John Luther Adams

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John Luther Adams is an American composer, known for music that is inspired by the landscapes and sounds of Alaska.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Strange and Sacred Noise, 6 pieces for percussion quartet 1991 Chamber Music
Songbirdsongs, for 2 piccolos & 3 percussionists 1979 Chamber Music
Sky with Four Suns, for chorus (or string quartet) 2010 Choral
Dark Wind, for bass clarinet, vibraphone, marimba & piano 2001 Chamber Music
In a Treeless Place, Only Snow, for string quartet, piano, celeste & 2 vibraphones 1999 Chamber Music
Red Arc/Blue Veil, for piano, mallet percussion & processed sounds 2002 Chamber Music
The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies, for solo percussion & processed sounds 2002 Chamber Music
Earth and the Great Weather: A Sonic Geography of the Arctic 1990 Miscellaneous (Classical)
At the still point, soundscape Electronic/Computer Music
Strange Birds Passing, for ensemble 1983 Chamber Music
Three High Places, for violin 2007 Chamber Music
Four Thousand Holes, for bells, vibraphone, piano & electronics Chamber Music
The Light that Fills the World 1998 Orchestral
The Far Country of Sleep, for orchestra Orchestral
...and bells remembered..., for ensemble Chamber Music
Cathedrals in the Desert, for chorus, cello & percussion (for collaborative film score "The Colorado") Choral Film Score
Dark Waves, for 2 pianos & electronics 2007 Keyboard
Dream of the Canyon Wren, for string quartet 2013 Chamber Music
In a room, soundscape Electronic/Computer Music
Qilyuan, for 4 bass drums (or bass drum with digital delay) 1998 Chamber Music
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