Herbert Brün

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Brün studied at the Jerusalem Conservatory and took a teaching position at the University of Illinois in 1963. He composes electronic and chamber music on the computer and has written several books on…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
I Told You So! for computer-generated tape Electronic/Computer Music
String Quartet No. 3 1963 Chamber Music
Sonoriferous Loops, for 5 instrumentalists & two-channel tape, Op. 32 1965 Chamber Music
Just Seven For Drum, for snare drum 1987 Chamber Music
U-TURN-TO, computer music 1980 Electronic/Computer Music
More Dust with percussion, for percussion trio & computer 1977 Electronic/Computer Music
Dustiny 1978 Electronic/Computer Music
String Quartet No. 2 1957 Chamber Music
Dust, computer music 1976 Electronic/Computer Music
Anepigraphe, for ensemble & tape 1957 Chamber Music
More Dust with percussion 1977 Electronic/Computer Music
Trio for flute, double bass & percussion 1964 Chamber Music
Plot, for percussion Chamber Music
More Dust, computer music 1977 Electronic/Computer Music
The Laughing Third, for piano 1995 Keyboard
at loose ends, for percussion ensemble 1974 Chamber Music
Piece of Prose, for ensemble & tape 1972 Chamber Music
Gestures for Eleven for chamber ensemble 1964 Chamber Music
A Mere Ripple, computer music 1979 Electronic/Computer Music
Pieces (5) for piano, Op. 1 Keyboard
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