Henry Brant

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One of the great iconoclasts within modern American music, Canadian-born composer Brant is a radical figure whose work is impossible to classify.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Ceremony, spatial event for 4 voices, violin, oboe, cello & orchestra 1954 Vocal Music Chamber Music
All Souls Carnival 1949 Orchestral
Music for an Imaginary Ballet 1946 Chamber Music
Hommage aux Frères Marx, three faithful portraits Chamber Music
A Concord Symphony, for orchestra (after Charles Ives' Concord Sonata) Orchestral
Angels and Devils for flute & orchestra 1931 Concerto
Music for a Five and Dime Store, for piano, violin & percussion 1932 Chamber Music
Pathways to Security: Ambulant Spatial Cantata 1990 Vocal Music
Ghost Nets, for double-bass & 2 instrumental groups 1988 Concerto
An Era Any Time of Year: A Walking Ceremony 1987 Vocal Music
Meteor Farm: A Spatial Concert of Ceremonies 1981 Orchestral Avant-Garde Music
Ghosts and Gargoyles, for flutes 2001 Chamber Music
Rainforest, an environmental spatial oratorio for 4 singers, 19 instrumentalists & 2 conductors Vocal Music
Autumn Hurricanes, A Spatial Cantata for Widely Seperated Vocal & Instrumental Groups 1986 Choral
Trinity of Spheres, for 3 orchestral groups & 3 conductors 1979 Orchestral
The 3-Way Canon Blues 1946 Choral
Inside Track, a spatial piano concerto 1982 Concerto
Homeless People, spatial event for prepared piano, accordion & string quartet 1993 Chamber Music
A Plan of the Air, for mutliple wind ensembles & 2 conductors 1975 Band Music
Dormant Craters, spatial events for 16 percussionists 1995 Chamber Music
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