Heinz Holliger

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Heinz Holliger is considered one of the world's leading oboe virtuosos, as well as a noted composer and conductor.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Scardanelli-Zyklus, after poems by Friedrich Hölderlin 1975 Choral
Partita, for piano 1999 Keyboard
Trema for solo viola (or cello or violin) 1981 Chamber Music
Elis: Nocturnes (3) for piano 1961 Keyboard
Studie über Mehrklänge, for oboe solo 1971 Chamber Music
Chaconne for cello solo Chamber Music
Romancendres, for cello & piano Chamber Music
Sonata for solo oboe 1956 Chamber Music
Ma'Mounia, for percussion & instrumental quintet 2002 Chamber Music
Präludium, Arioso & Passacaglia, for harp 1987 Chamber Music
Duo for violin & cello 1982 Chamber Music
Siebengesang, for oboe, orchestra, voices & loudspeaker Vocal Music
Sequences on John 1:32, for Harp 1962 Chamber Music
Rechant, for clarinet 2008 Chamber Music
COncErto...? Certo! - cOn soli pEr tutti, for orchestra 2000 Orchestral
String Quartet No. 2 2007 Chamber Music
Schneewittchen, opera 1997 Opera
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Beiseit, 12 songs from the poetry of Robert Walser for countertenor, clarinet, accordion & double bass 1990 Vocal Music
Partita (II) for harp Chamber Music
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