Ken Stringfellow

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Co-founder of '90s power pop heroes the Posies, and a solo singer/songwriter since 1997.
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Year Album Artist
2017 Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live... And More Big Star's Third Vocals, Synthesizer Bass, Bass, Production Manager, Tour Manager, Featured Artist
2016 A New Dimension to Modern Love Popincourt Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Bass, Guitar (Baritone), Soloist
2016 You Know Who You Are Nada Surf Vocals (Background)
2015 All a Man Should Do Lucero Vocals (Background)
2014 Always Dwight Twilley Bass
2014 I Never Said I'd Make It Easy Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist, Composer
2014 Live in Memphis Big Star Vocals, Bass, Quotation Author
2013 Playlist: The Very Best of Big Star (1972-2005) Big Star Bass, Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
2013 Someone Else's Cake Red Jacket Mine Guest Artist, Solina, Vocals
2013 You Were Right Brendan Benson Keyboards, Bass
2012 Danzig in the Moonlight Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist, Engineer, Composer
2012 Elks in Paris Eric Lichter Producer, Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Bass, Effects, Composer, Lyricist
2012 What Kind of World Brendan Benson Keyboards, Bass
2011 He Who Travels Far Hanggai Producer, Engineer, Piano
2011 Putting Music in Its Place Lagwagon Producer, Liner Notes, Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Woodwind, Brass, Guitar (Rhythm)
2011 Virgins of Menace The Disciplines Vocals
2010 Blood/Candy The Posies Engineer, Mixing, Group Member, Composer
2009 Living Past Mark Lassiter Vocals
2009 Lovers Lookout Red Jacket Mine Guest Artist, Producer, Mixing
2008 Beautiful Escape: The Songs of the Posies Revisited Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Piano, Composer, Primary Artist
2008 Jumping on Cars Briskeby Primary Artist
2008 L' Espoir Cali Arranger, Choeurs
2008 Smoking Kills Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist, Vocals, Group Member
2008 Smoking Kills The Disciplines Vocals, Group Member
2008 Super Ratones Super Ratones Guest Artist, Vocals
2008 The Sellout Cover Sessions, Vol. 1 Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist
2007 Suite Le Concorde Vocals
2006 Athfest 10 Keyboards
2006 Big Star Small World Vocals, Guitar, Vocals (Background), Bass
2006 Eyes Open Snow Patrol Piano
2006 The Minus 5 The Minus 5 Group Member
2006 The Night Races into Anna The Green Pajamas Guest Artist, Producer, Audio Production
2005 Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1995 Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Composer
2005 Every Kind of Light The Posies Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Performer, Composer
2005 Friends and Lovers: Songs of Bread Primary Artist
2005 In Space Big Star Arranger, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar (Bass), Bass, Group Member, Composer
2005 Indi Radio Primary Artist
2005 Smile Back Home Loopy Mixing
2005 Whatever: The '90s Pop and Culture Box Composer
2004 Animal R.E.M. Performer, Musician
2004 Around the Sun R.E.M. Additional Personnel, Musician
2004 At the Organ The Minus 5 Horn, Group Member
2004 Austin City Limits Music Festival: 2003 Keyboards
2004 Dog Eared Michael Cerveris Guest Artist, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Bass
2004 EP Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist
2004 Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon Producer
2004 Soft Commands Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist, Producer, Mixing, Audio Production, Main Personnel, Vocals, Guitar, Autoharp, Mandolin, Piano, Organ, Omnichord, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vibraphone, Drums, Cymbals, Guiro, Tambourine, Percussion, Programming, Bass, Scenery, Composer
2004 Truth, Corrosion and Sour Bisquits Fastbacks Vocals (Background)
2004 Yesterday Was Good: The Best of Lemonator Lemonator Guest Artist, Vocals (Background)
2003 Big Star Story Big Star Composer
2003 Don'tcha Know Spiv Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass
2003 Every Word: A Tribute to Let's Active Liner Notes
2003 I Don't Know Who I Am (Let the War Against Music Begin, Vol. 2) The Minus 5 Musician
2003 Private Sides Jon Auer / Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist, Engineer, Cover Art Concept, Composer
2003 This Is the Music for Me: A Perfect Compilation Primary Artist
2003 Torpedo Superscope Mixing, Vocals (Background)
2003 When I Pretend to Fall The Long Winters Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Piano, Kurzweil Synthesizer, Bass, Kurzweil PC88, Recording
2002 Across the Pond Adam Snyder Vocals (Background)
2002 Badman's Bedtime Maladies Primary Artist
2002 From Ritual to Romance Loud Family Composer
2002 Grammy Nominees 2002 Musician
2002 Happy Meals, Vol.3: Songs to Run Away From Vocals, Composer
2002 History Is Fiction White Flag Composer
2002 International Pop Overthrow International Pop Overthrow Engineer
2002 The Worst You Can Do Is Harm The Long Winters Organ (Hammond)
2001 Everybody's a Rock Star Tonight Spiv Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Bass
2001 Give the People What We Want: Songs of the Kinks Vocals, Guitar
2001 Humblin' (Across America) Orange Humble Band Vocals
2001 Imitation of Life R.E.M. Musician
2001 Marmalized Steamkings Vocal Harmony
2001 Nice Cheekbones and a Ph.D. The Posies Composer
2001 Reveal R.E.M. Musician
2001 Six Years of Power Pop! Vocals, Guitar, Composer
2001 Touched Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist, Composer
2000 Alive Before the Iceberg The Posies Liner Notes, Vocals, Guitar, Text, Composer
2000 At Least, At Last The Posies Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Composer
2000 Dream All Day: The Best of the Posies The Posies Vocals, Guitar, Composer
2000 Happy Meals, Vol. 2: The Perfect Marriage Producer
2000 Houston Party Compilation: Houston, Spain Composer
2000 In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In The Posies Composer
2000 Is There Something on Your Mind? The Drowners Guest Artist, Vocals (Background)
2000 King James Version Harvey Danger Vocals (Background), Primary Artist
2000 Let's Talk About Leftovers Lagwagon Vocals, Guitar
2000 South of Boredom Beezewax Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar
2000 The Great Beyond R.E.M. Musician
2000 Wild and Wooly: The Northwest Rock Collection Composer
1999 A Tribute to the Left Banke: Shadows Breaking Over Our Heads Producer, Primary Artist
1999 Cafe Bleu [Modern World/Caroline] Composer
1999 It Goes Without Saying: An Instrumental Compilation Piano
1999 Man on the Moon Musician
1999 Rehearsals for Departure Damien Jurado Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Concertina, Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
1999 Rockin' Poppin' Favourites Peter Bagge Composer
1998 Ask Anybody Swirl 360 Guitar, Composer
1998 Assorted Creams Orange Humble Band Vocals
1998 Carelessly Restored Art Donovan's Brain Mixing
1998 Fresh Fruits for the Liberation Sky Cries Mary Bass
1998 Odd Man Out Carpe Wade Guest Artist, Vocals (Background)
1998 Scrapin' for Hits The Squirrels Vocals (Background)
1998 Success The Posies Vocals, Guitar, Composer
1997 Double Plaidinum Lagwagon Producer, Liner Notes, Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Woodwind, Brass, Guitar (Rhythm)
1997 Poptopia! Power Pop Classics of the '90s Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Composer
1997 The Lonesome Death of Buck McCoy The Minus 5 Vocals
1997 This Sounds Like Goodbye Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist, Photography, Back Cover, Cover Photo, Composer
1996 A Small Circle of Friends: A Germs Tribute Vocals, Guitar
1996 Amazing Disgrace The Posies Vocals, Guitar, Composer
1996 Buy-Product 2: Brief Encounters Composer
1996 Come and Get It: A Tribute to Badfinger Vocals, Guitar
1996 Georgia [Original Soundtrack] Performer, Primary Artist
1996 Hype! Composer
1996 Interbabe Concern Loud Family Guest Artist, Composer
1996 Scream Vocals
1996 Swagalicious Composer
1995 Old Liquidator The Minus 5 Guitar, Harmonica, Bassoon, Piano, Vibraphone, Drums, Vocals (Background), Bass, Guitar (Rhythm), Associate Producer
1995 Sing Hollies in Reverse Vocals, Guitar, Organ
1995 Spanaway Seaweed Vocals
1994 Alternation Composer
1994 Answer the Phone Dummy Fastbacks Guest Artist
1994 DGC Rarities, Vol. 1 Composer
1994 Reality Bites Guitar, Vocals (Background), Composer
1994 The Tape of Only Linda Loud Family Vocals, Guitar, Vocals (Background)
1994 The World of the Zombies Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals (Background), Choir/Chorus, Group Member
1994 Yellow Pills, Vol. 2: More of the Best of American Pop Vocals, Guitar, Composer
1993 (Still on The) Eve of Destruction P.F. Sloan Vocals (Background)
1993 Blinding Sun Mudhoney Organ
1993 Columbia: Live at Missouri University, 4/25/93 Big Star Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Bass
1993 Dream All Day The Posies Vocals, Guitar, Composer
1993 Frosting on the Beater The Posies Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Bass, Composer
1993 Gone to the Moon Fastbacks Vocals (Background)
1993 Solar Sister The Posies Vocals, Guitar, Composer
1993 You Gotta Sin to Get Saved Maria McKee Guest Artist, Vocals (Background)
1992 20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash Hit Explosions! Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass
1992 Piece of Cake Mudhoney Organ
1992 Tannis Root Presents: Freedom of Choice Organ
1992 Time Takes Time Ringo Starr Composer
1991 Heidi Jimmy Silva & The Goats Vocals
1991 Island of Circles: A Nettwork Compilation Donovan Vocals, Guitar, Bass
1991 Submerge Yourself in Sound Composer
1991 Suddenly Mary The Posies Vocals, Guitar, Composer
1990 Dear 23 The Posies Composer
1990 What Gives? The Squirrels Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Handclapping, Vocals (Background)
1988 2 Steps from the Middle Ages Game Theory Liner Notes
1988 Failure The Posies Producer, Composer, Primary Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Drums, Shaker, Tambourine, Handclapping, Bass, Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Group Member, Quotation Author
1972 Guess Who B.B. King Composer
#2 Record Holly Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Always Ok Superscope Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Bar Lounge Deluxe Composer
Eternally Undone White Flag Composer
FM Collective FM Collective Producer
Fragile State Gretchen's Wheel Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Here Comes Reign Again: Second British Invasion Primary Artist
Idle Intuition Max Bouratoglou Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass, Composer, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 10 Producer
International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 17 Engineer, Producer
No Tears in July/10 Years The Maldives / Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist
Reality Bites: 10th Anniversary Edition Composer, Guitar, Vocals (Background)
The Record Holly & Ken / Ken Stringfellow Primary Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass, Composer