Lance Hammond


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Year Album Artist
2004 American Rock 'N' Roll RC5 Photography
2003 Go for It...Live! Fu Manchu Photography, Cover Photo
2003 Off the Charts [Dirtnap] The Briefs Photography
2002 Dos EPs Nebula Photography
2002 Since We've Become Translucent Mudhoney Cover Photo
2002 Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days Catheters Photography
2002 Sweat-Soaked and Satisfied Cookie Photography
2001 Hit After Hit The Briefs Photography
2001 Les Pauls & Breaking Glass Photography
2001 Postcards From Hell American Heartbreak Photography
2001 The Violent Years [Sub Pop] The Black Halos Photography
2000 Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip Hog Molly Photography
2000 Wild and Wooly: The Northwest Rock Collection Photography
1999 Black Halos [Die Young Stay Pretty] The Black Halos Photography
1999 Grande Rock The Hellacopters Photography
1999 Live Sunny Day Real Estate Photography
1998 (Godzilla's) Eatin' Dust Fu Manchu Photography