Johann Schrammel

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Perhaps the most lasting impact that the relatively short-lived Johann Schrammel had upon the musical world was through his participation in the Schrammel Trio, an intimate performance ensemble that he…
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Year Title
D-Tanze Orchestral Dance
Depeschen an den Teufel Chamber Music Dance
Eljen A Stefanie Miscellaneous (Classical)
Eugenie, walz Miscellaneous (Classical)
Feuerwehr Ball, Op 97 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Fiaker Galopp Orchestral Galop
Frisch gewagt Miscellaneous (Classical)
Frühlingsgrüss an Pauline Miscellaneous (Classical)
Hallodrie, Polka Schnell Orchestral Polka
Hans Richter March Orchestral March
Hechtl March Orchestral March
Im Kaffeehaus, polka Miscellaneous (Classical) Polka
Im Wiener Dialekt Orchestral Waltz
In arte Voluptas Orchestral
Jagdabenteuer Miscellaneous (Classical)
Kunst und Natur, march Miscellaneous (Classical) March
Launenhaft Orchestral
Das letzte Glöcklein, for chamber orchestra Orchestral
Die letzte Komposition, Op.177 Orchestral
Lumpen, polka Miscellaneous (Classical) Polka
Meran March Orchestral March
Mongengruß (Morning Greeting), waltz for chamber orchestra Orchestral
Musikalisches Farbenspiel Chamber Music Tone Poem
Nussdorfer March (or "Nußdorfer Walzer"), for orchestra Orchestral March
Österreicher Lansturm-Marsch Miscellaneous (Classical) March
Reiterlieder Vocal Music Song
S'gibt nur a Weaner Luft March Orchestral March
Der Schwalbe Gruß (The Swallow's Greeting), song for voice & chamber orchestra Vocal Music
Sei weider guat Miscellaneous (Classical)
Tratscherei, polka française Chamber Music Polka
Vacat Marsch, for band Band Music
Vindobona, die Perle von Osterreich Miscellaneous (Classical)
Was Österreich ist, song Vocal Music
Weana Gmüath Miscellaneous (Classical)
1884 Wien bleibt Wien, march for band Band Music March
Wien-Berlin Miscellaneous (Classical)
Wiener Faiker, Op 104 Orchestral
Wiener Heurigen-Tänze Chamber Music Dance
Wiener Künstler Miscellaneous (Classical)