John A. Schaefer


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Year Album Artist
2009 Around the World in a Daze [DVD Audio/DVD Video] Phil Kline Liner Notes
2008 Douglas J. Cuomo: Arjuna's Dilemma Douglas J. Cuomo Liner Notes
2008 Elodie Lauten: The Death of Don Juan Elodie Lauten Liner Notes
2008 Stories from the City at Night Pete Wyer Radio Voice
2005 Harmonic Meditations David Hykes Liner Notes
2004 In Retrospect: 1980-2003 David Parsons Liner Notes
2003 Adagio: A Windham Hill Collection Liner Notes
2003 Gigantic Dancing Human Machine: Bang on a Can Plays Louis Andriessen Bang on a Can Producer
2003 Guitar Harvest, Vol. 1 Producer, Liner Notes
2003 Music of Laos: The Buddhist Tradition Liner Notes, Annotation
2003 The Complete 10-Inch Series from Cold Blue Liner Notes
2001 Day of the Race Sofa Kit XL Engineer
2001 Inside the Taj Mahal, Vol. 1-2 Paul Horn Liner Notes
2001 New York City: Global Beat of the Boroughs - Music From New York City's Ethnic.... Producer
2000 A Cuba Without Borders Liner Notes
2000 Appalachian Journey Yo-Yo Ma / Edgar Meyer / Mark O'Connor Liner Notes
2000 Dance into Eternity Omar Faruk Tekbilek Producer, Sequencing, Music Selection, Annotation
2000 Rhythm in the Abstract Michael Askill Liner Notes, Sequencing
1999 Music and Architecture: The Sound Inside Compilation Producer, Sequencing, Music Selection, Annotation
1999 Pictures of Motion Ken Field Liner Notes
1998 Music of Islam, Vol. 10: Qur'an Recitation Liner Notes, Music Annotation
1998 The Music of Islam [Box] Annotation, Music Annotation
1997 Best of Ellipsis Arts Producer
1997 Invocation Producer, Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation
1997 Music of Armenia, Vol. 5: Composers Liner Notes
1997 Music of Islam, Vol. 14: Mystic Music Through Ages Liner Notes, Music Annotation
1997 Music of Islam, Vol. 9: Mawlawiyah Music of the Whirling Dervishes Galata Mevlevi Liner Notes
1997 The Best of Ellipsis Arts: Big Bang Producer
1997 The Music of Armenia [Box] Liner Notes
1997 The Music of Armenia, Vol. 6: Nagorno-Karabakh Liner Notes
1997 The Time Is Now: Words of Melody Sumner Carnahan Melody Sumner Carnahan Producer
1996 A Different Mozart Liner Notes
1996 Garland Hirschi's Cows Philip Bimstein Introduction
1996 Music of Armenia, Vol. 2: Sharakan/Medieval Music Liner Notes
1996 Music of Armenia, Vol. 3: Duduk Liner Notes
1996 Music of Armenia, Vol. 4: Kanon/Traditional Zither Music Karineh Hovhannessian Liner Notes
1996 The Soul Alone: Art of the Solo Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Sequencing, Music Selection
1995 Anthology of Chant Liner Notes
1995 Music of Armenia, Vol. 1: Sacred Choral Music Liner Notes
1995 Music of Vietnam [Celestial Harmonies] Liner Notes
1994 Africa Paul Horn Liner Notes
1994 Asia Music Liner Notes, Sequencing, Selection
1994 Bach Variations: A W.H. Sampler Liner Notes
1994 Music of Cambodia [Celestial Harmonies] Commentary
1994 Romantic Approach: A Special Collection of 20th Century American Music Sequencing
1994 The Big Bang: In the Beginning Was a Drum Producer
1994 The Music of Cambodia: Solo Instrumental Music, Vol. 3 Liner Notes, Commentary
1994 The Music of Vietnam, Vol. 1.1 Commentary
1994 The Music of Vietnam, Vol. 1.2 Liner Notes
1993 The Music of Cambodia: 9 Gong Gamelan, Vol. 1 Liner Notes
1993 The Music of Cambodia: Royal Court Music, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
1991 Michael Torke: One Baltimore Symphony Orchestra / David Zinman Interviewer
1989 Brazilian Images Paul Horn Liner Notes
1988 Speaking in Tongues Matthew Patton Liner Notes
E-Town Live Sequencing, Song Selection
Images of Metheny Jason Vieaux Liner Notes