Kevin Nix


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Year Album Artist
2017 Step Brothers Three Don Trip / Starlito Mastering
2016 Feel Like Going Home: The Songs of Charlie Rich Mastering
2016 Live in Chicago Professor Longhair Mastering
2015 Hi Honey Low Cut Connie Mastering
2015 Red City Radio Red City Radio Mastering
2015 Shut the Front Door! John Lisi & Delta Funk / John Lisi Mastering
2014 Live in Memphis Big Star Editing, Mastering
2014 Portrait of a Balladeer Sir Charles Jones Mastering
2014 Todd Meadows Brother's Keeper Mastering
2013 Down in Louisiana Bobby Rush Mastering
2013 Involuntary Memory Admirers Mastering
2013 Nothing Can Hurt Me Big Star Project Assistant
2012 Candy Store Kid Ian Siegal & the Mississippi Mudbloods Mastering
2012 Dark Horse Ghost Town Blues Band Mastering
2012 Free Again: The 1970 Sessions Alex Chilton Mastering
2012 Happy Book Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Mastering
2012 I Am Rhythm & Blues Willie Clayton Mastering
2011 The Skinny Ian Siegal / Ian Siegal & the Youngest Sons Mastering
2011 The Tribute: One Man, One Voice Willie Clayton Mastering
2011 Way 2 Major JP / Project Pat Mastering
2010 All of Me Floyd Taylor Digital Remastering
2010 Conquest Scruffs Mastering
2010 Home Sweet Home South Memphis String Band Mastering
2010 The Takeova Cutthroat Mastering
2009 A Sideman's Journey Klaus Voormann Mastering
2009 Deal or No Deal Wiz Khalifa Mastering
2009 For the Love of a Woman Harold Mastering
2009 Funkmeister Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock Mastering
2009 Lulla Cornstar Mastering
2009 Make a Move The Hill Country Revue Mastering
2009 Need Todd Agnew Mastering
2009 Scale-A-Ton DJ Paul Mastering
2009 Star & Micey Star & Micey Mastering
2009 Sweet Fist Super 400 Mastering
2009 Tru Gangsta Wile E Mastering
2009 Two Thousand Mine Margot B. Mastering
2008 Burn Effect Linwood Mastering
2008 Cowboy Carnage Mark Mann Mastering
2008 Enjoy the Ride Kloud 9 Mastering
2008 God and a Girl Joy Whitlock Mastering
2008 Grand Hooded Phantom Your Highness Electric Mastering
2008 Original Sins The Memphis Snake Doctors Mastering
2008 Passing Through Don Nix Mastering
2008 Rainin' in Memphis The Climates Mastering
2008 Still Standing The Soul Children Mastering
2008 The Memphis Hang Jim Shearer Mastering
2008 Windshield Memoirs Paul Stephens Mastering
2008 Worthy: A Christmas Cantata Lana Manson Mastering
2007 Better Believe Me Rob Gold Mastering
2007 Better Questions Todd Agnew Mastering
2007 Bud, Sweat and Beers Taco & Da Mofo's Mastering
2007 Charlie Wood and the New Memphis Underground Charlie Wood Mastering
2007 Dead Cat Bounce John Lisi Mastering
2007 Dogg Chit Tha Dogg Pound Mastering
2007 Give Me Your Heart Terry Wall & The Wallbangers Mastering
2007 Going Down to Memphis Dr. Feelgood Potts Mastering
2007 Memphis Heat King Louie & His Loose Diamonds Mastering
2007 Pop Manifesto Scruffs Mastering
2007 Sinners Have Souls Too Tracy Randall Mastering
2007 Still Here Till Then Casual One Mastering
2007 Texassippi Stomp Cashman Mastering
2007 Undiscovered Crunk-N-Buck Mastering
2006 All You Need Lynn Drury Mastering
2006 Atlanta 2 Memphis Pastory Troy & Criminal Manne Mastering
2006 Bluestones Daddy Mack Blues Band Mastering
2006 Do You See What I See? Todd Agnew Mastering
2006 Halfway Between Somewhere & Nowhere Hellhounds Mastering
2006 International Pop Overthrow 2004, Vol. 9 Mastering
2006 Light Up the Bomb 8Ball Mastering
2006 Live from Memphis: Let's Celebrate Billy Rivers Mastering
2006 Lucky Charlie Wood Mastering
2006 Saved Identity Nonfiction Producer, Drums, Mastering, Composer
2006 Southern Livin' Billy Gibson / The Billy Gibson Band Mastering
2006 Tha Kings of Denco Crunkaholics Mixing
2005 13 Days Dave Mack Mastering
2005 Better Way Baby Stone Mastering
2005 Firelight Stephanie Brickey Mastering
2005 God Is Wonderful The Bell Singers Mastering
2005 Most Known Hits Three 6 Mafia Mastering
2005 Reflection of Something Todd Agnew Mastering
2005 The Billy Gibson Band Billy Gibson / The Billy Gibson Band Mastering
2005 The Nu Dude Lil' NuNu Mastering
2005 Triumphant Quartet Triumphant Quartet Mastering
2005 Voodoo Stew Elliott & The Untouchables Mastering
2004 All I Know Keith Sykes Mastering
2004 Can't Stop Ballin' Nasty Nardo Mastering
2004 Dirty Trunks Strange Nation Digital Editing, Mastering
2004 Jamie Baker Jamie Baker Mastering
2004 Kiss Your Blues Away Olga Mastering
2004 Money Made, Pt. 2 196 Clique Mastering
2004 Queens of Crunk U.G.Q. Mastering
2004 Retrospect [Ardent] Retrospect Mastering
2003 Ana Off My Chest King JC Mastering
2003 Bottom Boi Style Brother Marquis Mastering
2003 Da Dirty Memphi$ Plat Mastering
2003 Defcon 1: Lyrical Warfare T-Rock Mastering
2003 Macknificent MC Mack Mastering
2003 Paper Boyz Paperboyz Mixing
2003 Please Don't Go Nathaniel Kimble Mastering
2003 Prime Suspects Young Trojenz Mastering
2003 Southern Soul Music Toni Green Mastering
2003 Wrecked Halfacre Gunroom Mastering
2002 Blues Party O.B. Bryant Mastering
2002 Feel the Spirit Veal Brothers Digital Editing, Mastering
2002 Goin All Out Al Kapone Mastering
2002 High Stacks Keenan Shotwell Mastering
2002 Inferno Holocaust Digital Editing, Mastering
2002 Playtime's Over Criminal Manne Mastering
2002 Pure Dope Lil' Blunt Mastering
2002 Real Rap Records Presents Memphis 2002 Real Rap Records Mastering
2002 Strong Enough Toni Green Mastering
2002 The Last Man Standing Willie Clayton Mastering
2002 The Mayor and the Pimp Gangsta Blac Mastering
2002 Unity 2000 [Mars/Faith] Mastering
2001 Behind Closed Doors: Da Soundtrack Tommy Wright III Mixing
2001 Coming of Age Broken Drums
2001 Country & Hardheaded S.S.P. Mastering
2001 Greatest Hits and Remixes Kingpin Skinny Pimp Mastering
2001 Kami Kaze Kami Kaze Inc Mastering
2001 Let's Celebrate Billy Rivers Mastering
2001 The Jerald Daemyon Group Jerald Daemyon Mastering
2001 The Nearness of You Billy Gibson Mastering
2001 You Can't Hold Me Back Tom Skeemask Mastering
2000 2 Hot 2 Handle Lady J. Mixing, Mastering
2000 Because We Love You The Temprees Mastering
2000 Everybody Wants to Be Like Jed Mastering
2000 Here I Am Jackie Johnson Mastering
2000 Life in General Young Lo Mastering
2000 Out the Park Major League Mastering
2000 Real Rap Records Presents Memphis 2000 Real Rap Records Presents Mastering
2000 Show Ya Grill Gangsta Pat Mastering
2000 When the Smoke Clears Three 6 Mafia Mastering
2000 Young Southern Playaz, Vol. 3 Mastering
1999 Gonna Be Alright Eddie C. Campbell Mastering
1999 Made In Memphis Gary Johns Mastering
1999 Nine Days Wonder Blue Honey Mastering
1999 Taylor Made Taylor Boyz Mastering
1999 Tear Yo Club Down Gangsta Pat Mastering
1999 The Best of Bobby Rush Bobby Rush Mastering
1999 The Greatest Hits & More, Vol. 2 The Canton Spirituals Mastering
1999 Underground, Vol. 2: Club Memphis Triple Six Mafia Mastering
1999 Welcome to Our Underworld Twistin Tarantulas Mastering
1998 Body Parts Prophet Posse Mastering
1998 German Engineering Tim Mastering
1998 Memphis to the Bombed out Bay Ska-Face Al Kapone Mastering
1996 Dreaming Big Time Lee Fields Mastering
1992 I Am the Cosmos Chris Bell Remastering
1979 Beale Street Saturday Night Beale Street Saturday Night Project Assistant
1835 Madison Faith Evans Ruch Mastering
5150 Chachillie Mastering
Bad Love Little Boys Blue Mastering
Before After Lights Align Mastering
Beneath Still Waters Courtney Granger Mastering
Better Days Adrena Mastering
Big Cash Bat Racers Mastering
Bout That Money! Bout That Business! Multi Talented Mixing, Mastering
Can't Bury Your Past Turchi Mastering
Castle of Corruption Burt Byler & the Bearded Souls Mastering
Dust the Dust Ghost Town Blues Band Mastering
Few And Far Between Eric Hill Mastering
Goin' Back To Memphis Preston Shannon Mastering
His Love's Like a Small Town April Fraiser Mastering
I Can't Wait Star & Micey Mastering
If I'm One, You're One Too Travis Haddix Mastering
Just Love a Tribute to Audrey Auld Mezera Audrey Auld Mastering
Live & Extended! Brandon Santini Mastering
Memphis Blues International Dr. Feelgood Potts Mastering
Mission Control Black Rock Revival Mastering
Nate Whitlock Nate Whitlock Mastering
New Soul Cowboys New Soul Cowboys Mastering
Next Place I Leave Chris Yakopcic Mastering
Old & Young Old & Young Mastering
Old Soul Alicia Marie Mastering
On the Shoulders of Giants Shawn James Mastering Engineer
One Step Ahead of the Blues Mark "Muleman" Massey Drums
Rome Is Burning Chachillie Mastering
Runner The Winter Sounds Mastering
Sounds Like the Blues to Me Jeff Chaz Mastering
Sun Might Shine on Me Grant Dermody Mastering
The Tribute, Vol. II: One Man, One Voice Willie Clayton Mastering
The Greatest Game in the World The Thrill Building Mastering
Thinkin' Out Loud Q Mastering
This Silence Is Killing Me Jeff Chaz Mastering
Two Dan Vapid and the Cheats Mastering
Wyte Boyz Wasted Wyte Boyz Wasted Mastering
You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down Low Society Mastering