Kevin Nettleingham


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Year Album Artist
2015 The Groove Project Grooves Christmas Tim Mayer Engineer, Mastering, Design
2011 Mid-Century Modern: Four Sonatas for Viola and Piano Joël Belgique Editing, Mastering
2011 Once Upon a Time Howard Crosby Mastering
2010 Broken Bow Eux Autres Mastering
2010 Trumpet of Triumph Godless Rising Mastering
2009 2nd Time Around Mt. Hood Jazz Band Mastering
2009 Doin Best Deeds Mt. Hood Jazz Band Mastering
2008 All Things (My Two Fish) Ali Wesley Mastering
2008 Colin Lake and Wellbottom Colin Lake Mastering
2008 Keep Your Hat On Pete Petersen & The Porkpie Septet Mastering
2008 Kill These Blues Kolvane Mixing, Mastering
2008 Naked Acid Valet Mastering
2008 St. Jeffery's Day: The Songs of St. Jeffery, Vol. 1 Mastering
2008 Three States: Dear Nora Raities 1997-2007 Dear Nora Mastering
2008 Why Fight the Feeling: Songs by Frank Loesser Rebecca Kilgore Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat Azrael Mastering
2007 Burning Through the Motions Supernaut Mastering
2007 Cast Iron Letters Adam Zwig Pre-Production
2007 Christmas In The Northwest 10 Mastering
2007 Cold City Eux Autres Mastering
2007 Dangerous Mes and Poisonous Yous Caleb Klauder Mastering
2007 Flood Fred Thomas Mastering
2007 How Sweet the Sound Emile Pandolfi Engineer
2007 I Wish You Love Rebecca Kilgore / Lyle Ritz Mastering
2007 Merciless Hammer of Lucifer Drawn & Quartered Mastering
2007 Summer Sessions: Notes From a Free Cascadia Trick Sensei Mastering
2007 The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere 31Knots Mastering
2007 Troubadour of Stomp Pat MacDonald Mastering
2007 Vol. 1 PDXV Mixing, Mastering
2007 Welcome to New Granada Drats Mastering
2006 A Child's Gift of Lullabyes Emile Pandolfi Engineer
2006 Colorfield Colorfield Mastering
2006 Hearts Like These Ryehollow Mastering
2006 I Am the Resurrection: A Tribute to John Fahey Mastering
2006 Let the Good Times Roll: A NW Tribute to Ray Charles Mastering
2006 My Foolish Heart Mt. Hood Jazz Band Mastering
2006 Purple Winos in the Rain John Callahan Mastering
2006 Sense of Direction Farnell Newton Mastering
2006 Something Good Mitzi Zilka Mastering
2006 Spill Your Drink Dave Stoops Mastering
2006 Telephono/Soft Effects [EP] Spoon Remastering
2005 A House Full of Friends Mastering
2005 Believe Emile Pandolfi Engineer, Audio Engineer
2005 Black Grimoire Blood Ritual Mastering
2005 Dead Bands Party: A Oingo Boingo Tribute Mastering
2005 Dreaming in the Royale Oaks Erick Messler Mastering
2005 Healing Sleep Engineer
2005 I Didn't Know About You Dr. David Evans Mastering
2005 Magnetic Andi Camp Mastering
2005 Ryehollow Ryehollow Mastering
2005 Secret Society The Gays Mastering
2005 Super Blue Mt. Hood Jazz Band Mastering
2005 This Is Indie Rock, Vol. 3 Mastering
2005 Yellow Dance Dick Titterington Mastering
2004 A Mind for the Scenery Tim Jensen Mastering
2004 Best Dressed and Expressionless Southerly Mastering
2004 Ether Thirty3 Producer, Mastering
2004 I'm New Here... MHCC Jazz Band Mastering
2004 In the Holiday Spirit Emile Pandolfi Engineer
2004 In the House D.K. Stewart Mastering
2004 Midnight Movie Stills, Vol. 1 Koozito Mastering
2004 Nature's Rhythms: Wetland Bird Songs Nature's Rhythms Engineer
2004 Neurot Recordings [Bonus DVD] Mastering
2004 No Fate [EP] Lock & Key Mastering
2004 Of My Times Gary Hobbs Mastering
2004 Out of the Blue Jessie Rae Mastering
2004 Redlight Grails Mastering
2004 Simplicity Deanna Rose Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Tarp Town Years Chris Newman Mastering
2004 Telepathic with the Deceased Xasthur Mastering
2004 This Is Indie Rock: The Best Bands You've Never Heard, Vol. 1 Mastering
2004 Woke Up Falling Woke Up Falling Mastering
2003 A Lick and a Promise Bobby Lindstrom Mastering
2003 Breath Between Battles Sleeping by the Riverside Mastering
2003 Days of Delay Pseudosix Mastering
2003 Diamond Light Diamond Light Mixing, Mastering
2003 Do You Hear What I Hear? Emile Pandolfi Engineer
2003 Funeral Car Desert City Soundtrack Mastering
2003 Hell Yeah! Black 'N Blue Mastering
2003 It Might as Well Be Spring Emile Pandolfi Engineer, Digital Editing
2003 It's Heaven I Surmise Bobby Torres Mastering
2003 K-12 Assisted Living Mastering
2003 No Sun No Shadow Sunbirds Mastering, Restoration
2003 Ohio Lunch Dan Faehnle Engineer, Mastering
2003 Rhapsody in Blue: A Gershwin Collection Emile Pandolfi Engineer
2003 Sense of Urgency Thebeforepicture Mastering
2003 Starry Starry Night Emile Pandolfi Engineer
2003 Stink Bomb! The Strange Tones Mastering
2003 Summer of '98 All Girl Summer Fun Band Mastering
2003 The Burden of Hope Grails Mastering
2003 The Five A.M. Strut Ezra Weiss Mastering
2003 Tragedy Is So Irresistible Countdown to Life Mastering
2003 What a Wonderful World Emile Pandolfi Engineer
2002 A Word Is Also a Picture of a Word 31Knots Mastering
2002 Across the Bridge Randy Porter Engineer, Mastering
2002 Gracious Living Gruesome Galore Mastering
2002 In My Mind Orb Mastering
2002 Journey of the Spirit Ephat Mujuru Mastering
2002 Notes from a Drummer William Thomas Mastering
2002 Solutions at the Speed of Business Spot 79 Mastering
2002 These Stars Are for You The Saving Graces Mastering
2001 Eight Little Feet Randy Porter Mastering
2001 Foreign Words Boycrazy Mastering
2001 Isn't It Romantic Jean Ronne Mastering
2001 Modern Reflections Randy Porter Engineer, Mastering
2001 Re-Tired Rubber City Rebels Mastering, Processing
2001 Subjugate DFiveNine Mastering
2001 Wonderful Time Jonathan Swanson Engineer, Mastering
2000 Climaxanticlimax 31Knots Mastering
2000 Different Point of Blue Ellen Whyte / Ellen Whyte & Reflex Blue Digital Post Production
2000 Joys & Inspirations Steve Hall Mastering
2000 Latin Romance Anthony Arizaga Mastering
2000 Looking Back Bronn Journey Mastering
2000 Mike Strickland Collection, Vol. 2 Mike Strickland Mastering
2000 Milepost One Miles Ahead Digital Mastering
2000 Opiate Sea Shapeshifter Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass
2000 Spotlight Sally Harmon Engineer
2000 Starter Kit Starter Kit Mastering
1997 Cakewalk Crux Producer, Engineer
1997 History: Mission & Tradition Gravelpit Mastering
1996 It's a Split!: The Bittersweet Series, Vol. 1 The Jimmies Engineer
1996 Pig's Last Stand Poison Idea Assistant Engineer
1995 Glyph Floater Mastering
1995 Some Enchanted Evening Emile Pandolfi Engineer, Digital Editing
1994 Cop and Speeder Heatmiser Engineer
90 Miles to Yuma The Yumatics Mastering
A Love So Strong Rose City Kings Mastering
Adrian H & the Wounds Adrian H & the Wounds / Adrian H Mastering
Bleeder The Fervor Mastering
Everything Is Ragtime Now Allan Martin Mastering
Kolvane and Kerin Kolvane and Kerin Mastering
Live in Olympia D.K. Stewart Mastering
Mediations Between You and I Listen Like Thieves Mixing, Mastering
New Myths Crack City Rockers Mastering
Poncho Bad Assets Mastering
Pop Quiz The Ocean Floor Mastering
Salt Mines The 3 Trumpet Band Mixing, Mastering, Tracking
Save Yourself Ezra Holbrook Mastering
Simpl Simpl Mastering
Six-String Paradox Doug Smith Engineer
The Perfect Stranger Andi Camp Mastering
Tough Commute Mike Doolin / David Martin Mastering
True to Love Anandi Gefroh Mastering
Ukiah's Lullaby Tim Gilson / Anson Wright Mastering
Western Country Caleb Klauder Mastering
When My Bluebird Sings Mary Flower Mastering
You Are the Vehicle Andi Camp Mastering