John Macy


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Year Album Artist
2015 Hand In Hand Richie Furay Producer, Engineer
2013 Flowing Free Forever/Lone Wolf/Peaks, Valleys, Honky-Tonks & Alleys Michael Murphey Guitar (Steel)
2013 Have Harmony, Will Travel Carla Olson Engineer
2012 Circles Around the Sun Dispatch Engineer
2011 Beautiful Empty Blinding Flashes of Light / John Common Engineer, Mixing
2010 Tin Can Trust Los Lobos Engineer
2010 When Everything Breaks Open Matt Morris Engineer
2009 Alive Richie Furay / Richie Furay Band Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2009 Hang in the Balance Craig Donaldson Producer, Engineer, Guitar (Steel)
2009 Punchline Boulder Acoustic Society Engineer, Mixing
2008 And Then We Turned Sideways Hello Kavita Guest Artist, Pedal Steel
2008 Magia del Pozo Ramón Salgado Engineer, Guitar (Steel)
2008 No Mas Guerra Ramón Salgado Engineer
2008 Rekindled Lo Torc Guitar (Steel)
2008 Uncorked: Sounds Of The Wine Country Engineer, Mixing
2008 Water On Stone Rebecca Folsom Mixing, Recording
2007 Imagine Christmas Adele Morgan Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2007 Live In The Spirit Dave LeMieux Overdub Engineer
2006 Come On Kerry Conner / Debbie Milligan Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2006 Country Man Jim Stricklan Producer, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel)
2006 I Would For You Pete Martinez Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2006 Make a Little Magic/Jealousy The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Pedal Steel
2006 Midnight Rodeo Halden Wofford Engineer, Mixing
2006 Product for American Radio Starfuzz Mixing
2006 Rekha Rekha Ohal Mixing
2006 Stand Up Girl [EP] Angie Stevens Engineer, Mixing, Lap Steel Guitar
2006 Stand Up Girl, Vol. 2 [EP] Angie Stevens Engineer, Mixing
2006 The Bluing of the Sky The Blackthorn Project Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel), Weissenborn
2006 The Heartbeat of Love Richie Furay Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Main Personnel, Guitar (Steel), Overdubs
2006 This Foolish Music George Inai Engineer, Mixing, Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2006 Where Roots Run Deep Bethany Zill Pedal Steel
2005 Do All You Can Devotion Engineer, Mixing
2005 I Am Sure Richie Furay Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel), Overdubs
2005 I Choose You Crossroads Band Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2005 Walker Williams Walker Williams Producer
2004 Doxologic Kerry Conner Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2004 Nobody's Fool The Mitguards Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 One Good Reason Legacy Quartet Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2004 Places Kip White Pedal Steel
2004 The Anastasis E.P. A.T.F. Engineer
2004 The Prize James Becker Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2004 Therapy for Heroes Xiren Mix Down
2004 Welcome to Woody Creek The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Engineer, Mixing
2004 You Are Food Starfuzz Mixing, Pedal Steel, Overdubs
2003 I Hear You Knockin' Pete Martinez Producer, Engineer
2003 Intention Devotion Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2003 Kory Brunson Kory Brunson Engineer, Mixing
2003 Losing November Losing November Mixing, Overdub Engineer
2003 Nothing Left to Prove Danny Oertli Engineer, Guitar (Steel), Digital Editing
2003 On a Night Like This - A Crossroads Christmas Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2003 Portraits and Paradigms Tanya Low Engineer
2003 Shauna Shauna Chandra Engineer, Track Engineer
2003 Steve Manshel Stephen Thomas Manshel Pedal Steel
2003 We Are Healing Devotion Engineer, DJ
2002 A Simple Offering Rebecca Mesple Engineer
2002 At The Water's Edge Brenda Harp Mixing
2002 Bound and Born Dustin Bogue Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel), Mastering
2002 Dreams of India Mike Smith Remastering, Editing, Executive Producer
2002 Dying Man Soren Mixing
2002 Late Night Radio Ian Perishe Engineer, Mixing
2002 Same Moon The Mitguards Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Pedal Steel
2002 Sepia Soul: The Best of Jon Chandler Jon Chandler Producer, Guitar (Steel)
2002 Southern Rock Christmas Engineer, Mixing
2002 Welcome To Cabana Land The Tropicoolas Pedal Steel
2002 What Kind of Cat Are You?! Billy Jonas Mixing
2001 A Little Bit Closer Matt Long Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
2001 Across the Sky Rebecca Folsom Engineer
2001 Honey Rock Todd Warren Engineer, Mixing, Pedal Steel
2001 In the Hour Newcomers Home Engineer, Pedal Steel
2001 Live Buddy Emmons Engineer
2001 Northern Light Danny Daniels Engineer, Mixing
2001 With One Hope The Crossroads Worship Band Engineer, Mixing
2000 All Who Trust in the Lord Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Cold Blue Steel Chuck Lettes Producer, Mixing, Bass, Percussion Overdubs
2000 Just One Man Stan Sinclair Engineer, Mixing
2000 Lucky Man Blair Joyce Engineer, Mixing
2000 North Metro Worship, Vol. 1: Rock of My Salvation Engineer, Guitar (Steel)
2000 Only a Memory Away Alice Kaye Pedal Steel
2000 Sing One for the Cowboy Sons of the San Joaquin Mixing
2000 Toward the Western Sky John David Webster Engineer, Guitar (Steel)
2000 Upon an Instrument of Twelve Strings James & John Engineer, Liner Notes
1999 Be Ready Boys: Appalachia to Abilene Norman Blake / Rich O'Brien Mixing
1999 Calvary Chapel Music Praise, Vol. 1: Give Thanks to the Lord Engineer, Mixing, Coordination
1999 Calvary Chapel Music Praise, Vol. 2: Until You Retun Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
1999 Calvary Chapel Music Praise, Vol. 3: There Is a River Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 Calvary Chapel Music Praise, Vol. 4 Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 Calvary Chapel Worship Alive, Vol. 2 Engineer, Art Direction, Mixing Engineer
1999 Collecting Empties Rainville Pedal Steel
1999 Crossraods Worship - Sing to the Living God, Vol. 2 Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1999 In God We Trust, Vol. 3 Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Art Direction
1999 Praise, Vol. 6: Shout for Joy Producer, Engineer
1999 The Road Home Brenda Harp Mixing, Production Concept
1999 The West of Jim Stricklan Jim Stricklan Engineer, Musician
1999 Westerns Jon Chandler Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1999 When I Walk With You: Praise, Vol. 5 Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Live Monsters Big Head Todd & the Monsters Pedal Steel
1998 Messenger Firefall Assistant Engineer
1998 Willow Tree Linda Storey Engineer, Mixing, Pedal Steel
1997 All the Colors Jim Salestrom Engineer, Mixing, Pedal Steel
1997 In My Father's House Richie Furay Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel), Musician
1997 Messenger Jim Salestrom Producer, Assistant Engineer
1997 Sings Patsy Cline Melissa Swift-Sawyer Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1997 The Christmas Album The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Engineer
1996 Changes in the Heart Richard Dean Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel), Dobro
1996 Go Tell It on the Mountain [Calvary] Mixing
1996 Greg Nuebel Greg Nuebel Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1996 I Come to the Cross Harvest Worship Band Mixing
1996 Keepers of the Flame Jon Chandler Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1996 One Horse Stranger Doug Whaley Mixing, Pedal Steel
1995 Edge of the Storm Celeste Krenz Mixing, Pedal Steel
1995 Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin Pedal Steel
1995 I Won't Settle for Less Maree McRae Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1995 River of Madness Steve Conn Engineer, Mixing
1995 Slow Burning Flame Celeste Krenz Guest Artist, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1994 Acoustic The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Engineer, Audio Engineer
1994 Inside a Tear Terri Lynn Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Pedal Steel, Mastering
1994 Out West of Laramie Jon Chandler Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1994 Praise Collection Danny Daniels Engineer, Mixing, Tracking
1994 Songs the Angels Sing Engineer, Mixing
1993 Cowboy Like Me Matt McKinney Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
1993 Dance Crazy Monkey Siren Mixing
1993 Sugar Plums: Holiday Treats from Sugar Hill Engineer
1992 Strength The Violet Burning Engineer, Mixing
1992 Tomorrow's Calling Julie Meyer Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1991 Hearts on Fire Danny Daniels Engineer, Mixing, Digital Mastering
1991 Never Too Late Tom Stipe Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Slide Guitar, Pedal Steel
1991 Praise in the Streets Bluestone Band Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Pedal Steel
1990 The Muses' Call Jeff Warren Engineer, Mixing
1985 Drifter's Wind Chuck Pyle Guitar (Steel), Dobro
1983 Why Lady Why Gary Morris Guitar (Steel)
1981 Jealousy The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Guitar (Steel)
1980 Make a Little Magic The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Guitar (Steel)
1980 You'll Never Get Away with It Craig Donaldson Engineer, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel)
1977 Nitty Gritty Ibbotson Jimmy Ibbotson Guitar (Steel)
1977 Stallion Stallion Guitar (Steel)
1976 Flowing Free Forever Michael Martin Murphey Guitar (Steel)
Dancing on the Moon Lisa Bell Engineer
Dream A Little Dream Katie Glassman / Snapshot Guest Artist, Pedal Steel
Leavin' On the Special Danny Daniels Mixing, Pedal Steel Guitar
Live Worship Plumbline Engineer, Mastering
Restless Susie Fitzgerald Pedal Steel
Roots and Groove Whitewater Ramble Guitar (Steel)
Shades of Life Incidental Engineer, Mixing
Something Borrowed Something Blue New Ben Franklins Pedal Steel Guitar
Something Old Something New New Ben Franklins Pedal Steel Guitar
The Grand Dame Of The Rockies Jon Chandler Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Steel)
Vol. 2 The Quiet American Engineer