Keba Konte


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Year Album Artist
2008 Push Rashaan Ahmad Design
2005 The Thug in Me Spice 1 Cover Photo
2004 Saul Williams Saul Williams Photography
2002 Even Closer Goapele Cover Art
2000 I Shoot This Greedy Photography
1998 Concrete Jungle Mr. King Jungle Photography
1998 Still a Nigga G-Lo Photography
1998 Trigonometry Mr. No No / Saafir Photography
1997 Big Moves The Delinquents Photography
1997 Girlfriend Shanelle Photography
1997 Have Heart Have Money Mossie Photography
1997 Jive's Unreleased Masters for the Children's Health Fund, Vol. 1 Photography
1997 Mr. Lunasicc Lunasicc Photography
1997 One Life 2 Live C-BO Photography
1997 Tru Vision TV Photography
1996 Fo tha Money Mafiosos Photography
1996 Hemp Museum B-Legit Photography
1996 High Performance Kollision Photography
1996 Life of a Kingpin King George Photography
1996 Livin' Kinda Lavish Seff Tha Gaffla Photography
1996 Mission Complete Tha Grope 1 Photography
1996 Paper Chasin Suga T Photography
1996 Tha Hall of Game E-40 Photography
1995 99 Ways to Die Master P Photography
1995 Deep N Tha Game Lil Ric Photography
1995 Down 4 Tha Cause Fast 1 Photography
1995 Dwellin' in tha Labb JT the Bigga Figga Photography
1995 Game Related The Click Photography
1995 In a Major Way E-40 Photography
1995 Killa Kali Celly Cel Photography
1995 Late Night at the Upper Room Midnight Voices Photography
1995 Operation Stackola The Luniz Photography
1995 Takin' Ends DMS Photography
1995 Tales From the Crypt C-BO Photography
1995 The Hogg in Me Photography
1995 True Tru Photography
1994 Ghetto Blues Marvaless Photography
1994 Heat 4 Yo Azz Celly Cel Photography
1994 Straight out the Labb [1994] Get Low Playaz Photography
1994 The Autopsy C-BO Photography
1994 XXXtra Mannish Little Bruce Photography
1993 Creeper Creeper Photography