Lee Collins

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A talented early New Orleans trumpeter, Collins started out his career playing as a teenager in various brass bands, including the Young Eagles, the Columbia Band, and the Young Tuxedo Band. In 1924,…
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Year Album Artist
2016 The Collection 1928-1955 Mezz Mezzrow Trumpet
2012 The History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 2: Jazz, Blues & Creole Roots 1923-1953 Trumpet
2011 Rarities: The Rare Band and Blues Sides Jelly Roll Morton Clarinet
2009 Out-Of-Towners Georg Brunis Trumpet
2008 Companion CD to: A Trumpet Around the Corner Trumpet, Composer
2008 Sounds of New Orleans, Vol. 1 Trumpet, Primary Artist
2007 1953-1954 Mezz Mezzrow Trumpet
2007 Inspiration Divine: Gathering The Fragments Shaker
2006 How Low Can You Go? Anthology of the String Bass (1925-1941) [Box Set] Trumpet
2006 Jelly Roll Morton, Vol. 2 Jelly Roll Morton Cornet
2006 New Orleans Revival 1940-1954 [Fremeaux & Associes] Trumpet
2005 1951-1953 Mezz Mezzrow Trumpet
2004 Breaking Out of New Orleans 1922-1929 Trumpet
2003 1947-1951 Mezz Mezzrow Trumpet
2003 Inner Terrestrials Guns of Brixton Engineer
2003 New Orleans Dance Bands Cornet
2003 Queen Victoria 1927-1937 Victoria Spivey Trumpet
2003 Trumpet Story, Vol. 1: 1926/1951 Trumpet
2002 Divas Sing the Blues Trumpet
2002 When the Sun Goes Down, Vol. 3: That's Chicago's South Side Trumpet
2002 When the Sun Goes Down: The Secret History of Rock & Roll Saxophone, Trumpet
2000 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4 (1936-1937) Victoria Spivey Trumpet
2000 Dr. Jazz [Arpeggio Jazz] Jelly Roll Morton Cornet
2000 Lee Collins at Club Hangover, Vol. 1 Lee Collins Primary Artist, Trumpet
2000 Lee Collins at Club Hangover, Vol. 2 Lee Collins Primary Artist, Trumpet
2000 Nothing But the Blues [Blues History] Trumpet
2000 Official History of New Orleans Jazz Composer
1998 Complete Recorded Works (1946-1951) Lillian "Lil" Green Trumpet
1998 New Orleans: Great Original Performances 1918-1934 Cornet, Composer
1998 New Orleans: The Cradle of Jazz Cornet, Composer
1997 Doo Wop, Vol. 2 [Ace] Performer, Composer, Primary Artist
1996 Jazz New Orleans Style Cornet, Composer
1996 New Orleans Blues 1923-1940 Trumpet
1996 Sweet Peas & Za Zu Girl Complete Works: 1929-1937 Spivey Sisters Trumpet
1995 1927-1944 Richard M. Jones Vocals
1995 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1923-1927) Richard M. Jones Trumpet
1995 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 (1927-1936) Richard M. Jones Trumpet
1995 Complete Works in Chronological Order, Vol. 2 (1936-1937) Lil Johnson Trumpet
1995 New Orleans in New Orleans Cornet, Composer
1995 Sizzling the Blues Trumpet, Composer
1995 The Copulatin' Collection, Vol. 1 Trumpet
1995 Yas Yas Girl, Vol. 3: Complete Works (August 1939 - Oct 1940) Merline Johnson Trumpet
1994 1936-1937 State Sweet Swingers Trumpet
1994 Complete Recorded Works (1930-1954) Little Brother Montgomery Trumpet
1994 Riverside History of Classic Jazz Vocals, Trumpet
1994 Sounds of New Orleans, Vol. 10: New Orleans Trumpets Trumpet, Performer, Primary Artist
1993 Blues Masters, Vol. 11: Classic Blues Women Trumpet
1993 Mutt Carey & Lee Collins Papa Mutt Carey Primary Artist, Trumpet
1992 RCA Victor Jazz: The First Half-Century - The Twenties Through the Sixties Cornet
1991 1924-1926 Jelly Roll Morton Cornet
1991 1936-1937 "Hottest Gal in Town" Lil Johnson Trumpet
1991 Montana Taylor and Freddie Shayne: Complete Recorded Works (1929-1946) Montana Taylor Trumpet
1991 New Orleans 1918-1929: Where Jazz Was Born Composer
1989 Sissy Man Blues: Straight & Gay Blues Clarinet, Trumpet
1956 Mr. Jelly Roll Jelly Roll Morton Cornet
1956 The Incomparable Jelly Roll Morton Jelly Roll Morton Cornet
1955 New Orleans Jazz Babies/New Orleans Five New Orleans Jazz Babies Trumpet
1954 The Great Blues Singers [Riverside] Trumpet
1953 Lee Collins-Ralph Sutton's Jazzola Six, Vol. 1 Lee Collins Primary Artist, Trumpet
1951 Mezz Mezzrow & His Band Featuring Collins & Singleton Mezz Mezzrow Trumpet
1930: A Time To Remember The Classic Years Primary Artist
Great Trumpets (Classic Jazz to Swing) Primary Artist
Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo, Vol. 1: New Orleans Cornet
Kings of Jazz Jelly Roll Morton Cornet
Lee Collins in the 30's: I Can Dish It- Can You Take It? Lee Collins Primary Artist, Trumpet
Mutt Carey and Lee Collins Papa Mutt Carey / Lee Collins Primary Artist
Riverside History of Classic Jazz, Vol. 3-4 Trumpet
Sings the Blues Bertha "Chippie" Hill Trumpet
The Collection: 1926-27 Victoria Spivey Trumpet
The Frog Blues and Jazz Annual, No. 3 Primary Artist, Trumpet