Ignace Jan Paderewski

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Paderewski was one of the great Romantic pianists, with a career that seemed to bring the passions of the 19th century to life.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Menuet célèbre, humoresque de concert for piano in G major, Op. 14/1 1887 Keyboard
Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 17 1888 Concerto
Humoresques de concert (6), for piano, Op. 14 1884 Keyboard
Miscellanea, for piano, Op. 16 1887 Keyboard
Nocturne for piano in B flat major, Op. 16/4 Keyboard
Cracovienne fantastique (Krakowiak), humoresque de concert for piano, Op. 14/6 1884 Keyboard
Polish Fantasia on original themes, for piano & orchestra, Op. 19 1893 Concerto
Songs (6), for voice & piano, Op. 18 1892 Vocal Music
Mélodie, for piano in G flat major, Op. 16/2 Keyboard
Manru, opera, Op. 20 1900 Vocal Music
Melody, for piano (Chants du voyageur), Op. 8/3 1883 Keyboard
Tatra Album, for piano, Op. 12 1884 Keyboard
Chants du voyageur, for piano, Op. 8 1882 Keyboard
Piano Sonata in E flat minor, Op. 21 1903 Keyboard
Minuet in G major (with quartet) Chamber Music
Minuet(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sonata for violin & piano in A minor, Op. 13 1880 Chamber Music
Symphony in B minor, Op. 24 ("Polonia") 1907 Symphony
Thème varié, for piano, Op. 16/3 Keyboard
Polish Dances (6), for piano, Op. 9 1884 Keyboard
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