' Roll Frank Marino Liner Notes
1981 Welcome to Hell Venom Liner Notes
1981 Working Class Dog Rick Springfield Liner Notes
1980 Ace of Spades Motörhead Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1980 City of Fear FM Liner Notes
1980 Marauder Magnum Liner Notes
1980 No More Dirty Deals Johnny Van Zant / Johnny Van Zant Band Liner Notes, Vocals
1980 No Place to Run UFO Liner Notes
1980 Stagefright Witchfynde Liner Notes
1980 What's Next Mahogany Rush / Frank Marino Liner Notes
1980 Wide Receiver Michael Henderson Liner Notes
1979 Bomber Motörhead Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1979 Danger Zone Sammy Hagar Liner Notes
1979 Desmond Child & Rouge Desmond Child & Rouge Liner Notes
1979 First Investment Money Liner Notes
1979 Overkill Motörhead Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1978 All Night Long Sammy Hagar Liner Notes
1978 Beauty's Only Skin Deep Cherie Currie Liner Notes
1978 Direct to Disc FM Liner Notes
1978 Mahogany Rush Live Frank Marino / Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Liner Notes
1978 Playin' to Win The Outlaws Liner Notes
1978 Survivor Randy Bachman Liner Notes
1978 Water Bearer Sally Oldfield Liner Notes
1977 Chisholm in My Bosom Arthur Brown Liner Notes
1977 Don't Stop the World Deaf School Liner Notes
1977 Japan Tour Bachman-Turner Overdrive Liner Notes
1977 Signal Fire Bow Wow Liner Notes
1975 Fighting Thin Lizzy Essay
1975 Pablo Cruise Pablo Cruise Liner Notes
1975 The Winkies The Winkies Liner Notes
1975 Warrior on the Edge of Time Hawkwind Liner Notes
1974 Asleep at the Wheel Asleep at the Wheel Liner Notes
1974 Blue Pine Trees Unicorn Liner Notes
1974 Goodbye Chicken Shack Liner Notes
1974 Latest Edition John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Sleeve Notes
1974 Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends: Ladies & Gentlemen, Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Liner Notes
1973 Moving On John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Liner Notes
1973 Sunforest Tom Rapp Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1973 Ten Years Are Gone John Mayall Sleeve Notes
1972 Delta Dawn Tanya Tucker Liner Notes
1972 Elf Elf Liner Notes
1972 Journey Arthur Brown / Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come Liner Notes
1972 Made in Japan Deep Purple Liner Notes
1972 Stardancer Tom Rapp Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1972 Trilogy Emerson Liner Notes
1972 Vol. 4 Black Sabbath Liner Notes
1971 Can I Have My Money Back? Gerry Rafferty Liner Notes
1971 Local Anaesthetic Nirvana Liner Notes
1971 Restrictions/ 'Ot N' Sweaty Cactus Liner Notes
1970 A Lot of Bottle Climax Blues Band Liner Notes
1969 Children of the Sun The Sallyangie Liner Notes
1969 Little Free Rock Little Free Rock Liner Notes
1969 Plays On Climax Blues Band Liner Notes
1969 Stonedhenge Ten Years After Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1968 Genesis The Gods Liner Notes
1968 Undead Ten Years After Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1967 Ten Years After Ten Years After Liner Notes, Sleeve Notes
1957 Fire on the Strings Joe Maphis Liner Notes
7 Punishment of Luxury Liner Notes
Babe: The Collection Styx Sleeve Notes
Cactus/One Way or Another Cactus Liner Notes
History Robin George Liner Notes
Live in London: Hammersmith Apollo 1993 Dio Liner Notes
Night Out/Spirit of St. Louis Ellen Foley Liner Notes
Stack a Records Liner Notes
Tap Turns On the Water: CCS Story CCS Liner Notes
Unleash the Fire Riot V Liner Notes
You Can't Have It All/Stick It Out Chrome Molly Liner Notes