Loft Recordings


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Year Album Artist
2016 A Sunday in Paris Christ Church Schola Cantorum / Stephen Kennedy / Joris Verdin Record Label
2016 From the Ashes: Music from Somers Congregational Church Christa Rakich Record Label
2015 Bach: Under the Influence Roger Sherman Record Label
2014 Music for a Princess Annette Richards Record Label
2013 Bach at Haarlem Jonathan Dimmock Record Label
2013 Mendelssohn: Rarities Christ Church Schola Cantorum / Hans Davidsson / David Higgs / William Porter Record Label
2013 Organ Works of Anton Heiler Mark Steinbach Record Label
2013 Recital in York Springs Riyehee Hong Record Label
2012 Decker plays Decker, Vol. 3 Pamela Decker Record Label
2009 A Fantasy through Time Kimberly Marshall Record Label
2009 Dieterich Buxtehude and the Schnitger Organ, Vol. 3 Hans Davidsson Record Label
2009 George Frideric Handel: Messiah Michael McCarthy / Washington National Cathedral Record Label
2009 The Complete Organ Works of Jehan Titelouze: Hymn and Magnificat Settings Robert Bates Record Label
2008 Carole Terry plays the Watjen Concert Organ Carole Terry Record Label
2008 Hommage à Messiaen Colin Andrews Record Label
2008 Ja Kyung Oh Plays The Yokota-GOArt Organ Ja kyung Oh Record Label
2008 Organ Works of Melchior Schildt Anne Richards Record Label
2008 Punkrock Justice Jr.Monster Record Label
2008 Sweenlinck: Master of the Dutch Renaissance Jonathan Dimmock Record Label
2008 The Bach Organ of Störmthal William Porter Record Label
2008 The Trio Sonatas of Johann Sebastian Bach Christa Rakich Record Label
2007 Bleed the King Death First Record Label
2007 Buxtehude: Complete Organ Works, Vol. 2 - The Bach Perspective Hans Davidsson Record Label
2007 Cleveland in Columbus Douglas Cleveland Record Label
2007 Dieterich Buxtehude and the Mean-Tone Organ, Volume 1 Hans Davidsson Record Label
2007 It Takes a War Wanted by the FBI Record Label
2007 Promenade: A Musical Procession Through Paintings at Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY Edoardo Bellotti Record Label
2006 Bach: Festival Chorales Lynn Edwards Butler Record Label
2006 Bradley Welch plays at Broadway Baptist Bradley Welch Record Label
2006 Pas de Dieu: Music Sublime & Spirited Janette Fishell Record Label
2006 Sky Loft Record Label
2006 The 1785 Schiörlin Organ, Tryserum Sweden William Porter Record Label
2006 Tournemire: The Seven Last Words of Christ Martin Jean Record Label
2005 Bach: Leipzig Chorales Christa Rakich Record Label
2005 Decker Plays Decker, Vol. 2: Desert Wildflowers Pamela Decker Record Label
2005 Leo Sowerby: Land of Rest Robert Parris Record Label
2005 Pavement Loft Record Label
2004 Decker Plays Decker, Vol. 1: Sacred to Secular Pamela Decker Record Label
2004 Don't Be Satisfied Jr.Monster Record Label
2004 The Bach Masses, Vol. 1 Washington Bach Consort Record Label
2004 The Complete Organ Works of Matthias Weckman Hans Davidsson Record Label
2004 The Complete Symphonies of Louis Vierne Martin Jean Record Label
2004 The Pachelbel Canon and Other Baroque Favorites Seattle Baroque Orchestra Record Label
2003 ... In Dialogue, Vol. 2 Fabio Ciofini / Jordi Vergés Record Label
2003 An American Christmas: Shapenote Carols from New England & Appalachia Tudor Choir Record Label
2003 Bach at Ferris University Tomoko Miyamoto Record Label
2003 J. C. Bach: Sonatas Courtney Westcott Record Label
2003 Mozart for the People [Video] Friedrich Gulda Record Label
2003 Mozart: Symphony No. 40; Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Fabio Ciofini / Jordi Vergés Record Label
2003 Music Sweet and Serious William Porter Record Label
2003 Toccata! Hatsumi Miura Record Label
2003 Tournemire in Oberlin J. Melvin Butler Record Label
2001 A Scandinavian Christmas Choral Arts Northwest Record Label
2001 Gentle Words: Shaker Songs Arranged by Kevin Siegfried Tudor Choir Record Label
2001 Leap of Faith Dallis Craft Record Label
2001 Viaticum: A Journey of the Mind, Body & Soul Robert F. Bates Record Label
2001 X-Posure Grupo X Record Label
2000 Bad Is Fun G.D. Flickers Record Label
2000 Heartbreak Jet Saloon Hong Kong Knife Record Label
2000 We Are the Mad Crew Mad 3 Record Label
1999 An Advent Processions Based on the Great "O" Antiphons Choirs of St. Mark's Cathedral Record Label
1999 Carol of the Birds Choirs of St. Mark's Cathedral Record Label
1999 Cream Cheese Cookie Cream Cheese Cookie Record Label
1999 Music of a Father and Son: Organ Works of Delphin and Nicolaus Adam Strungk David Yearsley Record Label
1998 O Rising Dawn Opus 7 Vocal Ensemble Record Label
1991 Crossplanes Dariush Rad Record Label
Douglas Cleveland plays Rockefeller Chapel Douglas Cleveland Record Label
Famous & Infamous: Music for Trumpet & Organ Fred Sautter / Roger Sherman Record Label
Haydn Sonatas: "Galanterien" to "Sturm und Drang" Ulrika Davidsson Record Label
How Excellent Is Thy Name: Musical Devotions of the Emancipated Jew Erik Contzius / Kimberly Marshall Record Label
Majesties: The Great Organ of Washington National Cathedral Scott Dettra Record Label
Mendelssohn: Organ Sonatas Jonathan Dimmock Record Label
Olivier Messiaen: L'Ascension; La Messe de la Pentecôte Colin Andrews Record Label
Olivier Messiaen: Livre d'orgue and Individual Works Colin Andrews Record Label
Olivier Messiaen: Livre du Saint Sacrement Colin Andrews Record Label
Olivier Messiaen: Méditations sur le Mystère de la Sainte Trinité Colin Andrews Record Label
Organs of Ostfriesland, Vol. 1 Harald Vogel Record Label
Recital at Saint Mark’s Cathedral Michael Kleinschmidt Record Label
The Complete Organ Works of Olivier Messiaen Colin Andrews Record Label
The Craighead-Saunders Organ Hans Davidsson / David Higgs / William Porter Record Label
The First Printed Organ Music: Arnolt Schlick Kimberly Marshall Record Label
The Music of Dan Locklair Marilyn Keiser Record Label
To Know Your Name The Fellowship At Cinco Ranch Record Label