Hong Zhi Liang


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Year Album Artist
2009 The Essential Collection Tsai Chin Composer, Lyricist
2008 Back to Black Series: Lang Man Jing Dian Alan Tam Composer
2005 24K Mastersonic Compilation Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Alan Tam [DSD Series] Alan Tam Composer
2005 Fei Mai Pin Faye Wong Composer
2005 Live the Life Jacky Cheung Composer
2005 Mandarin Album Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Mastersonic - Special Edition Composer
2005 Mi Huo Alan Tam Composer
2005 My Lovely Legend Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Nong Qing Yin Yue He By Heart Composer
2005 Northern Wind Ho Chril Chang / Chang Ho Chirl Composer
2005 True Love for the Whole Life Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Warner 23rd Anniversary Greatest Hits Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Wong Fei Yin le He By Heart Composer
2005 Wong Jing Wen Faye Wong Composer
2005 Xiao Cheng Jing Dian Teresa Teng Composer
2003 Greatest Hits Faye Wong Composer
2002 All I Need Is You Sally Yeh Composer
2002 Zhen Jin Dian Teresa Teng Composer
2001 Shou Lin Ying Shi Ge Alan Tam Composer
2001 Wo Di Wong Fei Shi Dai [Taiwan Version] Faye Wong Composer
2000 Huai Nian Wu Nian: Teresa Teng Shi Shi Wu Zhou Teresa Teng Composer
2000 The Best Seller of Warner Music George Lam / Sally Yeh Composer
1999 Huan Qiu 2000 Chao Ju Xing XI Lie:Teresa Teng Teresa Teng Composer
1997 Ban Li Jin 88 Ji Pin Yin Se Xi Lie: Teresa Teng 3 Teresa Teng Composer
1997 Sally Yeh Mandarin 24K Mastersonic Compilation Sally Yeh Composer
1994 Joyful Song Chiang Yu-Heng Composer, Lyricist
1990 Words From the Bottom of My Heart Tracy Huang Composer, Lyricist
1989 My Dear Child Julie Su Composer, Lyricist
1989 The Silent Mother Julie Su Composer, Lyricist
1988 Dance of Fire Tsai Ching Composer, Lyricist
1987 A River of Time Tsai Ching Composer, Lyricist
1986 A Gambler Tracy Huang Composer, Lyricist
1985 Turn Around and Behold Julie Su Composer, Lyricist
Absolute Voice: Gold Typhoon Mandarin Edition Composer, Lyricist
Absolute Voices-Memory Composer
Ai Xiang Yi Shou Ge Tsai Chin / Chin Tsai Composer
Alan Tam X Hacken Lee Live 2013 Alan Tam Composer
Back to Black: Ban Meng Ban Xing Zhi Jian Alan Tam Composer
Back to Black: Wo Zhen De He Ta Men Bu Tong Alan Tam Composer
Back to Black: Xiang Wo Zhe Yang De Peng You Alan Tam Composer
Guo Yu Zhen Jing Dian Faye Wong Composer
Ji Pin Zhi Xuan Teresa Teng Composer
Julie Su Gh: Recollection Julie Su Composer, Lyricist
Love by Fate Julie Su Composer, Lyricist
Lovers in Heaven Teresa Teng Composer
Min Ge Cai Qin Tsai Chin / Chin Tsai Composer, Lyricist
Qing Ge Ji Ivana Wong Composer
Ren You Yi Ge Meng Xiang Vivian Lai Composer
The Essential Collection Tsai Ching Composer, Lyricist
Tsai Chin 2010 Hai Shang Liang Xiao Xiang Gang Yan Chan Hui Chin Tsai Composer