Hans Werner Henze

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Hans Werner Henze (born 1926) was among the most prolific and frequently performed German composers of his generation.
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Year Title
1992 Adagio, adagio, serenade, for violin, cello & piano Chamber Music Serenade
1965 Adagio, Fugue and Mänadentanz, suite from the opera "The Bassarids" Orchestral
1984 L'amour à mort, film score Film Score
1983 Un amour de Swann, film score Film Score
1960 Antifone, for 11 strings, winds & percussion Orchestral Open Form
1948 Apollo et Hyazinthus, "improvisations" for alto & chamber ensemble Vocal Music
1993 Appasionatamente plus, fantasy for orchestra (from opera "Gogo no eiko") Orchestral Suite from larger work
1963 Ariosi, for soprano, violin & orchestra (or piano, 4 hands) Vocal Music
1997 Aristaeus, for voice & orchestra Vocal Music
1983 Auden Songs (3), for tenor & piano Vocal Music
1977 L'autunno, for 5 wind instruments Chamber Music
1949 Ballet-Variationen, ballet Ballet
1979 Barcarola, for orchestra Orchestral
1964 The Bassarids, opera in 1 act Opera Opera
1963 Being Beauteous, for coloratura soprano, harp & 4 cellos Vocal Music Scene
1996 Boleros (7), for orchestra (from opera "Venus und Adonis") Orchestral
1951 Boulevard Solitude, lyric drama in 7 scenes Opera Opera
1993 An Brenton, for viola Chamber Music
1963 Cantata della fiaba estrema, for soprano, chamber chorus & 13 instruments Vocal Music
1982 Canzona, for for oboe, piano, harp, 3 violins & cello (on material from opera "The English Cat") Chamber Music
1976 Capriccio, for cello Chamber Music Capriccio
1974 Carillon, Récitatif, Masque, for guitar, mandolin & harp Chamber Music Character Piece
1980 Cherubino, miniatures (3) for piano Keyboard
1969 El Cimarrón, for baritone, flutes, guitar & percussion Vocal Music
1969 Compases para preguntas ensimismadas, for viola & 22 instruments Concerto
1947 Concertino, for piano, winds & percussion Concerto
1966 Concerto for Double Bass Concerto
1956 Concerto per il Marigny, for 9 instruments (withdrawn by the composer and reworked into "Requiem") Chamber Music
1958 Dithyramben (3), for chamber orchestra Orchestral
1966 Double Concerto, for oboe, harp & strings Concerto Concerto
1959 Elegy for Young Lovers, opera in 3 acts Opera Opera
1953 Das Ende einer Welt, radio opera (later revised for stage) Opera
1983 The English Cat, story for singers & instrumentalists in 2 acts Opera
1979 Epitaph, for cello solo Chamber Music
1996 Erlkönig, fantasy for orchestra (from balle "Le fils de l'air") Orchestral
1979 Étude Philharmonique, for violin Chamber Music Etude
1966 Fantasia, for strings or string sextet (from film "Der junge Törless") Orchestral
1994 For Reinhold, for piano Keyboard
1958 Fragments (3) of Hölderlin, for tenor & guitar Vocal Music
1971 Fragments from a Show, for brass quintet (from opera "Der langwierige Weg in die Wohnung der Natascha Ungeheurer") Chamber Music Brass Quintet
1990 Fünf Nachtstücke, for violin & piano Chamber Music
1997 Gesänge (6) aus dem Arabischen, for tenor & piano Vocal Music Song
2001 L'heure bleue, for 16 instruments Chamber Music Sinfonietta
1960 A Jewish Chronicle, for 2 speakers, alto, bass, chamber choir & chamber orchestra (collaborative work with 4 other composers) Choral
1964 Der junge Lord, comic opera in 2 acts Opera Opera
1966 Der junge Törless, for string sextet (arrangement of "Fantasia") Chamber Music
1946 Kammerkonzert, for piano, flute & strings Concerto
1958 Kammermusik 1958, for tenor, guitar & 8 solo instruments Vocal Music
1948 Kammersonate, for piano trio Chamber Music
2000 Ein kleines Potpourri, for flute, vibraphone, harp & piano (from the opera "Boulevard Solitude") Chamber Music Suite
1952 König Hirsch, opera in 3 acts (revised as "Il re cervo") Opera Opera
1951 Ein Landarzt, radio opera (later revised for stage) Opera
1977 Ländler, for violin solo (withdrawn by composer) Chamber Music
1963 Lucy Escott Variations, for harpsichord (or piano) Keyboard
1988 La mano sinistra, for piano Keyboard
1997 Märchenbilder (3), for guitar (arranged from the opera "Pollicino"; also arranged by J.Ruck for 2 guitars) Chamber Music
1978 Margareten-Walzer, for piano Keyboard
1970 Memorias de "El Cimarrón", for guitar (also arranged for 2 guitars) Chamber Music
1992 Minette, arranged by A.Pfeifer for descant zither, or by J.Ruck for 2 guitars (from opera "The English Cat") Chamber Music
1981 The Miracle of the Rose, for solo clarinet & large ensemble Concerto
1967 Moralities, morality plays (3) Opera Cantata
1963 Muriel, film score Show/Musical
1966 Muses of Sicily (Muzen Sizilians), for chorus, 2 pianos, winds & timpani Choral
1957 Nachstücke und Arien, for soprano & orchestra Vocal Music
1956 Neapolitan Lieder (5), for baritone & small orchestra Vocal Music
1996 New Folksongs and Herdsmen Songs, for bassoon, guitar & string trio (from musical play "Öedipus der Tyrann") Chamber Music Suite
1962 Novae de infinito laudes, for soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, chorus & ensemble Choral
1996 Ode al dodicesimo apostolo, for piano Keyboard
1985 Ode an eine Äolsharfe, for large ensemble Chamber Music
1953 Ode on den Westwind, for cello & orchestra Concerto
2001 Olly on the Shore, for piano Keyboard
1981 Orpheus Behind the Wire, for chorus Choral
2012 Ouvertüre zu einem Theater, for orchestra Orchestral Overture: Concert
1984 Un petite phrase, for piano (from film score "Un amour de Swann") Keyboard
1950 Piano Concerto No. 1 Concerto
1967 Piano Concerto No. 2 Concerto Concerto
1959 Piano Sonata Keyboard Sonata
1988 Piece for Peter, for piano Keyboard
1980 Pieces (6) for Young Pianists, for piano (from opera "Pollicino") Keyboard
1955 Poems (4), for orchestra Orchestral
1979 Pollicino, musical fairy tale opera Opera
1958 Der Prinze von Homburg, opera in 3 acts Opera
1952 Quintet for Winds Chamber Music Wind Quintet
1968 The Raft of the Medusa, oratorio for soprano, baritone, speaker, chorus, boys' voices & orchestra Choral
1975 Ragtimes and Habaneras, sinfonia, also various arrangements for band & brass Band Music Rag
1990 Requiem: sacred concertos (9), for piano, trumpet & orchestra Concerto Requiem
1975 Royal Winter Music (Sonata No.1), for guitar Chamber Music Sonata
1979 Royal Winter Music (Sonata No.2), for guitar Chamber Music Sonata
1977 S. Biagio 9 agosto ore 12.07, for double bass solo Chamber Music
Scorriabanda sinfonica sopra la tomba di una Maratona, for orchestra Orchestral
2003 Sebastian im Traum, for orchestra Orchestral
1984 Selbst- und Zweigespräche, trio for viola, guitar & keyboard Chamber Music
1991 La selva incantata, aria & rondo for orchestra (from opera "König Hirsch") Orchestral Rondo
1949 Serenade, for cello (also arranged by L.Drew for double bass) Chamber Music Serenade
1986 Serenade, for violin solo Chamber Music
1951 Sinfonische Zwischenspiele, for orchestra (from opera "Boulevard Solitude") Orchestral
1983 Sonata for 6 players Chamber Music
1983 Sonata for 8 brass instruments Chamber Music
1957 Sonata for strings Orchestral
1976 Sonata for violin solo Chamber Music
1947 Sonatina for piano (withdrawn by composer) Keyboard
1974 Sonatina for trumpet (also arranged by M.Harvey for trombone) Chamber Music Sonatina
1979 Sonatina for violin & piano (from the opera "Pollicino") Chamber Music Sonatina
1947 Sonatine for flute & piano Chamber Music Sonata
1973 Stimmen (Voices), 22 songs for mezzo-soprano, tenor & instrumental ensemble Vocal Music Song Cycle
1947 String Quartet No.1 Chamber Music Quartet
1952 String Quartet No.2 Chamber Music Quartet
1975 String Quartet No.3 Chamber Music Quartet
1976 String Quartet No.4 Chamber Music Quartet
1976 String Quartet No.5 Chamber Music Quartet
1956 Symphonic Etudes (3), for orchestra Orchestral Etude
Symphonies Symphony
1947 Symphony No. 1, for chamber orchestra Symphony Symphony
1997 Symphony No. 10 Symphony
1949 Symphony No. 2 Symphony Symphony
1949 Symphony No. 3 Symphony Symphony
1955 Symphony No. 4 Symphony Symphony
1962 Symphony No. 5 Symphony Symphony
1969 Symphony No. 6, for 2 chamber orchestras Symphony Symphony
1983 Symphony No. 7 Symphony Symphony
1992 Symphony No. 8 Symphony Symphony
1995 Symphony No. 9, for chorus & orchestra Symphony
1971 The Tedious Way to Natasha Ungeheur's Apartment, musical theatre Show/Musical
1967 Telemanniana, for orchestra Orchestral
1958 Tientos (3), for guitar (from "Kammermusik 1958") Chamber Music Suite
1994 Toccata mistica, for piano Keyboard Toccata
1979 Toccata senza fuga, for organ (from ballet "Orpheus") Keyboard Fugue
1998 Trio, for violin, viola & cello Chamber Music
2003 Tristan, preludes for piano Keyboard
1972 Tristan, preludes for piano, orchestra & tape Concerto
1956 Undine, ballet in 3 acts Ballet Ballet
1949 Variations, for piano, Op. 13 Keyboard Variations
1986 Das verratene Meer (The Ocean Betrayed), music drama in 2 acts (aka "Gogo no Eiko") Opera
1968 Versuch über Schweine, for baritone & orchestra Vocal Music
1947 Violin Concerto No. 1 Concerto
1971 Violin Concerto No. 2, for bass-baritone, violin, 33 instruments & tape Concerto Concerto
1996 Violin Concerto No. 3 Concerto
1977 Il Vitalino raddoppiato, chaconne for violin & chamber orchestra Concerto
1973 Voices, for mezzo-soprano, tenor & orchestra Vocal Music
1950 Das Vokaltuch der Kammersängerin Rosa Silber, ballet Ballet
1948 Whispers from Heavenly Death, cantata for soprano or tenor & small ensemble Vocal Music
Work(s) Overview Miscellaneous (Classical)
1948 Das Wundertheatre, opera for actors Opera