Lukasz Jaszak


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Year Album Artist
2017 Anticult Decapitated Cover Art
2017 Wherever They May Rot Cut Up Cover Art, Layout
2017 World Inferno Entrails Layout Design
2016 Escape Germ Photo Manipulation, Layout
2015 Forensic Nightmares Cut Up Cover Art, Layout
2011 Carnival Is Forever Decapitated Photography, Design, Cover Art
2011 Opus Mortis VIII Vomitory Artwork, Layout
2011 Sól I: Der Dorn Im Nebel Helrunar Photography, Artwork
2011 Sól II: Zweige Der Erinnerung Helrunar Photography, Artwork
2010 Alternative Matter Antimatter Layout
2010 Set Sail To Mystery The Vision Bleak Graphic Design, Cover Art, Photo Editing
2009 Galeere Eïs / Geist Layout Design, Cover Art, Photo Editing
2009 Grindvirus Squash Bowels Layout Design, Cover Design
2009 Souls of Damnation Blood Red Throne Artwork
2009 Souls of Damnation [Limited Edition] Blood Red Throne Artwork
2009 Swedish Death Metal Layout Design
2008 Distorted Anthems from the Suburbs The Law Layout Design, Cover Art
2008 In Luft Geritzt Dornenreich Graphic Design
2008 Sleep Now, Quiet Forest Todesbonden Layout Design, Cover Art, Cover Photo
2007 Baldr ok Iss Helrunar Cover Design
2007 Come Death Blood Red Throne Artwork, Design
2007 The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey The Vision Bleak Photography, Layout Design
2005 Altered Genesis Blood Red Throne Layout Design, Cover Art
2005 The Quiet Offspring Green Carnation Layout Design
2004 The Deathship Has a New Captain [Luxus Edition] The Vision Bleak Graphic Design
2003 A World to Drown In Blazing Eternity Photography, Layout Design, Cover Art
2003 Lords of Chaos Design
2003 Soulwards Mysterium Artwork
2002 DammerElben Tragödie Autumnblaze Layout
2002 Journey to the End of the Night Green Carnation Layout
2002 Light of Day, Day of Darkness Green Carnation Layout
2000 Emperial Live Ceremony Emperor Photography
Blood Mantra Decapitated Photography, Design, Cover Art
Cleansed by Carnage Volturyon Cover Art, Layout
Fabula Magna Coronatus / Corontus Artwork
Flammenreich Von Branden Photography, Cover Art, Layout
Heavy Metal Sacrifice Sacred Steel Cover Art, Layout
Into the Pantheon Empyrium Cover Design, Layout
Malefic Miasma Ages Design, Cover Art
Recreatio Carminis Coronatus Artwork, Booklet
The Judas Table Antimatter Layout
The Game Billion Dollar Babies Cover Art
The Unknown The Vision Bleak Photography, Layout
Time Line: An Introduction to the Vision Bleak The Vision Bleak Cover Art, Layout
Timeline: An Introduction to Antimatter Antimatter Layout Design
Wetterkreuz Eïs Cover Art
Wilt Mordbrand Layout
Witching Hour The Vision Bleak Layout