Julio Peña


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Year Album Artist
2010 Vintage Vinos Keith Richards Assistant Engineer
2008 Pagina de Buenos Aires Fernando Otero Engineer
2008 Paul Kirkby: 4 Sonatas Engineer
2007 A World Of Parachute Play Engineer
2007 A to Z, The Animals and Me Engineer
2007 Fittersitter Engineer
2007 Rock 'N Roll Fitness Fun Engineer
2006 Lua Do Arpoador Leny Andrade Mixing
2006 Walking with My Bass Nilson Matta Engineer
2004 Favorite Songs for Kids Engineer
2004 Musical Scarves Georgiana Stewart Engineer
2004 People, Places, and Flings Chuck Coleman Engineer
2003 White Flag Joe Mannix Producer, Engineer
2002 Righteous! The Essential Collection The Holmes Brothers Assistant Engineer
2001 Brazilian Duos Luciana Souza Engineer
2001 Come to California Mannix Engineer, Mixing
2001 Dance Party Fun Engineer
2001 Four Baby Bumblebees: Classic Singable Songs Engineer
2001 Handful of Rain/Dead Winter Dead Savatage Engineer
2001 Here Is Thumbkin: More Action Songs Engineer
2001 Hi-Octane Coffee Lili Añel Engineer
2001 Nursery Rhyme Time Engineer
2001 Salsa, Soul & Swing: Dances Engineer
2000 A Classic Christmas Michael Barry Engineer, Associate Producer
2000 Aerobic Power For Kids Lee Campbell-Towell Engineer
2000 All-Time Favorite Dances Engineer
2000 Bean Bag Rock and Roll Engineer
2000 Cars, Trucks & Trains Engineer
2000 Children's Folk Dances Georgiana Stewart Engineer
2000 Cool Aerobics for Kids Engineer
2000 Five Little Monkeys Engineer
2000 Gotta Dance! Engineer
2000 Motown Dances Engineer
2000 Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun Engineer
2000 Six Little Ducks [Kimbo] Engineer
2000 Songs About Insects, Bugs & Squiggly Things Engineer
2000 Where Is Thumbkin? Engineer
1999 Cowboy Rumba Ned Sublette Engineer
1999 Lubambo Romero Lubambo Engineer
1999 Series de Ficcion Leonardo de Lozanne Assistant Engineer
1998 En la Puta Calle Caco Senante Editing
1998 Get This New York Ska Jazz Ensemble Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1998 Holiday Piggyback Songs Engineer
1998 New York State of the Blues Michael Hill Engineer
1998 Sueños Manuel Mauricio Guerrero Engineer
1998 Sun and the Rain Jeff Lopez Engineer
1996 Blackburst Psycho-Acoustic Elliott Sharp/Zeena Parkins Engineer
1996 Rosa de los Vientos Rubén Blades Mixing
1996 Welcome to the Dollhouse Engineer
1995 Americana Boca Livre Mixing, Recording Technician
1995 Cabarute New York Tango Trio Engineer, Mixing
1995 Dead Winter Dead Savatage Engineer
1995 Jazz to the World Engineer, Mixing
1995 Peace Pieces Herbie Mann Engineer
1995 Piggyback Songs Engineer
1995 Stan Samole Stan Samole Assistant Engineer
1995 Todo a Su Tiempo Marc Anthony Engineer
1994 Black Orpheus Trio da Paz Engineer
1994 Bop 'n' Blues Cornell Dupree Engineer
1994 La Salsa De Espana Jaime Rovira Engineer
1994 Lucky Stiff [Studio Cast] Engineer, Mixing
1994 The Vineyard Sound, Vol. 1 Engineer
1994 Unsung Musicals Engineer
1993 Cabaret Noel: A Broadway Cares Christmas [2-CD Set] Assistant Engineer
1993 Fire of Freedom Black 47 Engineer
1992 Beyond Words Mark Egan Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1992 Black 47 Black 47 Engineer
1992 Focus on Glory Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir Assistant Engineer
1992 Loudness Loudness Engineer
1992 Main Offender Keith Richards Audio Engineer
1991 Colors Paul Rebhan Engineer, Mixing
1991 Hearts of Fire New York Voices Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1991 Language & Love Joyce Engineer
1991 Runs in the Fam-Lee The Fam-Lee Engineer
1991 Where It's At The Holmes Brothers Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1990 Back from Hell Run-D.M.C. Engineer
1990 Music Inside Joyce Assistant Engineer
1990 You Won't Forget Me Shirley Horn Assistant Engineer
1989 Halloween Fun Engineer
1989 Moonstone Toninho Horta Assistant Engineer
1989 Opalescence Herbie Mann Assistant Engineer
1989 Teevee Toons: The Commercials Engineer
1988 Talk Is Cheap Keith Richards Engineer, Audio Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Children Of The World Georgiana Stewart Engineer
Joining Hands With Other Lands Jackie Weissman Engineer
Moving with Mozart Engineer
Patriotic Songs And Marches Dennis Buck Engineer
Preschool Action Time: Activities and Finger Plays Carol Totsky Hamett Assistant Engineer