Magnus Lindberg

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Magnus Lindberg is a Finnish composer of virtuosic and idiomatic instrumental works that are highly accessible to audiences.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Action-Situation-Signification, for ensemble & electronics 1982 Chamber Music
Kinetics, for orchestra 1988 Orchestral
Twine, for piano 1988 Keyboard
Jeux D'Anches, for accordion 1989 Chamber Music
Kraft for orchestra 1983 Orchestral
Joy, for ensemble & electronics 1990 Chamber Music
Linea D'Ombra, for flute, saxophone (or clarinet), guitar & percussion 1981 Chamber Music
De Tartuffe, Je Crois, for string quartet & piano 1981 Chamber Music
Zona, for cello, alto flute, bass clarinet, percusion, harp, piano, violin & double bass 1983 Chamber Music
Jubilees, for piano 2000 Keyboard
Ablauf for clarinet & orchestra Concerto
Ritratto, for ensemble 1980 Orchestral
UR, for 5 players & electronics 1986 Chamber Music
Clarinet Quintet for B flat clarinet & string quartet 1992 Chamber Music
Feria for orchestra 1997 Orchestral
Corrente (Pour Ensemble) 1991 Chamber Music
Violin Concerto 2006 Concerto
Play I, for 2 pianos 1979 Keyboard
Klavierst├╝ck 1977 Keyboard
Pianostycke (3) 1978 Keyboard
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