Ken Paulakovich


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Year Album Artist
2014 Playlist: The Offspring's Greatest Hits The Offspring Engineer
2010 Rising from the Grave Helstar Assistant Engineer
2008 Serpent Temptation Opprobrium Mixing
2007 Ignorance/Surf Nicaragua Sacred Reich Assistant
2005 Greatest Hits The Offspring Engineer
2005 Trilogy: Classic Albums Blue Rodeo Assistant Engineer
2003 105.9 KLZR the Lazer: Big Sandwich Producer, Engineer
2003 On the Bright Side Tom DeMasters Producer, Engineer
2000 Jukebox Heroes: The Foreigner Anthology Foreigner Assistant Engineer
2000 Moving Parts Kim Bennett Producer, Engineer
1998 Shades of Country Blues C.D. Morris Engineer
1998 Under the Influence Linda Shell Engineer
1997 3 Faces Millage Gilbert Mixing
1997 Le Hot Show Elliot Kendall Engineer
1997 M.O.M., Vol. 2: Music for Our Mother Ocean Engineer, Mixing
1996 Hammer of Gods Angelcorpse Producer, Engineer
1995 Can't Fool God The Whitney Singers Engineer
1995 Hymns & Voices Engineer
1995 Receiving the Gift of Flavor The Urge Engineer, Mixing
1994 Metal Massacre, Vols. 8-9 Engineer
1994 Smash The Offspring Engineer
1993 Fishy Pants Muzza Chunka Engineer
1993 Ignition The Offspring Engineer, Mixing
1993 Only Sisters Can Do That The Pointer Sisters Mixing Assistant
1993 Start All Over Helen Baylor Assistant Engineer
1993 Terrified Quiet Riot Assistant Engineer
1992 Budspawn Wool Assistant Engineer
1992 Demons Down House of Lords Assistant Engineer
1992 Sala Brothers The Sala Brothers Engineer
1992 Snake Bite Love Zachary Richard Assistant Engineer
1992 The Very Best...And Beyond Foreigner Assistant Engineer
1991 A Dozen Roses: Greatest Hits Desert Rose Band Assistant Engineer
1991 Awake in a Dream Eleven Assistant Engineer
1991 It's All About to Change Travis Tritt Assistant Engineer
1991 Kryptonita Miguel Mateos Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1991 Let It Scream The Scream Engineer
1991 School of Fish School of Fish Engineer
1991 Temptation Sweet F.A. Assistant Engineer
1990 Family Jackson Family Engineer
1990 Guitar Trouble Tommy Conwell & the Young Rumblers Assistant
1990 Pages of Life Desert Rose Band Assistant Engineer
1990 Violent by Nature Atrophy Engineer
1989 Higher Ground Vernessa Mitchell Assistant Engineer
1989 Introducing Tammy Lindsay Tammy Lindsay Editing Engineer
1989 Thrash Zone D.R.I. Assistant Engineer
1988 Distant Thunder Helstar Assistant Engineer
1988 Four of a Kind D.R.I. Assistant Engineer
1988 No Place for Disgrace Flotsam and Jetsam Assistant Engineer
1988 Saints Will Conquer Armored Saint Assistant Engineer
1987 Crossover D.R.I. Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1987 Ignorance Sacred Reich Assistant Engineer
1987 The Bitch Is Back Bitch Assistant Engineer
1986 Doomsday for the Deceiver Flotsam and Jetsam Assistant Engineer
Shining Knight Grame Grace Assistant Engineer