Joe Petagno


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Year Album Artist
2016 Decision Day Sodom Cover Art
2016 The Empire Vader Cover Art
2013 The Headless Ritual Autopsy Cover Art
2012 Complete Early Years Motörhead Logo
2009 Majesty The Black Dahlia Murder Cover Art
2009 Possessor Rusty Eye Cover Illustration
2009 Power, Purity, Perfection Satan's Host Cover Art
2008 Great American ScapeGoat 666 Satan's Host Cover Art
2008 Into Abaddon Saviours Cover Art
2008 Let the Empires Fall Grimbane Cover Art
2007 Death Brigade Avenger of Blood Cover Painting
2007 Road of Bones Ignitor Cover Art
2006 Stage Fright Motörhead Graphic Design, Cover Art
2006 The RCA Years The Kinks Illustrations
2006 Tyranny Damage Case Cover Art
2005 I, Infidel Ritual Carnage Artwork
2004 Devastation Serpent Obscene Cover Art
2003 Angelic Vengeance Wykked Wytch Cover Art
2003 Chill-out or Die Würzel Cover Art
2003 Ocean of Blasphemy Thorium Cover Art
2003 Stone Deaf Forever! Motörhead Cover Painting
2002 A Thousand Deaths Diabolical Artwork
2002 Hammered Motörhead Illustrations, Concept, Cover Illustration
2001 Ageless Venomous Krisiun Illustrations, Cover Art
2001 Synergy Diabolical Cover Art
2001 Warlords of Hell Thy Infernal Cover Art
2000 Provenance of Cruelty Mactätus Cover Art
2000 Retro Illdisposed Cover Painting
2000 The Conquerors of Armageddon Krisiun Artwork
2000 We Are Motörhead Motörhead Concept, Cover Art Concept, Cover Art
1999 Born to Lose, Live to Win Motörhead Cover Art
1999 The Inexorable Angelcorpse Cover Art
1999 The Return of the Black Death Antestor Cover Painting
1998 Exterminate Angelcorpse Cover Art
1998 Protect the Innocent Motörhead Illustrations, Cover Design, Logo
1997 Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish Incantation Artwork
1997 Teen Beat, Vol. 4 Composer
1996 Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule Bal-Sagoth Cover Art
1987 Product of Imagination Paradox Paintings
1987 Rock 'N' Roll Motörhead Artwork
1986 Orgasmatron Motörhead Paintings, Cover Painting
1983 Another Perfect Day Motörhead Artwork, Logo
1979 Overkill Motörhead Artwork, Cover Art
1977 Motörhead Motörhead Design, Logo
1977 Paradise Ballroom Graeme Edge Band Cover Design
1976 Give Us a Wink Sweet Illustrations, Sleeve Design
1976 The Welsh Connection Man Cover Design
1975 Another Night The Hollies Illustrations
1975 The Kinks Present a Soap Opera The Kinks Illustrations, Cover Illustration, Original Cover Artwork
1975 Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Illustrations
1973 High on the Hog Black Oak Arkansas Illustrations
1973 Sufficiently Breathless Captain Beyond Illustrations
1973 The Brady Bunch Phonographic Album The Brady Bunch Illustrations
1972 The Kids from the Brady Bunch The Brady Bunch Illustrations
By the Hands of the Devil Satan's Host Cover Art
Celebration for the Love of Satan: 25th Anniversary Album Satan's Host Artwork
Extinction of Humanity Mammoth Grinder Cover Art
Glory Outshines Doom Slang Illustrations
Journey Blind The Magic Circle Paintings
Let's Raise Hell Attick Demons Cover Art
Live the Dream Ethan Brosh Cover Painting
Pre-Dating God, Vol. 1 Satan's Host Artwork
The Tempter's Victorious Perdition Temple Back Cover
Tired & Furious Raw Power Concept, Cover Art
To the Death Nervochaos Artwork, Cover Art