Jacek Wisniewski


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Year Album Artist
2009 Necropolis Vader Design, Cover Art
2008 Emanation from Below Deivos Design
2008 End of the Weakness Archeon Graphic Design
2008 Furor Arma Ministrat Dissenter Design, Layout Design, Cover Art
2008 Lead Us!!! Vader Design
2008 Red Revolution Anal Stench Design, Cover Art
2008 Ruman's Dust [DVD] Decapitated Artwork
2008 Stigmata of Life Spinal Cord Cover Art
2008 The Art of the Endless Creation Dies Irae Artwork
2008 The Journey into the Heart of Darkness Chainsaw Artwork
2008 XXV Vader Design, Cover Art
2007 Enraptured [DVD] Grave Artwork
2006 As Rapture Comes Grave Artwork, Cover Art
2006 Assassination Krisium / Krisiun Artwork, Cover Art
2006 DetermiNation Trauma Cover Art
2006 Organic Hallucinosis Decapitated Layout Design
2006 Primordial Domination Incantation Cover Art
2006 Rat Age Thy Disease Design, Cover Art
2006 Sculpture of Stone Dies Irae Design, Cover Art
2006 Victims Hate Design
2005 Armageddon's Evolution Crionics Design, Cover Design
2005 Chaostream Lost Souls Layout Design
2005 The Art of War Vader Design
2005 The Lair of the White Worm God Dethroned Cover Design
2004 Blackdoor Miracle Ragnarok Artwork, Layout Design
2004 Contamination Dissenter Design, Cover Art
2004 Elysium Christ Agony Design, Cover Art
2004 Fiendish Regression Grave Cover Art
2004 Firefrost Arcanum Vesania Graphic Design, Layout Design, Visual Design
2004 Human Error: Ways to Self Destruction Crionics Design, Cover Art
2004 Possessed by Reality Mutilation Design, Cover Art
2004 Stormbringer: Conjuration of the Nighthorde Throcult Cover Art
2004 The Beast Vader Design, Cover Art
2004 The Negation Decapitated Design, Cover Art
2004 Unbeliever's Script Sceptic Design
2004 Undead. Unholy. Divine. Thanatos Cover Art
2004 Under a Stone with No Inscription Anata Design, Cover Art
2003 Back from the Grave Grave Cover Art
2003 Black to the Blind and the Darkest Age-Live 93 Vader Design, Cover Art
2003 Blood/Reign Forever World Vader Design, Cover Art
2003 Chaos Incomplete Incapacity Cover Art
2003 Phorceful Ahead Symphorce Cover Design
2003 Rise to Power Monstrosity Cover Art
2003 Savage or Grace Sinister Cover Photo
2003 Soldiers of a Blackend War Throcult Cover Art
2003 The First Damned Decapitated Design, Cover Art
2003 The Secret Around Us Contempt Design, Cover Art
2003 Unleashing the Demons Thorium Cover Art
2003 Work of Destruction Belfegor Design, Cover Art
2003 Works of Carnage Krisiun Artwork, Cover Art
2002 Descension Serberus Artwork
2002 Ill Threat Parricide Layout Design, Imaging, Cover Art
2002 Liber Zar Zax Centurian Layout Design, Cover Art
2002 Nihility Decapitated Design, Cover Art
2002 Revelations Vader Design, Cover Art
2002 Superion Excommunion Layout Design, Cover Design
2002 The Sin War Dies Irae Design, Cover Art
2002 Used Earl Photography, Art Direction, Design
2001 Annihilation Rebaelliun Artwork, Cover Art
2001 Damnation Hades Cover Design
2001 Immolated Dies Irae Design, Cover Art
2001 Immortal Unholy Triumph Nephasth Cover Design, Sleeve Design
2001 Kingdom of Glacial Palaces Belfegor Cover Art
2001 Pathetic Being Sceptic Design, Cover Art
2001 Pictures of Pain Horrorscope Design, Cover Art
2001 Reign Forever World Vader Design, Cover Art
2000 Dreamlands Elysium Design, Cover Art
2000 Litany Vader Design, Cover Art
2000 Winds of Creation Decapitated Layout Design, Cover Art
1999 Contagion Prophecy Cover Design
1999 Live in Japan Vader Artwork, Design, Cover Art
1999 Magni Nominis Umbra Vim Patior Design
1998 Kingdom Vader Design, Cover Art
1994 Darkest Age: Live '93 Vader Design, Cover Art